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    Mar 17, 2013
    Name: Magus

    Age: 24

    Race: Elemental / Human

    A male human in his early 20s, black hair and brown eyes. About 1.80 in height and somewhat thin and tough if not strong and a mediocre frame, he'll be seen mostly in his black long sleeve shirt covered by a green tunic. A couple of leather bags and an enchanted longsword hang from opposite sides of his belt and dark grey traveling pants that end in high quality soft leather boots. Deep blue cloak cover his back, leaving his front usually exposed.
    Sometimes walks with a black wooden staff that has flames spiraling upwards to a hoop made of the same wood as the rest of the staff and get sucked to the middle of the hoop, where a tiny flame spark always resides. A second look will reveal the pendant, the rings he's wearing - one on each hand and the thin, silvery chain shirt under the tunic.

    Magus began his life in the southern desert with great curiosity and a conscious mind. He traveled to the great forests in the north-west where he began his adventures with company that later became friends. His never ceasing curiosity lead his travels across the world willing to experiment and experience, through empires of civilization and untamed wilderness with his greater protection being his own hesitancy.

    Magic was always a part of him and in return, he was a part of magic. It allowed him to interact with the world around him before he was able enough to lift a sword and in a deeper level than the touch of his own two hands. Communicating with the essence and mind of other things was always more instinctive, direct, and from that little opening to a greater world he strengthened and mastered his power throughout his adventures as he learned the limits and breaches of his own being.

    Magus came to the Haven immediately after a short magic adventure-went-wrong. While looking into the new place he's also looking for his way back home.
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