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    Have a character you're looking to have frequent the arena? Post their bio and information here. Also check in to take stock of the competition and keep track of your adversaries.
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    "Repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand."


    This is the complete life of Zyta as seen since his arrival at Dreamer's Haven through various RPs.

    Age: 22
    Sex: Male
    Race: An Essene
    Job/Class: Carpenter


    He was a very handsome young man, and very striking to the ladies. He might be considered a most elegant gentleman, extremely well dressed with clean silk clothing that seemed to shine even when there was no light, and his behavior was such to be found only in refined gentlemen. He was not very talkative, preferring to sink into a book, was elegant with exquisiteness, surprisingly modest, and at the same time he was bold and confident like no one else. His hair was somehow too black, his eyes were somehow too calm and clear, his complexion somehow too delicate and white, his color somehow too bright and clean, his teeth like pearls, his lips like roses—the very image of beauty, it would seem, and at the same time repulsive.


    - El Shaddai: El Shaddai is more of an extension of his body than it is a weapon. It is usually at his side while not in combat. It is by no means a perfect weapon, it can be destroyed when applied against a stronger force. El Shaddai is a sword like a jian, or a Chinese straight sword.

    The sight of his sword is remarkable; The blade glows and shines like fire and has a certain warmth to it. The blade has a mixture of colors, but mostly it is auburn; it looks like burning flames but without smoke and it reflects like glass or diamonds with many facets. Looking at Zyta’s sword is like being inside of an amusement park’s mirror fun house and seeing your reflection off of the walls, ceiling, and floor and inside of the reflection was another reflection of yourself smaller and deeper within the mirror, and then another, and another going as far back as you could see.

    El Shaddai’s power is phenomenal. Zyta does not have to swing the sword for it to be dangerous. The sword has the power to create a powerful vortex that pulls with the strength similar to a black hole. In the vortex one cannot get out, not even light. Inside one is shredded and diced a hundred times from all angles in seconds. The vortex is only as large as how much energy Zyta puts into the blade.

    El Shaddai also can be repaired if destroyed and recalled back into Zyta’s hand if it is away with the snap of a wrist.

    - Himself:

    Unlike most fighters out there, Zyta does not rely on his weapons to win a fight. When left alone, what can a tool do without the hand of the one controlling it?

    - Improvision:

    Zyta is not limited to his sword or his body, he is skilled in all manner of weapons from firearms to crowbars. He is knowledgeable in biological weaponry as well. He picks up new weapons and with his talent and skill and god-given talent masters it in a short while. He sees weapons as only having five categories which are Range, Close Combat, Aquarian, Defensive, and Versatile. It is a simple matter of mastering any weapon once he had this theory down pat.


    - Life Detection:

    Zyta can feel the life of everything around him from plants to animals to sentient life to greater beings such as gods. Each of the life forms shows up in a different color and shape in his mind’s eye; he can tell the difference between an ape and a man, a dog and a wolf, a guy and a girl, but his power won’t tell him who the life form belongs to. To combat this Zyta keeps track of people as they leave his vision by tracking their life forms until he is sure that they are reasonably far enough apart so that it won’t matter anymore. If he concentrates, Zyta can see life forms up to many miles away in all directions.

    - Healing Aura:

    Regardless of what condition he is in, Zyta is always emitting a healing aura to take care of his wounds, but he rarely gets injured. His healing aura heals everything within a few feet of him—it gets weaker the further away, of course—that even friends and wildlife and plants are healed by his powers. This healing effect is rather unconscious. It heals those that Zyta deems as an ally, thus enemies are not healed by this.

    - Smite:

    Zyta uses his own energy expelled from his inner core and launched it at his foe. Smite is Zyta’s traditional explosions that chase after foes and explode on contact or by Zyta’s command to deal massive damage. The damage dealt depends on how much power Zyta puts into each orb of Smite attack.

    - Chains of Binding:

    Zyta uses his energy like the coils of a chain that stretch out, twisting, and slithering its way around the opponent, eventually binding him or her with the speed of a cobra. The chains can heft the foe into the air and squeeze the life out of them, while at the same time drains the foe of their life energy. Zyta can also force the chains to bind them for him to strike at will, or to interrogate, or even cause the chains to explode all around the foe from head to toe and even inside their bodies.

