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    We had something similar a while ago but it quickly got overwhelmed and buried and if you guys are anything like me you may go through a lot of shows (I tend to use a lot of them as background when writing and doing other task occasionally backing up to double check what happened if it needs more detail on some of the more light hearted series.)

    So here's the idea: List a few anime that you know and you think others would enjoy along with a short summary of it while trying to avoid spoilers. If you've seen it and can't think of a spoiler free summary then just give the name and a genre you think fits, and feel free to cheat and use someone elses video review- for example:

    "Gungrave" Is about a former mob member brought as an undead to take down his old partner whose become the family boss and and to protect the daughter of the woman he loves. the story feels a bit jumbled with the first part taking part mainly in the past detailing the antagonist and protagonist shared past, with the second part covering the path of destruction he cut's through his former friends criminal empire. For Genre it's an odd mix of fast paced action and very slow drama.

    For a personal Favorite "Baccano" I'm just going to turn things over to Arkadia over at Glass reflection: