Darren - Spectral Rogue

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    Darren the Spectral Rogue

    Name: Darren

    Also known as: Ghost, Dahrindir

    Age: 22

    Appearance/Personality: Darren is confident and the type that enjoys the thrill of danger. Can be very calm in dangerous situations, a trait that saved his life on several occasions. He lives for the adrenaline rush, which sometimes includes running away from angry husbands whenever the girl he slept with did not notify him she was already taken. Despite having only one arm, he seems rather flexible. He has been training since he was young to make up for the lack of having a second arm. Having faced a 'live or die' moment when very young, he chose to live and has been carrying out that choice rather vividly since then. It allowed him not to fear death, a power which arguably is the greatest a mortal man can have.

    Background: When but an innocent child, Darren faced a near death situation. Life slipped out of his body, but something on the 'other side' told him it was going to be all right. While bleeding out (his arm had been violently ripped off), he died for several minutes before regaining consciousness and being found. He never told anyone what he exactly saw, but from that moment on, he brought over some of the energies from the other side...

    More details to come as this character progresses.


    Spectral arm
    Darren channels his spectral powers, using the imaginary outlining of his missing arm that amputees often feel. The slightly transparent arm that appears is swirling with blue energy and is twice as large as his normal arm, and packs quite a punch.

    Summon Spectral Wolf
    Darren has the ability to summon a Spectral wolf (see image below) which seems to have a consciousness of its own, and listens closely to Darren's commands. The further away from Darren it gets, the vaguer the wolf becomes before dissolving entirely. Summoning the wolf does tire Darren, so it is not something he does often.


    Ghost Dash
    For only two steps (few seconds), Darren's body becomes blue lined and turns into a spectral form. Blue energies swirl around him as he is partially transparent.
    It gives him a quick boost, almost close to teleportation. Although he can be seen, he cannot be harmed by any earthly physical powers during this duration. He uses this to dodge attacks, and uses the boost to jump certain distances which are not possible for regular human beings. The shorter the interval between using the ability, the quicker it tires Darren.

    One handed short sword
    Excellent for short range fights and swift strikes. It is a sword he received when he was younger, to 'make up for lacking an arm', but holds no special powers. The steel isn't as strong as it was, but Darren tries to keep it as sharp as possible. It has the initials 'N.A.' carved right above the hilt on the blade.

    Some light armor
    A light breastplate and some plates covering his sides, knees and ankles. Also wears a gauntlet, if needed.