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    No, no. Not farming like milking the cows or cutting the grain, no, farming as in harvesting EXPERIENCE and gold! This way you will not have to wait for your opponent to post and you can easily earn your own EXPERIENCE and GOLD. The more effort you put into it, the more you earn.

    How does it work?

    It's quite simple. Use this thread to make a single post (no more, no less!) and in there a short piece that describes a battle your Champion is in. Preferably with 'lesser' things like fighting a plague of rats, stopping bandits from slaying innocent townsfolk. Stuff like that.

    You earn EXPERIENCE for each word you've typed. Yes, you've read it correctly! For each word you've typed! It's not going to be much, and you'll earn a lot more fighting someone else, but it's perfect if you have some spare time and don't feel like waiting.

    GOLD. This is something that you DO earn easier. You get GOLD based on how well the post is written. If you clearly not put any effort into it, you'll get not much gold. If you make it exciting, you earn more. So improve your writing if you wanna earn the big bucks! Use this GOLD in the shop to get better items.

    There's a limit on how much you can make a week with farming, and that limit will be reset every week.

    Farming's current limit is 2000 EXP (5000 words) that you can earn with a single Champion*
    *This number may be subject to change.

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    MUSIC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_O3EFs12b8k

    His massive frame was as an obelisk towering before the sun, his broad and powerful figure casting a vast shadow out upon the fields. The rays above showered down upon his head and shoulders, the light cascading down the contours of his traveler's cloak from about his battle-scarred and crimson feathered helm. His feet were as rock upon the worn path he walked, clad in a pair of fine dark crimson boots that reflected the day's light whenever they managed to peek out from their place behind the billowing of his black cloak.

    Upon his back resided his mighty spear and shield, their combined weight more than enough to force any wielder save for one of the legendary Stanpar to buckle and break beneath them. For theirs was the blood of warriors, and it coursed through his veins like molten steel beneath his hardened flesh.

    Pantheon's eyes narrowed beneath his helm, their piercing gaze one of annoyance and contempt as he came to a halt.

    "Hold up there, friend," Spoke the hooded man who stood before him, his hands held out in a whoahing motion, "If my colleagues and I could trouble you for just a moment of your time..."

    Pantheon glanced at the others that the man had spoken of with a cold stare, both of their smirk's faltering slightly from where they stood upon the road. The two were both well armed, equipped with both bow and arrow as well as sword and shield. They gazed back at Pantheon fiercly, their eyes instructing the warrior to comply with their companion's request.

    End Music

    "Scamper off, pup. You're in my way." Pantheon rumbled lowly, his tone a cold warning like the thunder before the storm. The hooded man in front frowned visibly before glancing over his shoulder and gesturing with a hand for the larger thud behind him to step forward. Pantheon resisted the urge to smirk at the hideousness of his boil speckled face.

    MUSIC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDgEaq9qAyc

    "I thought it smelt of shit," He snorted coolly as the bruiser advanced, his gaze one of amusement as he watched his challenger seethe, "Then again, we are in Valora. Perhaps I should piss, to complete the aroma?"

    "Watch your mouth, you..." The largest of the highwaymen lunged forward, swiping downwards at Pantheon. His eyes widened when his target disappeared and then suddenly came back into view from his right side. Pantheon's hand wrapped about the burglar's throat, the other gripping firmly at his chin. With his tremendous strength the warrior twisted his assailant's jaw about before tearing it free of the man's face. Blood spewed like a fountain as the bandit shrieked, silenced only by his throat being impaled by his own jawbone. Crimson streaks splattered upon Pantheon's obsidian cloak but he paid it no mind, his gaze resting upon the two remaining thieves. Their eyes were wide and their mouths open, the sight of their mutilated comrade stealing the breath from their lungs.

    "Y-You... bastard!"

    Pantheon snorted in indifference.

