Private Role-Play Amid the Arabesque

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    In spite of her disdain for such decadence, Dain continued to socialise as best as she could, occasionally complementing ladies on their finery and discussing recent passings of nomadic tribes across the desert lands. Some of their guests had sworn that they had seen deeply-coloured elves – Gael – galloping across the sands on their horses. Others claimed that they’d seen armoured men passing through – some carrying the banner of a lion, whilst others argued that they’d seen the same thing, only that the men were clad in shadows. Dain indulged their curiosity without giving away her knowledge, her wide eyes and demure demeanour goading their (albeit horrifically inaccurate) accounts of such sightings. Men and women alike gossiped like their tales would change the world.

    In some ways, the Midgardian supposed, there was no world quite unlike the present.

    In her peripheral vision, the warrior occasionally glanced at the rogue. It was partially with impatience, but partly in admiration. He could slip his hand into pockets and come up with hold just as easily as he could insert himself into conversation. She rolled her eyes and smirked; damn schmooze.

    A schmooze who could settle wherever he wanted.

    Of course, that wasn’t the only thing he could fit into so snugly.

    She flushed and pinched herself.

    Don’t be such a damn fool.

    Keeping up the act and for something to do, Dain gently parted ways, allowing her hand to be kissed and for ladies to politely curtsey, returning the latter flourish with carefully-constructed grace and gentility.

    She carefully turned and gently put her arm around Rath’s, gently resting it as she listened to their conversation, softly nodding with genuine interest. For a moment, she allowed herself to indulge her curiosity and embrace some new knowledge about what was happening. She remembered to smile and act the part of an excited youngster, gasping with controlled fascination, occasionally inserting an, ‘Oh, sir!’ or a ‘Oh, my lady!’ when politics turned to gossip.

    Frosvaaken be damned, once this was done, she was going to start a bar fight.
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    Rath gained more confidence with each conversation, boasting highly of his imaginary father more and more, foregoing personal modesty and offering subtle brags for himself. His eyes admired Dain fondly every time she was the topic of conversation, which is how he caught her random flush. He filed that one away for later. He joked with lords and flirted with their ladies right in front of them, his charisma making all around him flush and laugh. The rogue could do no wrong, liking like fire had spread through the crowd. They were his. As his boldness grew, so too did his hunger. Dain's assessment of his ability to move into pockets and conversations with ease was accurate, his own pockets soon full of pilfered gold and jewelry.

    The rogue kept a close watch on Dain from the corner of his eye as she parted from him and was glad to have her back when she returned. He linked her arm in his, drawing her close and placing a genuinely tender kiss upon her temple, his lips lingering there as though she sustained him. The taste of her skin, the faint hint of sweat and a product she had put in her hair at some point fueled him like fire, passion crackling across his heart. Rath was more in his element now than he had been in years, only maintaining perfect control through sheer force of will. Oh how he'd missed this.

    When he withdrew from Dain he glanced around them at the current crowd, offering an apologetic smile before turning back to the Midgardian. "Well, my dear," he said sweetly. "It is probably about time we got going. You are probably pretty tired, and I have just remembered that despite today's festivities, there are still some business matters to which I must attend." An audible groan swept through the crowd near them. Many cried out for them not to leave, mostly women, though the men were eager to keep Rath around as well. He apologized to everyone that addressed them, all the while moving towards the nearest exit. No one moved to stop them by force. Promises were made for future encounters that would never happen, another party next week in a mansion even larger than this building, lunch dates and even simple strolls. The rogue accepted every invitation with grace, never letting the crowd hinder their progress.

    He kept his internal celebration in check, always waiting for the worst, but a small part of him felt successful. He offered Dain a gentle smile, not wanting to risk his grin.