Breastfeeding in Public Covered Vs. Not Covered

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    At the end of this post is an interesting article written about breastfeeding from a biblical pastor's wife's point-of-view and her reasoning why it's completely normal and should not be viewed as sexual in nature. It goes on to say how it nurture's both mother and child personal relationship covered versus uncovered. She also gives examples of women breastfeeding in public going back at least 100 years when it was the norm, before modern society linked all breasts in a sexual way (and people wonder why men look as women as objects instead of people when women go out of their way to cater to certain fetishes).

    I agree with the article written; I'll even go further and say that if a mother can breastfeed she should even if it is in public (because I know someone will say 'But not all women can breastfeed'). This is all opinionated for everyone who is not a parent. I know Jess has a child, but I don't know for anyone else; I don't think so, so I'm sorry if I'm mistaken.

    What are your thought parent, non-parent, soon-to-be-parent? Specifically I'm looking for women's replies for obvious reasons, but men if you have an opinion don't hold back.

    Breastfeeding Article - It takes a good ~5 minutes to read the whole thing and look at the pictures she provides. She has many children and breastfed them all.
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    I didn't read the article, because honestly, I've read a thousand by now.

    I did not breastfeed Cailet, I wasn't able to for a variety of reasons. I am breastfeeding Emma, who is 10 days old now, so I think I'm qualified to see both sides of the debate.

    If the MOTHER feels uncomfortable nursing uncovered, fine. But she should never feel she HAS to use a cover. Breasts are for feeding babies, and it's not the infants fault we've sexualized them.

    I've known many infants that refuse to nurse under a cover. I've known many that can't focus with all the noise of a public place and a cover helps them. To me, it's always down to the comfort of the mother and child.

    I carry a light blanket with me, but I've not used a cover to nurse. Last night while at a book store author meet and greet, Emma woke up and was fussy. I didn't want to leave, I paid $30 to be there. I wear a nursing tank and an over shirt, so it was easy to lift my shirt and unsnap the tank to nurse. Only the lady next to me could see anything, and that's because we were jammed close together in a close space. I was complimented several times on Emma's behavior, no one seemed to notice I had fed her. Which is good, since y'all know me, I'd raise hell.

    Legally, a woman has the right to nurse wherever she is allowed to be. No public place can ask her to leave or cover up. If you don't like it, you need to leave or stop staring. Most (granted, not all, but most) breastfeeding mothers are just trying to calm their child, because no one wants to hear that screaming child. Most try to be discreet. There will always be that one woman baring it all to ruin it for everyone, but that's true everywhere.

    Couple quick facts to toss in: the American Academy of Pediatrics and the WHO recommend nursing until age two, at least. I hear a lot of people say you should stop when the kid is 1, or can talk, or has teeth, or a host of other nonsense. I know this isn't related to the question posed, but I wanted to mention it. America is one of the only counties that doesn't breastfeed as long as we should. A lot of counties go until age 3-4.