    "Take your vengeance or join him in the afterlife. I pray you," He raised a colossal and powerful arm to beckon the pair, his black cloak billowing behind him as his fingers curled, "Come at me."

    With a cry the two charge, the first bounding to the side before cutting horizontally in an attempt to cleave Pantheon clean in two. But the warrior had other plans, instead casually stepping back upon one foot and allowing the two bandits' attacks to clash with one another. Ducking forward, Pantheon grasped the hooded man's blade by the hilt before forcing it into his other opponent through the forehead, successfully turning one enemy upon another. Without hesitating he slammed his fist forward into the only remaining bandit, the stunned thief now hunched forward atop of Pantheon's harm and spewing forth saliva from his gaping maw. His eyes widened as his would-have-been victim grasped his head by both sides.

    "No! Wait!"

    With a sickening crush the man's head was squashed between Panthion's hands, his fingers clutching tightly at his victim's collapsed skull before dropping the limp carcass upon the roadside as though it were little more than a rag dull.

    He continued walking, not even so much as casting a single backwards glance.

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    PANTHEON earned:

    282 EXP + 56 bonus EXP for superb writing
    50 Gold
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    MUSIC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJt2zHQr-24&feature=related

    The gnashing of the beast's jaws resounded throughout the entirety of the dark forest, its form hunched overtop of a still fresh kill as its claws tore the corpse into bite-sized chunks. Its colossal figure was illuminated by the light of the moon directly overhead, the small clearing in which the monster fed bathed in an ambient snow-hued glow. Its tail whipped to and fro as it continued to feast, its scales pulsating as the stomach beneath them slowly filled.

    It continued its meal without interruption until the sound of footsteps demanded its attention. Its head shot upright, its snake-like eyes darting about within their sockets before coming to settle upon a broad silhouette that had come to stand before it. The newcomer's face was hidden beneath a fine and crimson-feathered helm while his midsection was covered by an obsidian cloak which seemed to glow in the pale light of the moon. Upon the man's back was strapped a spear upon a mighty shield, the point of the javelin glistening like the fang of the wolf.

    The beast's chest rumbled lowly as it ascended to its knees from where it sat, its maw opened wide and fangs displayed in an attempt to strike fear into the stranger. Saliva dripped from the creature's mouth as its forked tongue flicked about, a threatening hiss escaping from the thing's throat upon a wave of its rotten breath.

    "You are Salonius?" The newcomer questioned, his voice a deep and gravelly bass that rolled forth from his mouth like thunder, "The Shadow of Death?"

    The beast hissed once again, a murderous glint flashing across its slitted gaze as its longue lapped at one of the nearby fangs in hunger. The man scoffed, apparently unimpressed.

    "I come in search of a formidable beast and instead I find a miserable wretch. Again, gossip proves false." He mocked the monster, his head cocking to the side slightly in bored amusement. Again the beast hissed, but this time lunged upon the smaller man as it did so, its fangs barred as it threw forth a claw to cut the stranger's throat.

    MUSIC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7iA2XMai_w

    Pantheon's frame was unyielding, remaining as set as stone as the legendary hero of the Stenpar caught the monster's attack by its wrist. He met the abomination's gaze with an irritated frown before twisting the thing's arm about. It howled in agony as it lurched forward in response, its head flailing about as its attacker bent its appendage in the wrong direction.

    The monster hissed wildly as it attempted to spin, Pantheon releasing it from his iron grip and allowing it to turn directly into his awaiting fist. His knuckles rocked the underside of the beast's jaw, disorienting the creature as he continued to advance upon it. He beat the fell thing about with his bare hands, relentless even as the sound of breaking bones and pierced organs echoed forth from beneath his fists. The creature squirmed about in agony, clawing at the ground in a desperate attempt to escape.

    "What's the matter? You've been content fighting defenseless women and children for years, but now that a true warrior appears you tire of battle?" Pantheon snorted as he grabbed the lizardman by the ankle and pulled him back into the fray, "You started this game, and now you want to quit because you're not winning?"

