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    The wind was mild, not to warm, not to cold as the large ship plowed gently and easy through the clouds. The extra sails on the ship to maintain high speed were down and it was kept up by gas pouches on the sides, propellers and hot air that was sucked in and pushed out. It was a complicated matter, but it worked as it kept the large airship high in the sky.

    All together it was quite a peaceful sight, but the Urchin was by far a peaceful vessel. It was known as one of the most deadly airships around, and not just because its twentyseven cannons it had on each side. No, everyone could recongize the Urchin because of it's faint purple color on the hull, and the Urchin pirate flag the airpship carried. All that came down to one thing. Captain Silence was near, which was enough to let the most tough men shake in their boots. She was also called the "Soulless" as it was quite obvious why. It seemed she was lacking a soul as she always stared emotionless in front of her and deprived pleasure from the most insane sick things, like playing with her captives.

    Captain Silence enjoyed tying them upside down and provide her victim with many cuts all over his or her body, and then watch the blood drip out slowly until her victim would die from bloodloss. This could last for several hours and the Captain could silently watch the person die, intrigued and silent. It caused horror on most people, but her crew got used to it by now, as the only ones left were a bit mentally insane as well. Although they used emotions when killing and torturing and taking booty from other ships. The Urchin pirates were a wild insane bunch, the type that scream around laughing when a battle was nearing. The type that would laugh when his or her hand would get cut off in midst battle and spray their opponent with the blood squirting out of it.

    They were used to Captain Silence's persona and they held great respect for her, as if she was the craziest of them all. But also the most intelligent. Crazy and intelligent is usually a bad combination, i'm sure you can agree with me, especially in the form of a pirate captain.

    On the bow of the ship she stood, her soft midlong hair waving on the breeze that came towards her. Her face was pale but looked incredibly soft, the wind moving the loosely fitting white blouse she was wearing, revealing parts of her small breasts. Her lips were straight, not curved up or down, nothing indicating she was enjoying the freedom one would get from being this high up and no place they couldn't go. She wanted more. Her pale pupils stared in front of her as suddenly a voice came up from the outlook high above them, under a larger main propeller spinning around.

    "Cap'n! Ship approaching at starboard!"

    She heard this and raised a hand, which seemed to be enough as someone began shouting orders and everyone began preparing for the assault. Captain Silence's expression had not changed, but on the inside she felt the excitement of a new prey coming up.
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    Auburn hair danced upon the wind, tied back by a dark band as she gazed out across the heavens, her feet planted firmly upon the top of the Sky Wolf's foremast and her hands residing at her sides. In a mad gale her crimson jacket billowed about, the captain's cap atop her fiery mane threatened to be blown off into the surrounding sea of clouds by the raging wind. Her piercing blue eyes were narrowed and the corner of her mouth sloped downward as she watched the unknown vessel turn in the distance.

    "Cap'n!" came a shout from below, a large and barrel chested man moving quickly across the ship's deck with his head craned upwards to look at his commander. He narrowed his gaze and raised a hand, attempting to block the blinding sun that impaired his vision.

    "Cap'n! Unknown vessel come'n 'bout on our starboard side!" he bellowed, sidestepping as a crewman sprinted past to avoid being knocked to the deck. It seemed a bizarre panic had settled in upon the ship, the men now sent reeling into a frenzy as the mysterious ship approached from the distance.

    Black sails. Black flag.

    And black souls to match. The Urchin.

    "Damn it. Persistent bitch..." Esmeralda swore beneath her breath, turning about where she stood to grasp at a nearby rope that hung nearby her feet. Without pause she lept from the mast, descending down to the deck upon the chord and touching down upon the wooden floor with a loud thud.

    "Bring us about to her port side, hands on the cannons." she commanded the large man quickly, her gaze still fixed upon the Urchin out across the sky. She snapped her head at the man when he delayed, her eyes narrowed into a powerful glare.

