Drabble Contest, Week 1

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    Apr 27, 2005
    "Welcome to Dreamer's Haven!" the sign reads as you enter the small village. You look around, and see a welcoming face approaching you. Introduce yourself in 300 words or less!

    You may introduce yourself, your favorite character, or a brand new face. No voting this week!
  2. Doc

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    Feb 3, 2008
    The traveler may have possessed the shape and size of a man, but but the features which adorned his figure attested to a nature far more savage than civil. His eyes were sharp and bore a barbarous glint, like the gaze of a great war hawk, teaming with a natural cunning and animalistic ferocity that became apparent upon viewing them. His fangs were fierce like those of the wolf and the claws hat protruded from the ends of his fingers were curved like the blades of finely edged knives, looking as if they could cleave a fully grown horse in two with one fell swipe. His hair, though short, was as wild as his eyes - black, thick, and flailing like the tail of a stallion atop his sun-baked scalp.

    He growled softly as he eyed the village with evident scrutiny, though its sound was soft and more uncertain than hostile. It had not been long enough since his last encounter with his kin; the two-legged, upright-walking, self-proclaimed masters of the land and tamers of the wild frontier. It had been three weeks before he had finally managed to break free of the shackles in which they had bound him – the cold sensation of iron upon flesh steadfast even years later, the hairs lining his skin rising to stand on end in testament to yet haunting memories of being bound and caged like a mad dog.

    Hopefully the past would not repeat itself. He had thought ahead this time, covering his groin and legs with a simple pair of cloth leggings he had found within the wild. It was uncomfortable and itchy, but worth it to avoid the nigh volatile attention of the city guards who had caught him before in nothing more than hiss birthday suit.
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    Apr 27, 2005
    The demoness approached the gate, carefully keeping a pleasant smile upon her face.

    "My name is Maeve," she said, her voice soft upon the night air. Her white hair was piled messily in to two tails on either side of her head, and her expressive eyes glowed with a eerie red light.

    "Welcome to the Haven, Maeve," the greeter said, gesturing her to enter the town. "Where do you hale from?"

    "Very far south of here, a country destroyed by war. I seek refuge in your town," she replied.

    "Of course. So long as you start no fights, you are welcome here. Enjoy your stay." The man turned away, awaiting the next visitor.

    'Star no fights', well, that should be easy enough. A creature bred to fight, and she disdained combat. Maeve walked down the main street of the town, a smile upon her plain face.
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    Dec 4, 2004
    Bishop was a witchspawn.

    The bruises which clung to the traveller’s face hung like a wretched ghost. Barely did he acknowledge the sign as his pale, green eyes squinted at the peaks of the phantasmal hamlets, the winds dancing through his grey, weatherworn cloak and dulled, blonde hair, mottled by travel. He appeared matured, readily standing within the realms of adulthood, had it not have been for the perpetual, youthful stare emitting from his eyes. His hands were coarse from manual labour, which he constantly rubbed, yet his form was that built from grace, gifted by his people.

    Whoever they were.

    His leather-bound feet still had snow caked around them as he trudged through the fresh grass, the will o’ wisps softly whispering to one another as they peered at this new face… or tried to. Instead, it was obscured from view, partially-masked by his mopped hair, but also by a large hat, its lopsidedness clearly an oversight, if not absent-minded, covering his features. His skin was darkened by neither sunlight or by any other outside influence, but rather, as he was tiresomely reminded, by his heritage.

    It dogged him often – and now, all he ever wanted, was to be free of it.

    Yet how free could a man be if his greatest trait was to wander amongst dreams? It was here, in this fairy-tale land that he hoped to find answers. What he was not keen on finding however, was the enraged face of a father, whose daughter had suddenly become infatuated with her phantasmal visitor. It was beginning to be an old story.

    Worse still, it was one which all to the Njords knew – and would do anything to ward the dreamwalker away from their daughters. He, who could not help but present his beauty to those less of him, yet admired him for it. He would not raise them, bathe them, dress nor feed them – and still, they believed themselves in love.

    Even now, as an approaching figure of a woman came to wish him welcome, he showed a seductive smile, bidding thanks for such delicious hospitality.

    Yes, Bishop was a witchspawn. He did his job too well.
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    Dec 7, 2004
    "Hi, I'm Kat!" the woman says, extending her hand.

    (OOC: So, do I win??? ;) I'll come up with something better one of these days!)