    The beast spun about upon the ground, slashing in desperation at Pantheon's face with its still functional arm. The attack was intercepted by the Stenpar's other hand, however, which proceeded to tighten about the monster's until the bones of its fingers and palm were crushed within his grasp. Tossing the broken limb aside, the warlord pulled the beast's head upward to gaze into its eyes, his hand firmly gripping the backside of the monster's helm.

    "So disappointing."


    Pantheon dropped the limp carcass of the monster upon the ground, unflinching as the beast's imploded head collided with the forest floor. His helm was drenched in the creature's blood, crimson splashing outwards in all directions. He turned upon his heel and left as quickly as he had arrived, not casting so much as a backwards glance.
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    PANTHEON earned:

    276 EXP + 28 bonus EXP for superb writing
    50 Gold

    (bonus EXP is a bit lower, got a different system for it now. Really good posts earn you 10% bonus EXP. All be explained better later tho)
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    Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7EDc4q8kLE

    Annie was exploring one day in a swamp that she had come upon a week earlier. It took a few days for Annie to plan her escape from her parents’ careful watch and also to prepare for the journey by sneaking food, clothes, and whatever else that she felt that she needed. For her water was the last to get ready, and seeing as she was going to a swamp, she felt that she didn’t need water as badly as food, especially her mother’s homemade apple custards. The mere thought of the sweets, warm, and dripping with cider and smelling of roasted apple wet her palate.

    Annie had made camp the previous day a short journey away from the swamp because she didn’t know what danger the swamp had. She had always made it a point to be certain of her safety; her obsession about her security was deeply rooted in fears about being captured by her parents’ former nationality, and hers too now that she thought about it. But she never felt like one of them, Barbarians, her father routinely calls them. Her safety complex got her into much trouble with her professors at the Arcane School; they didn’t care if Annie was a prodigy, was talented, and came from a good background, they cared that she got her work completed and her lessons learned. In the eyes of her professors, there was no safer place to be while under the scrutiny of their careful, watchful gazes. Their insistence that Annie was safe brought about the opposite feeling of abandonment in her heart, but she never voiced or showed that she doubted her professors.

    Ironic as it may seem, then, that Annie was out and about adventuring, it was in her nature to explore and to learn. She was raised by loving parents; in their warmth and loving arms Annie could truthfully say that she was at ease and could relax. By exploring, alone or with a group, she forcibly destroys any chance of finding peace in safety of her own accord. It is her compulsion; she must make the universe bend to her willingness to wrought danger just so that she can find some semblance of safety, to forge out a cove from which to hide from the rain. Knowing that she could find relative safety within a few minutes in any other territory around her village, Annie set out further and further from home.

    The bog had a density of fog formations gathering just off of the ground’s surface where, Annie supposed, lay the water she could, smell, taste on the air, but could not see. To Annie, the bog was older, much older than she could hazard a guess at. The smells and sounds were all very different from what Annie was used to, even the water was vastly different from the stream that flows through her village; the water here was salty and stale, the very air was filled with the water and from that she could taste that it was old, like left out water that was unmoving, unchanging overnight in a glass mug.

    Annie knelt and grabbed a stick covered in moss and poked into the mist with its end. The stick touched ground where she could not see. She stepped forward and tried again, again finding solid ground. Somehow this amused her and she swung the stick through the thick mist, which cut the mist as it followed the stick, but more mist readily filled in the missing portions. She giggled and she laughed, she was a child that was playing with something that she found fun. There was no pretext of being a student anymore, there were no adults to tell her what to do, how to act, only her free will to act out as she pleased.

