Briar Adair - the Hunter

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    Name: Briar-Rose Adair

    Age: 109

    Race: Wood Elf

    Weapons: Briar excels in archery, and made her weapons herself. She uses an enchanted wych elm longbow with arrows made from the same wood. She also carries a dagger strapped to her right calf.

    Companions: Several years ago while she was hunting in the darkest part of the forest where she grew up, she stumbled upon a wolf mother who had been killed by another hunter. Nearby lay two living pups and three dead. She brought the wolves home, giving one to her father and keeping the smaller of the two for herself. She named him Thorn, and the two have been constant companions since. It is thought that prolonged exposure to the elves, who live long lives, has lengthened the wolfs life as well.

    Appearance: Briar is a tall, slender elf-woman, like most of her people. She has dark brown skin commonly found in wood elves. Her hair is a vibrant leafy green and her eyes are the same shade. Like all elves, her ears are pointed. Thorn the Wolf is gray with black highlights, and a light gray face.