    - Reality Warping:

    Reality and everything in it, including life forms, are the makeup of Chaos Energy in different shapes and forms. Zyta has the power to see Chaos Energy in its most natural form and he can reshape it as he desires. He does not need to touch it to reshape it, but he likes to. There is no limit to what or how he can shape things, even air he can make solid into a steel wall that can shoot a barrage of missiles with from turrets if he so wished.

    - Teleport:

    Zyta can step out of reality at any given moment and suddenly reappear in the same reality world an instant later for he can move to another reality world to see how they live. He can’t move around people along with himself, their bodies would crumble apart and return to Chaos Energy.

    - Rapture:

    This is Zyta’s barrier and one of his most energy costly skills. His barrier is flawless as far it its defense is concerned. The barrier is not the taking of Zyta’s energy and casting a temporary shield around his body, Rapture is much more. He cuts slits into the reality around him and carves out a shell that surrounds his entire body or areas near certain parts of his body, like armor. He then seals off his cut off part from the rest of the reality so that he is literally cut off from the rest of the world. When any attacks are hit against the barrier they are reflected back at the enemy or glanced off because they have reached the end of the reality they are in and cannot go any further until the barrier falls and the two pieces of reality are joined once more.

    - Sin Harvest:

    Sin Harvest is a spoken technique that uses Elohim’s Word as law. This cannot be stopped, reversed, blocked, or in any way made ineffective once it is put into effect. It is possible to stop it while Zyta is chanting, which would take the length of a few posts. Sin Harvest brings out all the sins a man has ever committed in their life. This kills the person with more pain than if he spent the last ten thousand years in the harshest pits of hell. Because one sin is enough to cause a person death and eternity in Hell, every sin is felt as though he spent an eternity in hell. The victim does not die until all sins are out of his body and away from his soul. Sin Harvest last only a few seconds. When they die, their soul is taken up to what we can consider Heaven, their soul is purified, free from the burden of sin forever and bathed in warmth and light for all eternity.

    - Life:

    Using Elohim’s Word as law, Zyta can bring back the souls of the departed back to their bodies and revive them. He can go partial revival and bring back a soul just long enough to speak with it, or he can do a full revival and bring the dead back to life.

    I'm leaving out the bio to keep it short and simple.
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    The Levels indicated are for Rated Battles Only

    Name: Sanskrit
    Gender: Male
    Age: 318
    Race: Half-Devil Half-Dragon

    Appearance: Normal Form: Sanskrit ha a head of silver, glistening hair that shines a dull, pale blue because of his electrical power coursing through his body. His skin is rough as sharkskin, like scales, and, like scales, there are ripples along his skin like the surface of water, but layered like roof tiles for armored protection. His body is neither lanky nor if it layered down with needless muscle; Sanskrit is a perfect blend of sinew muscles and flexibility, he does not look like a bodybuilder, he resembles more like the physical fitness of Bruce Lee.

    His arms are longer than most his size, but not by much. They, too, are layered with the same skin and muscle pattern as the rest of his body. Extending from the end of his bottom is a lanky tail powered with muscle and tendon, it has a force lash crack with resounding power like a nine-tailed whip that can shatter, if Sanskrit put his whole attention behind it, concrete and leave a fine paper cut line through metal. His legs are the same as his arms, but instead of longer they are shorter than most his size.

    Both of his hands and feet have sharp lion-like claws for nails that are retractable, meaning that the claws can fall back under Sanskrit’s skin at will and can be sprung out like a cat’s claws. Sanskrit’s talons are no bigger than a full grown man’s fingers.

    Sanskrit wears a thin layer of metal encasing his body from foot to neck, rushing along both arms. The thin layer of metal provides the minimum protection, but will not last long against blades weapons and weapons like hammers can shatter and/or heavily dent the armor. The armor has a more important task than providing protection for its master, for which he doesn’t need it because of his own body armor in his scaly hide. The metallic armor keeps Sanskrit’s electrical power around his body and prevents it from escaping too far from Sanskrit which may cause unneeded damage to the surrounding environment.

    Transformed Appearance:


    Sanskrit uses a spear to fight with in his normal form. The spear has many aspects to it that, upon first noticing it, no one would realize. First the spear acts like any spear, it can block, it can attack, reflect and rebound attacks, counter; Sanskrit uses its range effectively and, as with all pole-arm weapons, once you pass its length and get in close, its range means nothing.

    Secondly, Sanskrit’s spear is able to amplify Sanskrit’s electrical power by coursing his energy into it and blasting powerful attacks from the spear’s end (blade). This weapon is the only weapon that can aid Sanskrit’s power.