    Then suddenly through the gloom came a terrible screech that sent the hairs on her back standing up. The screech was ear-splitting and because of its volume seemed to be coming from every direction, slipping passed trees that echoed the terrible roar. Then there was silence. The ground beneath her feet trembled and vibrated nonstop as though a tank was rolling right passed; Annie felt the vibrations through her shoes and climb up into her legs. Her leg muscles were tensing and becoming numb because of the constant vibrations. Annie hugged Tibbers close and hard to her chest.

    Another screech tore through the air. “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V595oWP5tSE”

    Still Annie could not figure out where the creature was coming from. The vibrations stopped long enough for Annie to run for cover at the nearest tree, thankfully the tree was up off the ground with its roots looking like spider legs so that she could hide beneath it. There came yet another roar, but this was was deeper and came from a great distance as though the speaker was moving away from Annie. The creature, whatever it was, was moving away now, but Annie’s sixth sense told her not to move, to stay hidden, and to stay quiet.

    Glowing packs of red eyes bobbed through the gloom and with them came a cackling laughter that made no sense.


    The creatures moved closer to Annie, bobbing and weaving. The creatures slithered on the ground, their skin sloshing with wet turf. Each pair of red eyes had a slithering snake tongue that they used to smell potential prey on the air.

    Basilisk spawn! thought Annie. Annie knew all about mythical creatures and their properties. Basilisk spawn were skin from a basalisk that when it was shed gave life onto a new basilisk that was entirely sub-servant to the original. They didn’t have the ability to kill with their eyes, but they have poisonous teeth like a diamondback. Annie set Tibbers onto the ground and released the seal with a word of command and the stuffed animal became a shadow bear that instantly went forth and attacked the basalisk spawn. Annie held back, watching and concentrating on her arcane training. Her only spell came to her lips; at the same time her body was filling up with Mana power.

    “Disintegrate. Disintegrate. Disintegrate. Disintegrate!” Annie yelled and with each command a flaming ball with lightning tail shot our from her hands and struck the nearest basilisk’ as they were distracted by her Tibbers. Each one a fatal, direct hit. But now the last two were focused on Annie instead of the shadow bear and went straight for her with blood-lust in their eyes. Screaming, Annie dove out of her hiding place and into the gloom. She knew that she couldn’t stay hidden forever with their power of smelling. Luckily her Tibbers was right on top of one for not paying attention to him; he was now chewing away on the slithery creature’s soft underside.

    “Disintegrate!” Annie last called out again and aimed at the last basilisk spawn. She killed the creature, but its carcass landed on her. “Tibbers, get this thing off of me!”


    people kept interrupting me so the ending was crap, lost my inspiration around the time when the basilisk spawn first appeared.
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    Annie earned:

    465 EXP + 9 bonus EXP for good writing
    50 Gold
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    Cho'gath, The Terror of the Void


    MUSIC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAYV8X-RX64

    The festering scent of rotten and decayed flesh seeped forth from the depths of the dark chasm, the air that emanated forth from within the pit heavy with the smell of sulfur and death. The lair was veiled completely in shadow, the only source of light aside from the entrance to the cave being the small torches held within the hands of the would-be heroes who had come to slay the horrific beast that dwelt within this Hellish place. A low and menacing hiss resounded from within the deep, climbing up and out of the pit until it filled the ears of the unwelcome guests who ventured further into the darkness, their hairs standing on end upon cold skin.

    The man leading the group held his torch forward, his sapphire gaze narrowed at the shadows before them. He peered through the darkness, craning his head forward before beckoning with a hand for his companions to continue to follow behind him, his steps slow and cautious as he resumed his descent. Another hiss from below quickened the beating of his heart within his chest, beads of sweat now forming along the length of his brow.

    "Destin, maybe we should turn back," Came the quivering voice of one of the men who stood watch at the rear, his broadsword shaking within the faltering grip of his hands, "I-It's not too late."

    "We didn't come this far for nothing," The leader of the band answered evenly, continuing forward into the darkness with controlled, calculated steps, "The beast cannot be much further ahead. Think of the prize!"