    "You didn't hear me?" she shouted, causing the man to reel backwards before nodding and running in the other direction, shouting orders loudly. Esmeralda scowled, looking to her left and right before storming across the deck in the direction of the helm. There, with his hands upon the large wooden wheel of the Sky Wolf, stood an aged looking man clad in raggedy cloth with a light blue bandanna wrapped about his scalp.

    "Captain." he nodded, his voice soft and cracked as he stepped back from the Helm and allowed Esmeralda to take the wheel in his place, "Seems she finally caught up to us again. Hell of a vessel, she is."

    "The Urchin's no different than any other ship, Gramps." Esmeralda lied, staring ahead and turning the wheel just slightly. The crew sprinted back and forth upon the deck, the hum of the Sky Wolf's engines growing in volume as the vessel turned to meet the oncoming ship.

    "I've no time for wives' tales or horror stories. If she wants a fight so bad then fine. I'll sink her here." she growled from between gritted teeth, earning a soft smile from her elderly counterpart before she cast a glance back over her shoulder at him, "Tell Sprocket I need the engines at full output as of ten minutes ago. I need speed, now."

    "He won't like that." the older sailor answered, shaking his head slowly, "I believe he was planning on running diagnostics until-"

    "I don't give a damn. Go." Esmeralda commanded coolly, looking back ahead of the Sky Wolf in the direction of the Urchin, "I need this baby to soar."

    "Ay, Captain."
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    Battle was nearing, and it was feeding the crew of The Urchin. Manically laughter and insane cries could be heard as they ran about, lowering sails, loading the many cannons, arming themselves. Their captain Silence stood at the wooden wheel which was reinforced with large iron plates. Her face was still blank as she stared at the upcoming pirate ship. Her pale eyes narrowed just a little bit as she tried to see who it was and recognized the Sky Wolf.

    Others on the ship began to notice it as well and began to bark and howl like wolves. The Sky Wolf was the only ship that ever managed to get away from The Urchin and had served as a formidable opponent. Revenge drove these Steam Pirates and it empowered them.

    It had thought Silence valuable lessons and she definitely wanted the captain of the Sky Wolf for her...pleasure. She needed a new trophy.

    "Let's honor the name of this ship. Start the Urchin!" she said clear and her command was obeyed immediately. Pirates were running about and soon several loud mechanical noises could be heard, as if large wheels started turning at the belly of the ship.

    The Urchin roared, producing a sound that sounded like a gigantic beast ready to devour it's prey and could be heard from a mile away. Besides the loud screeching sound The Urchin shot steam from many sides, engulfing it in a thick steam cloud as the large airship moved to meet the Sky Wolf sideways.

    The sound continued as The Urchin revealed it's true nature and the reason why it was so feared. From the sides of the ship large metallic plates began to move out horizontally and as they were a couple feet away from the hull, it started to expand vertically causing some kind of hull to appear at both sides of the ship. The metal seemed thick and covered the larger part of the ship. There were many holes in the metallic plates as suddenly large spikes shout out of the sides of the ship, shooting through the holes in the metallic hull that had came to be.

    The roaring, screeching sound stopped as the wheels and mechanics in The Urchin seemed to stop. It looked indeed like a real life Urchin now, as at both sides of the ship large metallic plates caused the sight on the deck of the ship to be taken, and the metal spikes sticking far out the new hull caused a dangerous sight.

    Captain Silence ignored the howling and laughing of the pirates on the ship as they were safe behind the plates on board as she coursed The Urchin in a insane head on collision with the Sky Wolf in mid-air.

    Close to what The Urchin looks like, but perhaps with more propellers and gas pouches on the sides, and of course without the metallic spiked hull.
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    "What is this? What is THIS?"

    Esmeralda scowled, her eyes slowly closing and her brows tightly furrowing as the high pitched and strangely accented voice reached her ears. She could already feel her temples throbbing. After exhaling deeply through her nose she turned to look at the short and round man that hobbled his way up the stairs to the helm, his arms flailing about at his sides as he shouted curses and abuses at anyone he passed. The light of the sun reflected upon the bright yellow lenses of his goggles, casting a fierce glare that intensified Esmeralda's growing headache.