    Thirdly, the spear eats electrical power that is not its masters from any and all sources including, but not limited to:

    • Lightning
    • Electrical surges of power through circuits, such as the wiring for light in a building or the molecules in the air when two or more electrons get into a fight, producing lightning.
    • The electric pulse from a beating heart. Sanskrit can cut through a person’s chest with his spear and stop their heart from beating again by having his spear merely touch their heart, which in turn allows the spear to eat the electric energy.

    Fourth, when Sanskrit is injured in a fight, the spear can channel the energy that it has eaten from outside sources to heal Sanskrit. This does not replenish lost energy, which can only be gained by resting. It heals wounds, gashes, lost limbs (if there is enough energy).

    Fifth, the spear cannot be used by anyone except Sanskrit. If anyone else touches it, the spear will send a powerful wave of electricity directly into the wielder’s body and straight to the heart and brain, causing severe trauma to the brain and impeding the heart, if not fatally killing them on the spot.

    Sixth, the spear is crucial for Sanskrit to transform into his true form. The spear is truly an extension of Sanskrit’s dragon body. To transform, Sanskrit must allow the spear to mold with his normal body to become the dragon.

    Abilities: Sanskrit can only use abilities while in his normal form. Though his dragon self is power and can spout electricity on a far higher level than Sanskrit’s normal form, it cannot mold it into another shape or transfuse it like Sanskrit’s normal self can. There’s just too much raw energy there.

    Level 2 - Lightning Call can only be used outside, in the open. Sanskrit uses energy to force molecules in the sky to fight and make lightning. With the lightning he can strike any location that he can see, within reason, to the dot. The lightning moves at the speed of light, but can be avoided easily since particles, visible to any human, are seen before the lightning strikes. The lightning cannot part from its pre-ordained path, to counter this. Sanskrit can call up to three, no more, lightning strikes consecutively, all three of the strikes hitting before a second’s count is up. The lightning three as I call them has a limited range radius from the first to the last; the second and third lightning strike can just strike a point a few arm lengths away from the previous one.

    Level 4 - Lightning Surge is when Sanskrit uses his energy to shoot lightning from his body, usually his finger. This uses his own energy and is costly, but effective. No less damaging than the lightning three; Lightning Surge follows a horizontal path whereas the lightning three are vertical attacks. One can only be used at a time, but the lightning surge attack can, if it hits a target, break into weaker versions of itself and strike multiple enemies, each time weakening for a new target.

    Level 6 - Lightning Diamond is when Sanskrit encases his entire body in his electrical energy by releasing it in beats, pauses, following a pre-ordained circuit, a network deep within his body that, if damaged, he’d be unable to perform this skill. The lightning around his body is incredibly lethal; it acts like a magnet for all metals, regardless of type. It pulls them in like a super magnet to Sanskrit’s core where the metal is then stuck, unable to move forward or back due to polar reverses in the magnetic pulses from the electricity. Sanskrit can only keep the Lightning Diamond up for a few seconds at a time, but has no limit as long as his circuit remains intact. Lightning Diamond can occasionally send out a burst of lightning like Lightning Surge, but this occurs at random and the power differs between usages.

    Level 8 - Sand Sword can only be used when there is a fine grain like sand around, but it can be made up from other items and is when Sanskrit pulsates his energy into the air and forces the sand, or other item, into a tangible shape. The Sand Sword is not so much a sword as it is a saw, it sears and rips, it attacks like, well, a saw. If the enemy dodges, the Sand Sword shape can be manipulated to other forms like a whip if need be.

    Level 10 - Railgun Sanskrit grabs any sized metal, but he prefers smaller bits and pieces of metal and shoots it eight times the speed of sound, plowing through anything and everything until it finally stops. This is Sanskrit’s strongest, most devastating attack.

    Railgun information to be on interest:,15240,160195,00.html

    Biography: I will not put his bio down until it becomes known in the Translucent Devil RP to keep him a mystery character for as long as possible.

    Extra Info: Sanskrit is always releasing electrical ions into the air that reflect off objects and people and they, in turn, bounce back to Sanskrit. These are harmless and move fast. They act like a bat’s sonar when Sanskrit’s attention is divided elsewhere. It has two flaws: one, if you move faster than electricity or on par with it, you can escape, easily, Sanskrit’s radar. Second; if you are motionless, Sanskrit can’t tell the difference between a living thing and a non-living thing.

    Also, Sanskrit's transformation won't occur until he is at Level 5.
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