    Tales of the treasures that resided deep within this pit had spread far and wide across the whole of Valoran, stories of magnificent jewels and piles of gold having been passed along by word of mouth from traders to merchants, from merchants to customers, and so on and so forth. However, the horrific monstrosity that was said to stand watch over the hordes of riches within the chasm never went unmentioned in any version of the story; a beast so ferocious and deadly that not a single adventurer who had descended into its lair had ever returned.

    "C-Captain!" Shouted one of the war band, stumbling back and falling upon his rear as he pointed ahead with a finger. There, attached to the cavern ceiling, hung a corpse caked in saliva and venom. Its flesh looked as though it had been scalded and burned from the corpse's bones, its eye sockets bare and scorched as well. Sure enough, more bodies appeared as the group continued to venture deeper and deeper into the cave, the festering remains of the dead serving as a silent warning to the trespassers.

    "F-Forget this!" Called the man in the rear, staggering back in the direction that they had come.

    "Estinos, wait!"

    "No way! What's the use of being rich if you're not alive to enjoy it! The rest of you stay if you want," The fleeing man shouted to his four companions, breaking into a sprint for the exit, "I'm getting the Hell out of here!"

    MUSIC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMdmplhxA58

    He had made it barely ten feet from the rest of the group when his form was suddenly pulled from the ground by a dark and terrible silhouette, something resembling a mighty claw reaching out of the surrounding shadow to impale its victim through the stomach and heft him into the air. His shriek echoed upon the walls of the chasm as his body was snapped ruthlessly in two, the creature that had broken him wasting no time in raising his fresh corpse to its maw and consuming it whole.

    Within the darkness, something twisted beyond all control. Its frame pulsated and trembled as it grew, a pair of ominous and glowing green eyes opening to stare at the remaining intruders.

    "C-C-Cho'gath!" Screamed the next closest man, reaching for his battle axe before the creature through open its mouth and unleashed a horrific screech. The men cried out in agony, their hands clawing at their collapsing eardrums in futility as their doom advanced upon them. Cho'gath loomed over them as would a colossus, its fangs glistening in the dim torch light as they snapped shut about the throat of their nearest victim. Blood splattered in all directions as the beast tore through its prey and onto its next kill, connecting a claw with the next warrior's face with such terrible force that it hurled the man into the cavern wall. He sprawled madly upon the ground, attempting to crawl away from Cho'gath as his cohorts leapt upon the creature.

    "Bring it down!" The captain bellowed, swinging with his broadsword at the abomination's throat. The beast merely smirked, catching the blade of the weapon between its teeth and wrenching it free from its attacker's grasp. The still remaining adventurer attacked from behind, attempting to impale Cho'gath directly through the spine with his curved and slender dagger. The monster would not allow this, however, catching the man's arm by the wrist via its tail and twisting the ligament about until it snapped.

    "Captain!" The man cried as he clutched at his arm in pain, collapsing upon his knees as Cho'gath turned about to face him. His eyes had barely enough time to widen as the scourge bent at the waist and swallowed him whole. Blood and saliva flooded forth from the beast's maw as it crushed its prey between its razor sharp fangs, its eyes ablaze with hunger as it advanced upon the captain.

    "No! No! Stay the Hell away from me!" He roared as he attempted to flee, turning upon his heel and breaking into a sprint. Cho'gath did not delay, kicking itself up from the ground and onto the cavern ceiling overhead. Like a spider it moved, its claws digging into the gravel and stone as it shortened the distance between itself and its meal. With a vicious snarl it pounced from above, its massive body weight slamming down upon and crushing the frame of the captain.

    Cho'gath raised itself from where it was crouched upon the corpse, its gaze turning back in the direction of the only remaining survivor. The man had managed to ascend to his feet, stumbling as he retreated toward the entrance of the cave. Cho'gath growled lowly as its maw opened wide, its tongue launching forth from its mouth and wrapping firmly about the ankle of its escaping victim. Like a cat with a mouse it played with its food, slamming it upon the ground over and over until its form went limp. It savored the moment as it retracted its tongue, the fresh kill it had earned sliding closer and closer upon the hard, stone floor.