    "Don't scratch the deck! You lift that shit, don't drag it. LIFT that shit!" the chief engineer cursed angrily at a passing sailor, turning about to flip the man the middle finger before moving back up the stairs, his gaze now fixated upon Esmeralda, "And YOU. What the hell are you doing to me?"

    "Shut up and listen-"

    "No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no!" The round man pointed a pudgy finger at Esmeralda, the veins on his forehead bulging disproportionately, "This is my week, the one week where I get to take my baby out to a nice seafood restaurant, light some candles and then maybe lick some whip cream off her stomach til the wee hours of the morning. My ONE WEEK to try and get this god damned airborne hunk of shit to perform at the bare minimum so that it at least looks like it's functional. But then I'm told the ginger demon queen doesn't want that, no, she wants to cancel the one time of the month when someone with some god damn logic gets to run the fucking show because her menstrual cycle didn't feel like coming on schedule. So who, huh? Who're we fighting? Who is it this time, your highness? Who the hell is so important that it just couldn't wait?"

    Esmeralda moved in a flash, grabbing the plump midget by the collar and dragging him about to look in the opposite direction. She ignored his protests and shouts as she firmly grasped at both sides of his bald head to make him stare straight at the charging Urchin.

    "U-U-Urchin?! AGAIN?!" he shrieked, his arms and legs kicking about in a frenzy before Esmeralda dropped him back down upon the ground.

    "I have your approval, then?" she questioned darkly as Sprocket swallowed and stumbled backwards, nodding furiously before sprinting back below deck.

    "Prepulsions should be good, gotta calibrate the bulwark pumps, shit, shit, SHIT!" his voice faded as he vanished from sight, the crew leaping and lunging to avoid being knocked off of their feet by the running cannonball of a man.

    "They aim to ram us, Cap'n!" the cry suddenly came, all eyes moving to the Urchin, "Brace yourselves!"

    Esmeralda scowled as the men shouted, spinning the wheel before her furiously while raising her gaze upwards to the men that tended to the sails.

    "Heave to! Close the sails and cut the wind, we'll drop below her!" she roared like a lion, her blue gaze alight with flame. With one hand she clawed for the nearby command desk to the right of the wheel, her index finger jamming down upon a round red button that resided beside what looked to be a speaker.

    "Sprocket, I need you to gas it NOW!!"
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    It seemed that if the collision between then big Sky Wolf and the streamlined Urchin would've been head on, one would certainly would be crashing to the ground in pieces by now. Silence wasn't surprised when the Sky Wolf held off it's speed and sunk lower, causing the spikes to rake through some masts and a small part of the side of the ship, but nothing that would cause it to crash down immediately.

    The Urchin skin as they called it, was only used when they were outnumbered or they wanted to bring a ship down no matter the cost. This only happened on a rare occasion as a crashing down ship wasn't worth anything. And wouldn't give the captain her trophy's. Due to the extra hull and the spikes the Urchin barely got damaged most of the time.

    Captain Silence turned the large wooden wheel with great force as half of the pirate crew tumbled to the side, as even two pirates fell off the deck and tumbled down past the Sky Wolf who was lower then The Urchin now. Their screams soon died down as Silence paid no mind to it. If they couldn't even stay on a airship then what use were they for her?

    "Lower portside hull! Fire when ready!" her soft voice shouted as the wind made the large airship groan heavily as the alloys and wood got bended in the sharp turn. They were hanging crooked in the air now with the left side pointing down to the Sky Wolf. The spikes had been withdrawn on the left side with the sound of engines running inside, and the hull had collapsed vertically before being drawn back in horizontally once more, leaving the left side of The Urchin open.

    Also with the twenty seven cannons ready to fire. It was fast and controlled piloting of the Captain and it showed they were experienced and did not mess around, knowing what they were doing. The Sky Wolf was now a bit lower then they were and a top position was always good to have.

    Captain Silence stared blank to her side at the Sky Wolf they were hanging slightly crooked above now and raised her hand before lowering it again.

