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    Dec 4, 2004
    Name: Lilith

    Gender: Female

    Age: 22

    Race: Human

    Appearance: An ancient, sage gaze is set within this young woman’s deep brown eyes. Her hair is pitch black, her fringe hanging around her eyes, mostly over her left. The rest of her hair is tied into a messy ponytail, where some braided strands can be seen. Around her neck is a dirtied, white scarf which is torn and battered from years of use. Despite her age and youth, there are times when her gaze is oddly ageless, as if she knows more than what she lets on. She has a pretty face, her lips usually curved into a calculated, wise smile; but her attire and weapon tend to let on that she is more than just the face and the tall, slim figure.

    Over her shoulders is a long, tailored-to-fit leather coat over a long-sleeved, black shirt. Her black trousers are somewhat baggy, belted tightly to her waist. There is a thick strap over her shoulder and chest to hold up her bizarre weapon of choice. Her black, fingerless gloves are thick, one of which is studded. Her boots are thick-heeled for better grounding and balance, laced up to the knees.

    When using her gun or when she reads, a gear-shaped monocle is propped onto her left eye. Her right ear wears a cuff, where a cross has been engraved into it.

    Weapons: A long staff with, ironically, three long blades on top of it, nicknamed "Mephisto" as a result. On the bottom is what appears to be a large, vertically-stood gear which seems dirtied and battered with age ... or frequent use. The gear behaves as a container for various types of bombs and ‘throwing’ gears for Lilith's disposal - but despite the size the number of these bombs is very limited, used only in desperate measures.

    Lilith’s choice of firearm is “Lucifer”, a small flintlock pistol (after all, who needs modern technology when it’s so much easier to tinker with the older?) which fits in her pocket.

    Abilities: Though Lilith prefers brain over brawn, she is usually noted for her speed with her use of her weapons, assisted by her quick thinking. Her profession teaches her certain tricks and theories, which she tries to apply to every situation – that, in itself, is either a big strength or a very terrible weakness.

    Extra Info: Her left eye is brighter than her right, but this is only noticeable to the attentive. Eccentric, but inventive.

    Lilith resides in a clock tower, which is seated in the centre of Upper Medio, rumoured to have a demon residing within it. As we know, this is untrue...

    ”... Embarrassed, God shunned away the knowing ones from the world, preserving his naive children from the evils of Hell...”