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    Welcome to the Battle Arena: League of Legends editon. This will be a short introduction of what this is about, what to pay mind to and how you can enjoy it to the fullest!

    What is Battle Arena: League of Legends?

    It's an adaptation from a online game, where you basically battle each other. This system is brought to DH to enjoy it even more through writing, while testing out this brand new system of leveling up and simple RP-ing!


    Instead of creating your own champion, it's your challenge to pick an existing one and expand it to your liking, leveling it up and gaining advantage in any RP-battle. It's even possible to own every single fight if you level up well enough!

    Please pick your desired Champion here first!

    How does it work?

    So! You picked a Champion. Next you create a profile in this forum with a title exactly like this: [Shadow's Champion] Ashe, The Frost Archer. Ofcourse, insert your own forum name at 'Shadow' and your own champion name behind there. This is to keep things easy to spot and to check out each others profiles.

    Please create the profile like you see here. Don't fill in the abilities or items, because that will be done for you. Each time you gain EXPERIENCE or GOLD, this will also be updated for you. Don't be shy to PM me if you haven't seen it updated yet, but please give it a day.

    So, now you got your own hero and you can start leveling. You can do this by earning before mentioned EXPERIENCE. With each level, you gain a ability. This lasts at least until level 4, where at level 4 you get your characters unique and specially customized ULTIMATE. A ULTIMATE is your Champions strongest attack.

    So quickly level to 4 so the real fun can start!


    No, not milking cows or picking eggs, Farming is a concept of games, brought here as well. Combined with the old fashioned technology of the strange thing we call RP-ing, Farming is brought to a whole new level of excitement!

    Farming is simple. If you want to earn EXPERIENCE and GOLD, but don't have anyone to battle against or you feel bored, you can make a single post in the Farming thread. You post a battle that happens to your character, and in that way, you earn EXP for each word you typed!

    For further info on farming, go here


    At the Shop you can spend your hard earned Gold! This is the currency you earned with fighting other Champions and from Farming. Save up enough and you can buy valuable items, relics, weapons and armor to make your Champion have the advantage in upcoming battles!

    Each item has it's own specialty and is specially crafted to match RP-ing demands.

    Please check out the shop here and check back often for updates and new items!


    A very important thread that easily keeps a check on what's going on. Who battled who? Who won, who lost? Who earned EXP and who got that damned shiny item? Everything can be found here in one glance, so you're easily up-to-date what your rivals are up to!

    It might take a day or two for the Updates to be updated, so take this into consideration.

    Check out the updates here.


    The final part is the main part, Battles! You hold normal RP battles with your Champions. Battles take longer, but earn you more EXPERIENCE and GOLD. If it's a especially long and tricky battle, you'll even win more! Of course, the winner get's more then the loser, so do your best.

    A League of Legends battle takes more care before starting it. Please make sure that your first post in the Battle looks like this:

    [Champion image]

    [Icons of your all your items, including weapons and armor]

    [your opening post here]

    You can just post a battle in the main forum, with any name you desire. Preferred is if you mention both champions who are doing battle against each other.


    Enjoy, take your time and kick ass. Remember it's not limited to Battles, you can also have RP's in this forum to extend your character's personality and edit your own Bio to extend your character.