    Cho'gath wasted no time in sinking its fangs into its quarry. Dinner was served.
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    Cho' gath earned:

    452 EXP + 10% bonus EXP for effort, total of 497 EXP
    50 Gold
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    Cho'gath, The Terror of the Void


    THEME: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMdmplhxA58

    Cho'gath snarled in delight as he slowly ground his clawed foot against the throat of the downed warrior beneath him, saliva seeping forth from the beast's gaping maw, its tongue flicking about in hunger. Its prey writhed about in fear and agony, grasping in desperation at the monster's ankle as he attempted to breathe. He managed only a short gasp before Cho'gath grew tired of playing, hoisting the man upward by a claw which now slowly crushed the man's skull before taking a large bite out of his midsection. Cho'gath's victim wailed as it continued to feast, chomping down upon the squirming knight until his form went limp within its mouth. The abomination swallowed, savoring the taste of the fresh kill as its form steadily grew in size. Muscles stretched and tendons snapped, the beast shuddering with pleasure as its height and width both grew exponentially.

    The Terror of the Void stalked forward, its four claws held wide apart as it sounded a ferocious roar of challenge. The earth shuddered beneath its feet, the remaining men who stood upon it faltering as well while attempting to cover their ears. Cho'gath's shriek numbed their minds, the only thing the soldiers could see now a flashing white light as raw pain pulsated within their temples. They staggered and fell blindly, clawing about for their surroundings and weaponry whilst shouting wildly for their comrades, overcome with fear upon losing sight of Cho'gath's horrific form.

    Like a knife through butter Cho'gath's claw cleaved through the nearest fighter, blood splashing upon the ground as both pieces of the man skidded to a halt. Without hesitation the beast lunged forward, biting down upon the upper body of a blinded archer whilst simultaneously impaling another knight upon its lower left claw. The abomination's maw spread wide as both carcasses were placed inside, its iron jaws snapping shut upon them and grinding them against its fangs.

    "Where is it?"

    "I don't know!"

    "C-Can you see?"

    "What happened?"

    The air was abuzz with a chorus of frenzied cries from the heroes that had come seeking to slay Cho'gath, freeing Valoran from the nightmarish presence of the Terror of the Void. It seemed that they did not truly realize what terror was before this encounter, however.

    Cho'gath's tail whipped across the face of a nearby Dwarf before wrapping itself fast about his throat. Without relent the monster ripped its quarry from the ground and slammed it back down over and over, the very Earth beneath them cracking as the weight of the corpse slammed against it with incredible force. When satisfied that its victim was good and dead, the abomination hurled its corpse like a careening arrow into the chest of a still stunned teammate. The large barbarian was sent reeling by the impact, only to find himself caught within the cold and barren embrace of Cho'gath before he could meet the ground.

    "No!" He kicked wildly as the beast raised him overhead, gripping firmly at a leg and arm while hissing with malice, "No! No, damn you! NO!"

    Cho'gath grinned with twisted pleasure as he broke the man in two, the body within its grasp now hanging limp and still as though it were a rag doll. Its tongue slid along the contours of its victim's face, tasting the cocktail of sweat and blood that had formed upon his flesh before swallowing him whole as well.

    With a blood curdling screech Cho'gath stiffened, its head thrown back and eyes screwed tightly shut. Its joints popped and shifted, its muscles tore and grew. The beast grew like a tree, rising higher and higher from the ground with each living thing that was consumed within its wake.