    Twenty seven cannons fired at the Sky Wolf.
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    "Sprocket!" Esmeralda roared into the intercom as the Urchin tilted sideways just above them, her jaw clenched as she forced the wheel as far as she could turn it towards the enemy vessel.

    "Captain, they're readying to fire." the voice of Gramps reached the crimson clad captain's ears, forcing her to glance at the infamous vessel and its extending cannons facing directly down at the Sky Wolf.

    "Grab hold of something!"
    She shouted over her shoulder to the old man before directing her gaze back out over her ship's deck, "Careen! Careen to port side!"

    "Ay, Captain!" came the response, the crew moving with all possible speed to their stations and manning the equipment.

    "She needs more time, Red!" Sprocket's voice sounded to Esmeralda's right, earning a growl from the captain as she continued to hold on tightly to the helm, the Sky Wolf now beginning to tip away from the Urchin, its aged cannons steadily raising to meet those of the enemy, "Pressure's building but the boiler needs at least another minute! You! What're you- no, don't touch that!"

    Esmeralda glared at the intercom as Sprocket's voice drowned out into static, wrapping her arms and the wheel of the Sky Wolf as it continued to tilt upon its side. Gramps held onto the wooden railing that ran about the ship's helm for dear life, his aged knuckles turning white as he exerted what strength he could muster into simply keeping his grip.

    The cannons of the Sky Wolf and the Urchin met each others' gazes before both unleashed their barrage.

    The blasts from the Urchin tore into the Sky Wolf without mercy, ripping into its broadside and tearing across the deck. Sailors flew through the air as the shots made impact, wood splintering and careening about in a miniature storm as the Urchin continued to unload its ammunition into its quarry.


    "Almost there!" came the desperate sounding reply, the clanging of metal, creaking of pipes, and release of steam audible in the background.
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    Fury was unleashed as the dozens of cannons on both sides were fired, smoke forming a fake shield in between them as the cannonballs shot through it, penetrating wood and ruining metal. They managed to unload two rounds of shots as Silence stood at the wheel, holding on, her pale eyes watching how parts of her ship were blown away, including some pirates. She saw how a large cannonball speeded towards her, her death written all over it. She stepped back one step and saw the cannonball rush by her by an inch and speed away over the ship into the sky beside her. With calm ease she stepped back at the wheel and spun it around heavily.

    They had passed the Sky Wolf and needed to turn to come into position again. The Urchin was in bad shape, but managed to survive. A mast or two was ruined, several holes in the hull of the ship and a few cannons smashed by the opposing fire. It wasn't anything big, as a it was expected this could happen against another warship.

    Silence leveled the ship again as she pushed a few handles which made them all stand up straight again. "Prepare to enter!" she said loudly and the howling became louder from the crazy pirates as they agile climbed up in some masts and grabbing rope. They came in from the other side now, the right side where the Urchin Hull was still up. A thick metal spiked shield protected them from heavy blows and entering crews, making it possible for them to enter other ships much easier without being blown away by cannons.

    The wind howled furiously around them as The Urchin approached the Sky Wolf with high speed, preparing to enter the ship as soon they would lay sideways next to each other...
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    'Balance the broadsides and bring us back about! Meet her head on!" Esmeralda commanded, releasing the wheel and allowing it to spin wildly in the opposite direction before grabbing hold of the grips and pushing the contraption about once again, "Hands ready with gunpowder for my signal! Move!

    "Captain, that will set us on collision course!" the large crewman from earlier exclaimed, causing the crimson clad maiden to turn her glare upon him, "The spikes! They'll tear us apart!"

    "Do as I say! Full speed, head on!" she bellowed while continuing to labor at the helm, pressing her feet into the wooden floorboard beneath her hard and bending her legs in an effort to gain more leverage on the wheel, "Gramps, what's Sprocket's progress?"

    The old man's bones cracked as he climbed back onto his feet from where he laid upon the deck, his aged and sore body making its way as fast as it could manage to the communications station before his gaunt hand pressed down upon the the large red button.

    "Sprocket, ETA."

