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    In spite of her intentions, Dawn’s attention was drawn everywhere, her curiosity abundant. When a man drew near and spoke to her, the woman’s gaze rolled towards the scar across his face, her abstract thoughts dancing with questions. Amusement. More questions. Oh dear. Questions. Yes. A young man. Energy seeming to roll from his shoulders. There was a taciturn grace to him, not unlike Madison’s.

    Grace that could only be found amid the kisses of stars.

    Carefully, Dawn started to step away, grabbing at either ends of her messy, long curls and hiding her face, looking left to right, her eyes seeming to search through the mess of people.

    Mess. Yes.

    ‘I think you should stride the sky with us,’ she said softly, glancing at Mad, then to Salafield. ‘I like cats.’
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    Salafield's expression was a shifting mess of emotions. At first he grinned when the clerk was insulted, but the grin fell when his one specialty was shot down instantly. It fell further when the strictness of the ship was laid out. This man called himself and his chief engineer gods. Was he for real? If Mad couldn't speak cat, the beast killer would've discussed this with Henry. The cat on his shoulder merely watched the men quietly, his whiskers giving away nothing, least of all his decision to not call Mad Air-stalker. Salafield wasn't the only one with no respect.

    The killer clenched his fist as Mad finished speaking. He was probably better with a cannon than a gun, but his combat experience meant he was a fighter, and he much preferred being close with a sword. If those that could use a parasail were used for boarding that meant being in the thick of battle. A wicked grin spread across his face as he clenched his fist tighter. He hated being desperate enough to have to resort to following another's orders, but he would make the best of a desperate situation and show them his strength.

    His grin became a look of confusion when the girl finally spoke. She seemed troubled, clutching at her curly hair as if it were a nervous habit. Her voice was so soft he barely heard her and what he thought he did hear sounded so strange it caught him off guard. Henry purred softly and twitched his tail. "I like her," he mused softly.

    Salafield sighed and his shoulders sagged visibly. He looked exhausted now. "I-I'll do it," he muttered. "You give me one of those parasails and I'll be frontline, every time. Men die easier than beasts, after all."
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    "Don't worry Hunter's crew is a family. I had an unfortunate run in with a silk-weaver matriarch some years ago so I won't argue that. But don't think this is easy, I'm recruiting now because I lost nearly a quarter my fighting force in our last voyage, and another quarter including my Chief engineer are out for Builders know how long with major injuries."

    "Mad Lion getting his crew killed like always." Mad turned around his gauntleted hand raised and the crystal glowing and primed to fire at the comment.

    "One more disparaging remark about me, my ship, or my crew and you'll find out first hand why your brother lost a duel to me boy. now sit shut up and go back to burying your head in ledgers like a good clerk Jamesson." Mad held the gauntlet stead for a few moments anger dancing in his eyes while the man made a point of finding something very interesting in the book before him. He took a breath and released the etheric energy from the gauntlet as he lowered his arm. "Sorry about that I don't exactly see eye to eye with the great houses and the fleet takes exception to my job. Fortunatly the Spirearch handles privateer payments not them. Now I really do have a need to be going, Albion hates being left waiting and I need to see about a few pardons. You can come with us if your decided or you can go meet the crew that's already signed on were in cradle three up at Habble Mornings dock. I'll need to be their soon since all my blank contracts are in my cabin. So with us or catch us later Mr.?"