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    Dec 7, 2004
    Ray set this up for me as a little corner of the interwebs where I could post progress of the various My Little Ponies that I've been customizing that might be of interest to members here. I've noticed that my style has changed a TON from when I was in college, and I can no longer pop out a custom every day. (Which might be a lie - I could probably still do it, but the ones that I'm doing now are far too detailed to be able to do it). So far, the set I'm working on has taken an average of 20 hours of sculpting plus probably around four hours of painting. I've been rehairing one of them on and off for the past two weeks.

    Some of you have an inkling of what I've been up to, but for now, Ray has asked that I keep it down about my current project, at least until I have a few of them finished. Odds are good that I'll have four of them done some time in the next week or so - I've got one that I'm super thrilled to sculpt on Ray's Monday, the massive hair project that is almost done, one in the final stages of painting and the last one I'm super DUPER excited about to work on now that I found a certain key ingredient for her. Curious yet? Probably not ;) I'll try to be less vague as of my next post.

    After this set of four, I already have my next set of four that I'm going to work on in my mind. I'm also up for taking suggestions of ponies that I should work on next, but I'm wanting to stay with my current theme for a while - there are a LOT of ponies that will be included in this set!

    So, yeah. This post is kinda pointless, but I felt like I ought to put it out there so that this forum's not just sitting here empty. If some of you have read enough of my ramblings from earlier, you already have a vague idea of what I'm talking about, which I suppose is fine, too.
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    Dec 4, 2004
    It's not pointless if it's true. ^-^ *Hugs* It sounds exciting - good luck!
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    Jan 20, 2005
    Cool! I've always liked your MLPs :D

    Good luck!