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    Paladin_Girl: Heart of the Haven

    One skype call across the ocean, and I sat down to talk to our resident Paladin_Girl, Risa. She goes by many names here on the forum, PG, P2, Reeses, Rissy-cup, and Risachu, but who is she really?

    She is a young woman with a passion for writing, a passion which started at the tender age of ten with a story about Max the teenaged Knight-Paladin. Max saved the world, and came back in a sixty page sequel. She says that writing "is something I always wanted to do," and we are very glad she does!

    She first came to Dreamer's Haven from the RPG forum. But how did she get there? After quitting Gaia, she tells me, "Initially, I found Blast, which is where I met Isa." After misplacing the URL for Blast, she Googled RP Forums, and found the RPG Forum, where she RP'd with Zaron-the-Dark and Shadow, all future Dreamer's.

    A spot of trouble on that forum led to a mass migration to a new realm, which very soon became the Haven we love today. She has a connection with our founder, WPaladin, commonly known as Ray. Both discovered a fondness for Paladin as children. Risa says that if she were "in medieval times, I would be the one picking up a sword," likening herself to the paladins of old. She has deep respect for the bravery and nobility of the knights, as well as their shiny armor!

    Delving into her past, I questioned her about her first character, Max, and the character she is most known for on our forum, Dain. Dain has grown and evolved so much, she is nearly unrecognizable, but our Paladin says she is very proud of how far she, and Dain, have come together. Risa says she enjoys writing disasters for her characters to overcome, but when asked if which character she is most proud of, the answer surprised us both.

    "Probably Niscar," she says with an adorable British lilt in her voice, "Oh, no wait, actually, Meredith. She allows me to use my brain a bit more, because she is so intelligent." Meredith, who is Queen of Alakrest in the RP Chronicles of Nas: Legend of the Dragon Slayers, is a side character, not one of her mains. Risa adds, "I'm impressed with (Meredith) because she shows that a side character can be important, too."

    A valuable lesson for all of us, not to become too fixated on one character. Risa has shown that she can write from all angles; Dain, a cold mercenary; Niscar, kind hearted paladin; Meredith, Queen of our hearts, but also lesser known creations, such as the mysterious Blue in Bloody Mary, Bloody Moon.

    On new projects for the future, PG mentions a novel in the works, about "imagination, adults, and making something more important than it actually is." Using people she knows in her life as a guide, she plays a chess game with their lives to determine how it all will end. Yes, there are people from Dreamer's Haven in the story, but she wont say anymore than that!

    When asked what her favorite RP to read was, she pondered the question carefully, before responding with a hesitant Threesome, but also sites the Lake, as well. As for novels, she enjoys "The Mirror of her Dreams" by Steven Donaldson, printed in 1986.

    While talking about which character she likes best on the site, she had to take a moment to laugh, and beg not to answer. Of course, I would not let her skip such an important question, so after much pestering, she said, "I really don't know, but it probably comes down to two, Rath or Doc. Those show the most character, they make me laugh out loud and are very quirky."

    She's our resident peace maker, the butt of many British jokes, and the cutest thing we have ever had on our forum. Possibly the best writer we have, and a friend to everyone she meets, Paladin_Girl is the embodiment of what we Dreamers were looking for in a Haven.
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    *shines huge light on PG* YOUR AWESOME!!! Here are your flowers I bought you.

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    Good read.

    Looking forward to the rest of the people here too.. since I know absolutely nothing about you.
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    You're so pretty, Risa. c:
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    Yes she is, and even tho I met her when she was 14, I knew she would be a looker... XD

    So Oneechan, gotta go with: Told you so, and, Totally called it xD
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    9_9 Oh, hush. -_- You know what they say about looks and skin. =P I'm denying your words.
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    Yup, they say that you look better only wearing your skin xD

    But back on seriousness, totally called it, so there you go lol
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