    One day, the world itself would serve as nourishment for Cho'gath.
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    Cho' gath earned:

    250 EXP + 5% bonus EXP for effort, total of 262 EXP
    50 Gold
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    Ashe, The Frost Archer


    The icey wind was bone chilling, although there wasn't anything living that seemed bothered by it. Such thing was common in the icey tundra of Freljord. The forest had snow covered pines, their roots buried in a similair layer of thick snow. The sun was shining, but even the large bol of extreme heat wasn't enough to melt any of this cold.

    A soft sound could be heard as it came closer and closer, nearing one of the settlements nearby. Paws trampled over the thick layer of snow as if it was nothing. They belonged to a pack of wolves, large and supple as they ran furiously, growling softly sometimes as they seemed out to kill. It was very unlikely that such a pack of wolves had a specific target, and even more preposterous that they would actually attack the village.

    But there was one person that knew these weren't ordinary wolves. Someone had them under a spell. And she would stop them.

    The forest was completely silent, not such as a single sound besides the soft wind rustling some thick branches of the large pine trees, when the shot came. A wolf tumble in a headroll, whining and letting out a growl before it rolled over to a stop. The wolf laid motionless as blood colored the snow around him red.

    The elven other wolves came to a stop as their comrade had fallen, growling as their eyes looked menacingly around, looking for their attacker. They would tear up their attacker limb for limb, just like they were instructed to do with the people at the village.

    From the south several swooshing sounds could be heard as four other wolves tumbled down in the icey snow, arrows sticking out vital parts like head or chest. All dead. The wolves became restless down and started growling and barking. They couldn't catch any scent as their attacker seemed to be down wind. They ran towards the location the arrows had come from, but then from north another three arrows took down the equal amount of wolves.

    Two more went down almost immediately after, leaving only the leader of the pack, who was furious, his pupils red and ready to tear apart anything living. It just would never have the chance, as a arrow pierced his skull completely, killing the large wolf in the process.

    Twelve carcasses lay silently in the snow covered forest as a female with snowwhite hair appeared from behind a tree, clutching a beautiful and large bow in her right hand. Her eyes were as cold as their surrounding as she began pulling out the arrows out of the lifeless bodies. She recited a prayer for each one of them as she took out the arrows. It pained her to kill such majestic animals of these lands, but once possessed, they wouldn't go back.

    A lock of her hair moved in front of her left eye as she stared into the distance, her full lips in a straight line, determined and strong for her next target. The possessing of these animals would stop soon. Very soon.
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    Ashe earned:

    207 EXP + 0% bonus EXP (for being biased), total of 207 EXP
    50 Gold
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    Dec 13, 2004

    Jax walks into a bar. And nobody walks out.

    It was just a normal day for him, and he was nothing but thirsty. Who was he to know that he was walking into a bar full of people who had lost alot of money to his fights. He didn't attention to that. There was no reason to really be angry at him. But these people were really angry.

    Jax strolled casually through the double doors, preceding him alot of music, talking, and yelling. As he walked further into the bar, the music and noise slowly started to quiet. As he approached the bartender, everything in the bar had become silent. Jax didn't pay any heed, as he was incredibly thirsty.

    "Hey 'tender, give a full scotch, no rocks, heavy on the lemon" he said politely as he took a seat at the counter. He didn't look at the bartender, because if he had, he would have seen his face. And it was a face of dread. All Jax heard was the bartender dive for the ground. Hearing it, Jax looked up and took a peek over the counter to see the bartender cowering with his hands over his head.

    "You okay right there 'tender? Something wrong?", he asked genuinely inquisitive. He was interrupted though from behind by a raspy voice of someone almost completely drunk, but not quite there.

    "Oh, he be alright, but you? No, I don't think you will," the raspy voice whistled out. It was then that Jax felt what the bartender had seen. There was alot of people behind him, and all of them, by Jax's guessing, really wanted to hurt him. And he left his pole outside. How smart of him.

    His thoughts were abruptly struck dead by a bottle being broken over the back of his head. It was a thin bottle, so Jax barely felt it. It didn't make any less annoying though.

    With no weapons, Jax did what he did best. Win anyways.

