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    The engineer mimicked Mad’s grin, picking up the cup of rum and cradling it gently in her hands. ‘Dancing a jig, to wring out the bells on her bracelet,’ she said softly, as if in fascination, ‘but nobody could hear it, because of the cannons she fired at you.’

    Dawn stared at Salafield for a moment, as if she was trying to figure out if he was joking or not. Soon enough however, her eyes widened and she beamed, as if delighted by his admittance. She was unable to copy his wicked grin, but she didn’t mind. The thought of him dancing was as amusing as imagining Mad ducking away from a cannonball. She didn’t know if it was true, but she knew that her imagination wouldn’t prevent it from making it so.

    She sipped the cup, peered at it, then sipped again, this time with some comfort.

    No spikes this time.

    She looked up once Mad mentioned Cobble’s complaints about her, let alone her existence being known to Lord Albion.

    Dawn resisted a sigh. How troublesome.

    Sunset dancing against the walls. A mask that was never meant for her. Clementine that she wished to sink her teeth into. Limbs that were broken and wrong, because they were meant that way. A touch that burned when it grazed.

    She blinked.

    'Builders, yes. They had no hands to make the houses, so they had to wear balloons.'

    There were spikes in the rum again.

    So she took another swig with a contemplative frown.

    ‘Edit Tagline,’ she said, saying Edwin’s name wrong with a broad grin. She poured more drink into the cup and took another sip.

    Better, yes.

    ‘What’s a surface hunter?’ she said, staring at the two inquisitively.
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    Salafield downed what remained in his own glass before accepting the bottle and refilling the crystal with an almost clear, brown liquid. It was a dangerous one, slightly sweet and smooth as could be. He had to be careful or he could easily lose himself in the bottle. Mad's assessment of his profession was annoyingly accurate. He preferred to avoid his fellow hunters because he couldn't stand the lot of them. Some swore up and down they lived for the thrill, only to die days later. It wasn't a thrill seeker's job, no matter what anyone claimed. They died the fastest.

    "Ain't no 'were' about it," he corrected Mad simply as he sipped slowly at the rum. His eyes were fixed on Dawn, however. "Still am a surface hunter, can't just stop doin' what I'm best at, can I? Just can't do it with a busted ship's all." He wasn't sure how she had acquired the bottle from him, but since it was Dawn he wasn't sure of a lot of things.

    Deciding not to question her earlier words, while also ignoring her delight at his ability to dance, he chose to deal with the easiest thing she had said. "A surface hunter's someone goes down to the surface, on purpose. We hunt the beasts that have reclaimed the world below for pelts and any number of rare toxins, spikes and talons that can be used for medicine. Highly dangerous work, ain't many willing to do it. Money's good, though."

    He fell silent a moment, his eyes falling to the cup in his hand. The liquid was swirled around the crystal absently before he spoke again, softly.

    "I kill 'em, sure. Nasty bastards deserve to die, ain't a one would spare a human for nothing. E'erything down there wants us dead. Even so, some of 'em ain't all that ugly. It's a weird world, down there. Almost prefer it."
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    Mad snagged the bottle and refilled his glass before holding it out to Dawn.

    "Small fortune if you know the right spots. I spend more money on ether silk to replace damaged webbing after a fight than I do anything else. Only thing that comes close is when I have to buy new combat harnesses lined with the stuff. Damn shame nobody can figure out how to tame a silkweaver so we can harvest the stuff cheaply. Granted finding a physician that knows how to treat their poison is impossible." He shuddered at an old memory. "Your a braver man than I to go down their Salafield. One week on the surface training for fleet was too long for me. I'd rather take on a whole fleet or face a mistmaw naked than go back to that place." he gestured over his head.

    "Besides if you want beauty nothing compares to the stars if you can get above the mist. Shame we can't get away even at night with taking off our goggles. Beautiful as the night skies are I can't help but think they'd be more amazing without this damn filter over our eyes. And contrary to what some believe I haven't risked my sanity by going out in the mist without them."
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    In spite of Dawn's curiosity, the image of anyone prowling the surface for beasts made her start to pick at the dry flecks on her lips anxiously, pinching them softly with a thumbnail and index finger. She eventually realised the futility of her habit and resorted to another sip of her drink, peering at the liquid as if it was a crystal ball. She carefully took the bottle from Mad and gently filled the glass more, but tilted her head.

    No. Last number of spikes. No coldness on the tongue. Only fire that illuminates nothing.

    She offered it back, the smile not quite meeting her eyes.

    Eventually, they wandered back down to the glass, playfully swirling the contents inside.

    'The sky. The stars...' she murmured softly.

    Like a million souls, dancing to the love and wonder of endless dreams.

    Her expression warmed, as if she was daydreaming, enjoying a summer sun on her face.

    Or the flurry of cards, scattered by the universe's kindest gamblers.

    'The winds protect them, so that we aren't spoilt by them.'