Darkness from the North

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    Well, I'm not sure where this one goes. It's a beginning of a story and/or/maybe/probably_not a potential RP I intended to drag from one world to another. I wrote this when I was very tired and most likely half-awake (that's why the poor writing, apologies), as I am now and I still need some help with it. By help I mean ideas for heroes who will participate in the adventure. Here it is.
    P.S. - After a while I came up with a couple of characters which I think are nice. If you guys have suggestions I'll be glad to read them, copy-psating this from another forum as there were no replies.

    The giant walked past a small hill, climbed a mountain and went past a big hill, on the edges of the big forest. He knew of the world though he never traveled it and that's how he knew that if he kept the forest to his right he'll get to the sea. On his way he stepped over small villages and through very very big villages with those really big stone-huts that he tried not to crush. They didn't like it but he was a giant, they couldn't stop him by fighting. One time, a magic user even helped him walk above a city which the giant was grateful for, he didn't mean to crush the houses but he had to keep going. He didn't feel his shoulder much these days, and he was only part-happy about it. It meant that he could move around freely, without being have to sit and wait for the paralyzing pain to pass but it also meant that the dark energy that was eating at his shoulder was almost done doing it's job, it was waiting to have enough power to burst and consume him. And that's why he had to keep going south.
    South, and to the great sea.

    He was heading to the place his people knew as "The Island of Legends", where there said to be heroes. The elder admitted he didn't know any of the legends or the heroes, as those belong to the island, but he knew enough to guide the giant to this island.

    He got to the sea eventually, admitting to himself the world was larger than he expected and tried not to think about anything too much. The elder said that once he loose sight of the land he should walk south in a straight line and that it'll take more than a day. The giant did as he was told, walking almost too deep but not enough, his shoulder burning as the dark energy touched the salty water. he noticed he lost sight of the land the moment his nose was close to the water. He turned his head south, then his body and walked.

    Time passed and the giant walked, and his body began surfacing as the water made way to fresh air and ahead of him was land, still far, but that wasn't really very far for a giant. He kept pacing and was surprised when he figures the land had a general, discernible round shape.
    "So that's an Island. It's more or less like the elder said it would be."

    It was early morning when the mists made way to a lush, lively valley dotted by the edge of a forest and crossed by a river, and the giant knelt to drink. The water were fresh, sweet and cold, and the giant took a moment to rest and think how he'll find the heroes. It was only because he lowered himself that he noticed the smell of food and fire which made him look around, finding a camp of a few tents surrounding a campfire. He cleared his throat as he heard a muffle in one of the tents and a voice shouting irritably, something about waking up. The giant thought he might be at fault, as if the small earthquake of his steps wasn't enough, he was on all four to drink from the river, and his hand rested right by one of the tents, he did make some noise, did he not? Yes, he did. He wasn't regretting though, his time was short and the heroes needed to be found, even someone to carry the message to the heroes would do.

    A flapping of the tent made him return from his contemplation and a figures stepped out.

    Char #1 - Anyways, the first hero would be Kaya. She's an elf, a tempest elf. Her politeness make her look kind but she's mostly neutral and uncaring with the exception for those close to her. She's also competitive, that's what pushed her to become a tempest - a very offensive fighter. She won't get into competitions though, her fight is with herself and for her there's no greater enemy. She's smart, but ignorant (with the previous exception).
    Right now, she and her friends went camping so there are some comfortable clothes, no armor or anything (though her swords are always with her), and well, you know what happens when she gets up...

    Char #2 - The other hero I though about is Fellen. A nice and good boy (not really a boy, but doesn't have a mature perspective yet) who's blood is of deamons. He's a good friend and an earnest listener, willing to help if only asked. He's basically a warlock, but a good guy. He -is- young compared to his friends but not by much, walks with simple, practical and sometimes heavy clothing and always carry a four-leafed clover. Sometimes it's adorned on his shirt, sometimes it's in a small leather bag strapped to his belt, but somehow he always have one with him.