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    --------------------------------THE SHOP--------------------------------


    Welcome, welcome!

    This shop is still under construction and we currently we're not selling, but please feel free to take a look around. Make sure you are the first one to buy that shiny item you always wanted!

    These are used in battle to strengthen yourself through healing or empowering your Champion.

    Small Mana Potion 100 gold
    Restores a portion of your mana which is used to cast spells with. Replenishes half of your mana pool.

    Small Health Potion 100 gold
    Restores a portion of your health. Heals up most wounds. Doesn't cure fatigue.

    These are used in battle to give your Champion the advantage in battle.

    Executioner's Calling 500 gold
    Weakens your opponent a little if you swing it towards them; makes them feel a bit tired, resulting in lesser agility and focus.

    Frozen Mallet 750 gold
    Freezes anything it touches on impact, a small radius. The longer Frozen Mallet touches something or someone, the more the freezing ice will spread.

    Dress up nicely or just make it practical. Mix 'n match!

    Force of Nature 1200 gold
    Resists any magic damage or effects dealt to you by half.

    Giant's Belt 500 gold
    Increases the blows you are able to take by a fair amount. (let's say the equivalent of 5 heavy punches)

    Relics can be carried, and give the carrier it's mysterious powers.

    Mana Manipulator 400 gold
    Slowly increases the mana you've lost during battle while wearing this , permanently.

    Faerie Charm 250 gold
    Calls upon a small faerie to aid you in battle. She heals tiny wounds and bothers your opponents eyesight. Real annoying, trust me.