Boss Battle 2012

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  1. Melon

    Melon Starmaker

    Jan 10, 2005
    Hello friends,

    I would like to do something with all of you, once again; a boss battle, hosted by me. I'm not going to directly reveal what or who the boss is, but this threat is of the highest form: treason, against the realm of Dreamers Haven. Gather your mightiest heroes to stand against this ancient threat that you once called "one of your own". I've written a short narrative to entice interest.

    In the void of my ardent upheaval, I stand bewildered,
    Memories abate that of the Ecclesiastics of my kindred,
    Pharisaical beliefs yon withered with my obdurate pride
    And steadfast hate, for those, who, vile Empires rose,
    As far removed from Trinity and fervent light; orphic
    Heathen, most salient, their reign of sin and guild supreme,
    Surceased, in Aetherium, their spume come harrow night of rot and malady,
    Concluded; “Alas, O great spirit, I linger with hate! I linger with
    Impious wrath! I linger with vanity in my Heart! For I, once
    Clothed in transcendent brightness, outshone myriads in darkness,
    Now tread meek and hateful, hateful to all; I, the author of Evil,
    Beloved till mine treachery, sit on the precipice of strife; O hast
    I disturbed the blessed peace, forgive me.”

    Hopefully this will be of interest to some of you! If you can figure out who/what the boss is then please don't spoil it!
  2. The Mighty BaconShark

    The Mighty BaconShark I refuse

    Jul 25, 2012
    What exactly is a Boss Battle 2012?

    We just RP and defeat a boss?

    It sounds interesting.

    I am in.

    What do I do?