Aduro, the Life

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    This is the complete life of Aduro in the same vein of Zyta’s profile where it is like an interview is being done.

    Age: 22

    Sex: Male

    Race: An Essene

    Job/Class: Scholar/Teacher

    He is known as Zyta’s twin brother.Appearance:He is a very handsome young man, and very striking to the ladies. He might be considered a most elegant gentleman, extremely well dressed with clean silk clothing that seemed to shine even when there was no light, and his behavior is such to be found only in refined gentlemen. He is not very talkative, preferring to sink into a book, was elegant with exquisiteness, surprisingly modest, and at the same time he was bold and confident like no one else. His hair was somehow too black, his eyes were somehow too calm and clear, his complexion somehow too delicate and white, his color somehow too bright and clean, his teeth like pearls, his lips like roses—the very image of beauty, it would seem, and at the same time repulsive.



    Aduro is not skilled in combat or was ever formally trained, but he is wise and can often find the right solution to any problem in a moment of time.


    Age of Things:

    This is similar to Zyta’s life detection ability in that he has a complete sensory feeling of things around him, but unlike Zyta’s detection ability, this one works for both living and non-living things. He can feel the age of something by how heavy they are in relation to the things around it. For example a tree four hundred years old has a stronger gravitational pull than a bird sitting on one of its branches, and he could tell the difference between two things that are even touching, like the example above.

    - Healing Aura:

    Regardless of what condition he is in, Aduro is always emitting a healing aura to take care of his wounds,. His healing aura heals everything up to an half-arm span away from him—it gets weaker the further away, of course—that even friends and wildlife and plants are healed by his powers. This healing effect is rather unconscious.

    - Hell-fire:

    Aduro has the fire of hell under his total command, a fire so powerful that it can torment a person to their very soul. As such, any flame doesn’t hurt him, but he is weak against water (he can’t swim).

    - Fire Molding:

    Aduro can take his hell-fire and mold it into any shape he desires, giving life to the fire and a beastly soul (sub-human/sub-intelligent) to monsters created with his fire.

    - Time Control:

    Zyta controls reality and Aduro controls time, together the two of them are complete. Aduro’s control over time is absolute. He can freely travel through time and visit alternate timelines when one different choice can effect everything (think if Hitler won WW2 or if Genghis Khan didn’t die). Aduro can also bring along others with him when he travels through time, though at some cost/danger to the person traveling with him because their bodies aren’t made to travel through time as his is. Aduro can also single out an object and bring its past/future self to him in the present time; an example is if he comes to an apple tree with no apples and he moves the tree’s time forward to a moment when it does have apples on it to eat.

    - Teleport:

    Aduro doesn’t really teleport, instead he jumps a short distance into the future/past, walks to a new location, and then returns to the present time to give the impression that he instantaneously moved from one spot to another.

    - Sin Harvest:

    Sin Harvest is a spoken technique that uses Elohim’s Word as law. This cannot be stopped, reversed, blocked, or in any way made ineffective once it is put into effect. It is possible to stop it while Aduro is chanting, which would take the length of a few posts. Sin Harvest brings out all the sins a man has ever committed in their life. This kills the person with equal pain to spending the last eternity in the harshest pits of hell. Because one sin is enough to cause a person death and eternity in Hell, every sin is felt as though he spent an eternity in hell. The victim does not die until all sins are out of his body and away from his soul. Sin Harvest last only a few seconds. When they die, their soul is taken up to what we can consider Heaven, their soul is purified, free from the burden of sin forever and bathed in warmth and light for all eternity.

    - Life:

    Using Elohim’s Word as law, Aduro can bring back the souls of the departed back to their bodies and revive them. He can go partial revival and bring back a soul just long enough to speak with it, or he can do a full revival and bring the dead back to life.


    - Youth:

    I was born at the top of the world as the younger of twin boys in the city of Lional. I know that my brother believes that our mother never loved us, but I know she did. He left home too early to understand that she was harsh because she didn’t want us to die before our time; she knew that we had a terrible and great destiny ahead of us and the perils that came with our birth.

    When I was five, shortly after my brother left to start a new life, I was placed under strict watch so that I couldn’t escape as well. But those that kept watch over me didn’t have to worry because I loved being home. At home I had a motherly presence, albeit one that was far harsher than your average mom. I still had a mom next to me that helped me with the absence of my brother.


    By remaining at home I had several distinct advantages over my brother in the important aspects of our destiny. I learned from a young age and was carefully trained and taught how to use my power over time, reading books and talking with our ancestors that had the same abilities as my brother and I. He was supposed to have joined me in those lengthy discussions with our ancestors because there honestly isn’t better master to train or teach us than our past incarnations.

    The time spent with our ancestors felt like a life time with each discussion when in fact ten, fifteen years went by. After I fully mastered my control over time and fire it was time for me to continue Elohim’s will.

    - Elohim’s Will:

    Elohim’s will is guide people from many divergent timelines and realities toward his presence by his word throughout all times and places. He gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, where he is currently suffering for the sins of the everyone until the time of the end when those that have placed their faith in him are resurrected with him and live with him in his presence forever in a world without sin.

    The enemy of his will is the first created being that thought he could ascend higher than his creator. How stupid is that? Can clay say to the one that formed it and order it around? The first being is a counterfeit god and is the father of all gods and goddesses. His purpose is to lead as many as possible away from the true path. He formed a pyramid with him as the head and he whispers into the hearts of mortals to commit atrocities that can’t be pardoned. It is Zyta’s and my job to kill these false gods and I know that he’s already killed a few in the place he now lives. I think it’s called Dreamer’s Haven.

    The other half of Elohim’s will is to make followers zealous of good works out of new converts. This is harder than anything because at the very heart of living a righteous life a person must deny their flesh carnal lusts and seek those things that are spiritually eternal.

    - Wandering:

    Currently I travel the timelines spreading the word and finding disciples according to his will. A few days back as I returned to Zyta to report to him what I have been doing (we’ve been in contact a lot in recent years and enjoy each others company) I met Isa and Rath and decided to join Isa on his journey north. I’ve already been there four or five hundred years ago. I’m sure that a lot has changed in that time, but what Isa has said so far seems to imply that things are worse than ever. I may have to erase this timeline.