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    Nov 7, 2005
    So I've been rereading a series I haven't touched since High School and thought it might make for an interesting game setting and figured since we have a few new people and more active older members looking for games I'd run it by everyone.

    For those wondering before I get in to details the series is the Witches of Eileanan by Kate Forsyth.
    The premise isn't all that important for what I was thinking in terms of a game for people not familiar with it but the history of the world is. Eileanan was discovered during James VI of Scotland's reign when a coven of witches used a powerful spell to escape his witch hunts on a stolen ship by fleeing to another world and universe where magic held more sway than it did in ours.

    But those weren't the last witch hunts in our world and imagine if another coven of witches from a later witch hunt had found and used that same spell? managing to make the same perilous journey through space and time to reach Eileanan only to find a world where magic was common place and witches and warlocks were respected for their skills and knowledge rather than feared?

    I'd love to see people play as characters either already living in Eileanan or immigrating there although if your playing as someone there already it would help if your familiar with the series.

    If you ken no the language, then it be moot to play the role...