    He slide forward on his seat, and tipped his chair hard into the shins of the idiot behind him, then threw himself backwards kicking off the ground. Just as the fool felt the pain of the first hit, and his head came down in reaction it was hit hard by a flying chair occupied by a very big man. The chair, and Jax rolled straight onto the poor man. The chair stopped rolling, but Jax followed through with his roll. He grabbed the top of the chair and simultaneously got to his feet. At his feet now, he brought the chair high and brought it down on a man who may, or may not have been involved. But Jax didn't care. It shattered on contact, just as the whole room broke into chaos.

    A man to his left went for a punch, and instead got a shard of chair in his mouth. At the same time another had come from his right. He got tripped into the man chewing on wood.

    Two came from in front, yelling curses and obscenities. Jax promptly grabbed the faces of those two, shutting them up. Jax realizing now that he was armed, grabbed a hard hold on both of them. He swung one at a group to his left, knocking most of them down. The poor man in his right hand got slammed onto another brave soul who tried to tackle Jax.

    Jax then slapped both man-weapons together, probably breaking multiple bone, and began to dance with them like swords. Left and right, left and right, he knocked others down with floppy strings of meat. Not liking his current weapons much, because they were slow meaty thing, he just threw them hard out of the front doors.

    Another came at him, and Jax ducked, grabbed his legs, and threw him over, making him land onto a table, breaking it in half. Three more attacked from three different directions. Jax jumped backwards, landing on the chap he had broken a table with. He grabbed both halfves of the old table and expended out both of his arms in a big swing. Two of the attack got knock out cold. When the third approached, Jax slammed both halves on his head. That guy was down.

    More were all running at him. One got a table half into the gut. Another was sent flying from wood being slapped hard across him. Two others were taken out from afar as Jax injected the table shards into their faces.

    Jax kicked up another chair into the chin of one incomer and took that chair to break it over another's head. The shards of that chair were used to deal out quick blows to all points of one man's body, ending with a quick jab to his groin. He was down in an instant. Some had swords now, so Jax took to bashing the hands of the armed ones and kicking them away.

    A stab from behind him was barly caught, but Jax put the stab arm between his arm and body, and twisted it violently. The sword fell from his hand, and Jax threw him over and into another swordsmen.

    Then entered a huge man, wielding was seemed to be a pillar. The giant pushed aside a couple other in front of Jax, and quickly proceeded to try and bring that behemoth weapon onto Jax. Jax did a quick roll over a couple of unconscious men, dodging it with time to spare. As the giant brought the pillar up for another slam, Jax kicked a chair into the giant legs as hard as he could. The chair slide into the Giant's legs with just enough force to trip him. Just as the giant began to fall, Jax was already running. The landed his chin into a hard uppercut from Jax. It took him out.

    Done with that, Jax turned and started walking back to the counter. The two men who the giant had pushed away before saw Jax back, and thought they had an opportunity. Unfortunately for them, it was just as big as an opportunity that all these men had when they attacked Jax. Both were weilding swords and running at Jax, yelling. Jax just continued walking. They were getting closer, almost smiling now, that Jax hadn't even turned. Jax just kept walking. They were at him now, just about to put the swords down into Jax's flesh, when they stopped.
    Two chairs had been put quickly in their way. The force and momentum they had put them airborne. As they were off the ground, Jax grabbed them by the shit, and slammed them both headfirst into the ground. They started an abrupt sleep.

    Jax was at the counter now, with a chair he picked up. He put it down, sat on it, and yawned.

    "Hey 'tender, think I could get that scotch now?", he asked lazily. The bartender finally stood, looking pale and shaken, and saw no one.

    The chair Jax had been sitting on collasped, and Jax was very uncomfortable.
  15. Shadow

    Shadow Guest

    Jax earned:

    470 EXP + 5% bonus EXP for effort, total of 493 EXP
    50 Gold