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  1. Kitsune

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    Apr 27, 2005
    Simple enough. This post will list every DH based RP that fits in the 'canon' timeline.

    Curiosity Killed the Cat
    Love of Revenge
    Returning Home
    Box of Key - Faith & Duty during, pre-BoK2.
    Discipline (?)
    Safe Haven
    Jasmine & Brimstone
    Midgardian's Rose
    The Lake
    What Lies Within
    Flirtatious Wanderings
    The Call of Lanius (overlaps Flirt a little bit)

    Post here or edit for whatever I'm missing.
  2. Zyta

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    Oct 22, 2005
    is 'Curiosity Killed The Cat' a DH Universe RP or not?
  3. Fraeyalise

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    Feb 25, 2010
    So, can someone explain to me about the DH universe? I haven't been around very long, actively, and Renn tried to explain the timeline and where everyone fits in the DH universe but we were really young and she didn't do a very good job ^^;; Which, honestly, I don't blame her for, it looks like there's a ton of stuff and it's easy to get overwhelmed. I'm interested in it a lot but as some of you may already know, Renn is really hard to get ahold of online right now so I can't ask her. :c

    What I really want to know is:
    1) kind of a tl;dr of the timeline (because reading through all of those RPs sounds very overwhelming)
    2) what exactly is the Haven; just a place for all our characters to meet, relax, and go on adventures with each other?
    3) how would someone integrate into the Haven? (mostly because I've never actually RPd with you guys like at all and it makes me sad but I don't know how to breach the gap)

    I realize this is a HUGE request and really, anything about DH lore would be amazing~ You guys are the best, and thanks in advance for putting up with such a big request~

    EDIT: Also, the main thing that led me posting this is that when anyone references the timeline in a post or RP I'm left lost, like I've tuned into a show that doesn't make sense unless you watch all eleventy-billion episodes before it :c