Alcest Burns, the Deserter

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    Character Name: Alcest
    Player Name: Alcest
    Race: Human
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 163 lbs.
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Class: Ranger
    Religion: Follower of Yahweh
    Looks: Disfigured, scarred from battle and branded with scars in his right forearm, weather-worn face. Muscular and toned body. Pale except for his head and his fingers. For clothes, check this:

    Possessions: Short, light sword. Japanese longbow with quiver. Weathered light armor tunic and cape with a hood. Leather forearm guards. A necklace stolen from the old Dreamers Haven. Boots made from deer hide. Arrows with different metal tips specialized in taking down deer, giants, Orcs, ect.
    Magical Items: None
    Spells: Cure Light Wounds, Cure Minor Ailments.
    Animal Companion: A male deer with 31 inch antlers. Deer’s name is Buck and Buck now has a saddle and harness made for him by a specialist.


    • [*]Balance
      [*]Craft (for arrows)
      [*]Decipher Script (Minimal)
      [*]Disable Device
      [*]Handle Animal
      [*]Move Silently
      [*]Use Rope


    • [*]Archer
      [*]Mounted Warrior
      [*]Far Shot
      [*]Improved Rapid Shoot
      [*]Mounted Archery
      [*]Point Blank Shot
      [*]Shoot on the run
      [*]Woodland Archer

      Background: Since this is a new character, I don’t have much on him yet. Before the fall of DH and the old Dreamers became criminals in New Haven, Alcest worked as a soldier in the army under Zyta. He was your average soldier that you would look at and think canon-fodder. He was like many of his companions standing beside him; he wanted a bit of glory. But he never realized the terrors of fighting in a war. Feeling dread is part of being a soldier, but a true soldier can overcome the dread and fight on. Alcest gave in to his feelings and abandoned the field. He was branded as a Deserter. When Zyta found him, he branded him and spared his life because he thought something good can still come from him. He then told Alcest to leave and come back in seven years after being in the wilderness.

      Alcest lived in the wilderness the seven years. Life was harsh, the winters especially harsh. He learned new skills to survive and how to hunt, trap, kill, and butcher his own meat. One day he killed a female deer that he didn’t know had a child. He took the young deer captive and tethered it to a tree in his camp until it grew accustomed to him and from there the deer loved Alcest as his foster parent and provider. Alcest would sometimes walk through the wilderness and come to new lands with a new people that spoke strange languages. He lived among those strange people for a time, learning their ways, before returning to life in the wilderness.

      Alcest is by nature not a people-person. His fighting style is all about keeping as far away from the enemy as possible, but if they do come so close that his bow is useless, Alcest is able enough with the sword to fend them off and create some distance. He is on the type that would wake a sleeping bear and tell it to die. He knows the behavior of animals and the signs they make when they feel anger, fear, happiness, and so on. Alcest debated coming back to Dreamers Haven at all, but chose to keep his promise to Zyta. But when he returned from his exile, he returned to this mess and had no idea that it happened.