A Non-Japanese View of the NarutoVerse

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    Disclaimer: All credit for this thread is given to usjoss of Mangafox for creating it. I'm just sharing his work to broaden the minds of potential anime fans. This thread is not intended to fuel any hatred towards a character, a clan, or any real-life group of people. Rather, it is my perception of the Narutoverse based on my education, religion, observation of the events therein, etc.


    In my early days on mangafox, I used to clash with japanese-bent interpretation of the Narutoverse. I used to say that while I am not knowledgeable in Japanese history or myths, I believe that Kishi is only borrowing the power, and weapons from his culture, but the underlying story in Naruto is a universal one. Moreover, I used to make a one-to-one mapping between Uchiha-Senju dualism and the Jew-Arab dualism. This thread is an exposition of this view along with some broad discussion of Naruto's connection to SO6P.

    Uchiha-Senju and Jew-Arab dualism

    Interestingly, all of you know that I am Christian, or at least that I have said that I am Christian since each person can have his own interpretation of facts. Thus, I understand that you understand were my interpretation of the Jew-Arab pair come from - the Bible as given by Moses, the prophets of Israel, Jesus, his disciples and apostles.

    From that Bible, Abraham is the foundation of all faith-based religion. He is called the father of faith, and had two sons. The first sons who was born from the servant of his legal wife by the name of Ismael is the ancestor of the Arab people while his legitimate son, Isaac, born from his legal wife Sarah is the ancestor of the Jew. Similarly, the Uchiha and Senju clans are descendants of the So6P. As Isaac the younger son of Abraham became his heir, so did the Senju became heir of SO6P.

    If we did a bit into Isaac lineage, Isaac had two son by the name of Jacob (became Israel) and Esau. Esau associated himself with women from people who were not approved by God, and therefore lost his birth right of becoming the heir of Isaac. Thus, Jacob, his younger brother became the heir of Isaac, and by lineage of Abraham. While, we don't know the story between Senju and Uzumaki, this could actually be the same thing - that is Senju and Uzumaki may both be descendant of the younger son of Rikudo who split for some reasons. In this case, from what we have seen, Uzumaki may actually be the Jacob side while the Senju are the Esau side.

    The reason for the last point above is that the Uzumaki maintained a bloodline just as Jacob (Jews) while Senju mixed with other people as Esau did. This could explain why all the Uzumaki are special and why the Senju has disappeared from history without any apparent reason.

    The Uzumaki massacre, scattering around the glob, and the Jews

    We all knows that the jews were scattered around the globe many times, massacre many times with the most noticeable being the Hitler genocide. Similarly, the Uzumaki were feared due to their power, massacred, and the remnants scattered over the narutoverse.

    The supplied image goes here.

    The only problem here is that I am don't know of any alliance between Israel and the Edomites (descendance of Esau) who would be represented in the Narutoverse by the Senju. However, I don't expect Kishi to copy the story as is.

    The Savior is Uzumaki, or the younger son's bloodline

    Yeah, just as Jesus is of the younger son of Abraham, Naruto is also from the younger son of SO6P. Of course, just like in our world, some descendants of the older son still claim that they will be the savior, but they are not widely acknowledged.

    Besides, if we dig deep in the Bible, the savior is not just a human. He is actually the son of God, and therefore wield all the power, wisdom, etc, as he has seen of his father (God). Similarly, everyone who has considered Naruto has a standalone character may have noticed that while being a human, he has a spirit that make him break every curse he come across. Here are some facts, that sure Naruto is Uzumaki, but have the power of Rikudo (considered has the god of the shinobiverse).


    This thread was focused on showing some similarities between the narutoverse and our real-world. It also aimed at showing to some japanese fans who have been saying that Naruto is all japanese that some other people in the world can relate to it. In fact, I think that the content briefly presented in this thread is the reason why Naruto is so popular no matter what BS Kishi show sometimes. I am aware that the thread can end in flaming due to the sensitive Jew-Arab story, but hope that we will discuss in a civilize manner using our knowledge. Please feel free to correct me since I am not all knowing.

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