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    The Chronicles of Nas; Legend of the Dragon Slayers. It is a daunting title for a vast and epic role play hosted here at Dreamer's Haven. Created by our gunslinger, Doc, also known as Kevin, Dragon Slayers, or DS, is a fantasy adventure that includes dragons, magic, and teamwork to the highest degree.

    Nas is our own world after the world has ended. War, disease, famine, whatever it was that ripped through the world sometime in the future, Nas has risen from the ashes to evolve into a new world, a world where creatures of fantasy live and magic runs rampant. What is left of our technological society may be hidden in the deep recesses of the world, if it exists at all.

    Great archdragons have been destroying settlements throughout Nas, after thousands of years of hibernation. The God Bhaal turned on his allies during the Primordial War, a conflict among the Sanctum Divinitus. He was confronted by Pontus, the God of War, and destroyed, split into seven parts. Those parts were put into vessels to keep him from ever regaining his full powers. However, he corrupted the vessels, turning them into seven immortal demons, the archdragons.

    A group of strangers, called before a king, set out to challenge and kill the archdragons. Their journey takes them through a forest swiftly becoming corrupted by the Mad God Cryic. Led by a former elf, and emissary to the goddesses Nyx and Alesia, the group must travel through this forest, defeat whatever the Mad God throws their way, and then face the first of the great dragons.

    But how did all this come about? Kevin says he was working out at the rec, listening to his iPod. Dragonforce's "Through the Fire and Flames" gave him the initial inspiration. The first and second incarnations of the idea didn't take hold, but third time's a charm for this resilient RP. The basic premise was to have a bunch of characters fighting dragons that reminded one of 'Shadow of the Colossus', toss in some Zelda, Lord of the Rings and Dragon Age for flavor, and he had the start of what is quickly becoming the biggest RP on the site since Getting the Box of Key.

    Kevin says that he does have more plans for the Dragon Slayer's storyline. "Basic ideas, I've been tossin' ideas around, probably using different characters."

    These characters do sound like characters we have here on the forum. A gunslinger, a paladin, a thief, a rogue, a knight, a young queen. Add in a ruthless dark elf, and a "huge badass orc who just wants to fight the strongest enemies around."

    "If I went through with all of this, I'd have a novel, or series, easily," Kevin says, though he laments spending perhaps too much time on character development than plot.

    Dragon Slayers is an open RP that anyone is free to join. With this one, the more the merrier, as it will take everyone working together to overcome the obstacles Kevin has thrown in the characters way.

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    The RP was tried once before; was/is there any difference between the previous one and this one? I know that the previous didn't truly take off.

    Do you prefer the role of GM as what you are doing in this RP or a backseat RPer in someone else's RP, or as a freeform GMing job as in Cyberpunk?

    In the foreseeable future, is there anything that sets DS apart from a standard RP, raises the bar if you will? For now I don't see it as any different from any normal RP; it's just has a lot of people in it, strange for DH, but not strange for every other RP site on the net.
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    The only thing this one really has in common with the original is the basic plot. The villains are entirely new (aside from the Dragons, but even their story is different), as is the bulk of the story. The first try was really simple and was more of just a "monster hunter" RP, so to speak.

    I'm a lazy son of a bitch, so I definitely prefer just taking the backseat and only having to deal with one character XP. There's ups and downs with all of them though. If you're in the backseat you only have your character or characters to worry about and leave the story to the GM, but the problem is sometimes that means you lack a real ability to impact or shape the story. GMing like I am in DS is more of a hassle and takes more time and planning, but if ya do it right (hopefully I am) it'll pay off. The way I'm running DS, I think, is still pretty laid back. What I mean is, even if you only control one character, you can still have a huge effect on the story. I'm making sure not to make it seem like "DS IS MIIIIIEEN" or any crap like that; everyone's free to contribute to the world. Same with Cyberpunk, but with that I'm even more laid back in that I only have a very vague idea of how the story will go. I see that RP as having multiple GMs (everyone involved), though, rather than just me.

    DS is gonna stress teamwork. I'll admit I threw you guys a bone with Arun'gorah (Spider Queen) cuz I got a bunch of grumpy PMs over how everyone thought their individual attacks should have killed her. From this point on "bosses" and "mini-bosses" are gonna require multi-post coordination, strategy, and attacks to bring down. No "one-and-done" on these guys. With Arun'gorah everyone sorta just did their own thing, and the same thing pretty much, over and over. Gotta mix it up and experiment, try to find the enemy's weak-point. Kinda like trial and error, only with this if the error's too big you might end up something's dinner XP.