    "Alllmosst.... c'mon, baby! C'mon! I'll never look at another ship again, I swear!" the engineer's voice sounded over the speaker, pleading with the Sky Wolf.

    "Captain, collision course set!"

    "Open sails, raise the bow and drop the stern! Let loose the cargo! Let it shift!" Esmeralda commanded with a snarl, her gaze cast out upon the Urchin in challenge. From where he stood Gramps suddenly went wide-eyed, his lips parting just barely in surprise.

    "Y-You aim to..."

    Esmeralda answered with a malicious smirk, the fire that burned within her eyes having intensified ten fold. Closer and closer they came to the Urchin, the two vessels upon the verge of collision.

    "YES! FULL POWER! ILOVEYOUILOVEYOUILOVEYOU!!!" Sprocket shrieked over the intercom, thick clouds of steam suddenly spraying forth from the pipes of the Sky Wolf as she continued to tip upwards. With a sudden breath of life its speed increased, the rickety old vessel climbing over top of the Urchin just before impact.

    "Drop anchor and let fly the powder! Bury them in it!" Esmeralda roared, the crew suddenly cheering wildly as they did as commanded. The great and cumbersome anchor of the Sky Wolf was set free, the hulking massive of metal crashing down onto the deck and several crewmen of the Urchin with a terrible crash. From upon the Sky Wolf's deck and from within her cannon ports gunpower spilled forth, the black sand flooding the deck of the enemy vessel beneath them.

    "Take the helm, Gramps. Full speed ahead, drag them back." Esmeralda commanded, allowing the old man to grip the wheel firmly before stepping to the side of the Sky Wolf and peering down over the edge at the Urchin below. With a smug smirk she pulled free the flintlock pistol that resided at her hip, cocking it back and aiming it down below with one eye closed.

    "I am Captain Esmeralda Del Castillo De Vaca! Don't underestimate me!" she spoke down to the men below before firing her shot, the bullet careening down and producing a spark as it hit the enemy deck, igniting the gunpowder in a raging explosion.
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    Several Urchin pirates screamed and shouted loudly, looking down the hole the heavy anchor had made in the deck, seeing no way out. Soon they were covered in the black sand called gunpowder. The idea behind it soon caught on and the pirates began to panic. Insane or not, panic they could.

    Captain Silence remained silent, her face not showing any expression so far as she stood at the steering wheel, looking up. She immediately understood the plan. "Fire harpoons! Don't let them go!" she shouted as command and ran to the nearest harpoon gun herself and aimed it up at the ship above them. The harpoons had strong thick steel wires attached to them, used when boarding a ship so they could not escape. In this case it was like that if they were going down, the Sky Wolf would as well.

    At the moment a dozen harpoons were fired and planted deep in the outer hull of the Sky Wolf hovering above them, the bullet hit the gunpowder on the deck. Captain Silence was blown away against a wall and for a moment she heard nothing but a loud beep in her head. Blinking she got up, noticing that her arm was bleeding. Immediately she was fascinated by it and stopped in the midst of the chaos and debry falling down around her and licked the wound, tasting her own blood. Pirates around her were screaming and shouting, some on fire. Calmly she looked the source of the explosion and saw the large hole in the deck as a big chunk of the Urchin had been blown away. Looking up, she still saw the Sky Wolf attached to them with the iron wires, but also noticed a gaping hole at the bottom of the ship, as the explosion had shot up and apparently also hit them.

    The Urchin was shaking and roaring as suddenly they felt it lowering in the sky, sinking faster and faster. Many propellers and gas pouches had been destroyed, causing a loss of altitude, the weight now resting on the Sky Wolf to keep them up as the anchor and the dozen of steel cables were still attaching the two ships together.

    Captain Silence held her balance as the Urchin shook and groaned, her crew running around putting out fires and repairing where they could. Silently she watched how to explosion must've also damaged the Sky Wolf's engines in some way.
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    The Sky Wolf groaned as the Urchin dragged it down, the harpoons latched firmly into its hull pulling the rickety old vessel after its plummeting foe. The crew shouted frantically, many losing their footing and falling overboard before careening down through the sea of clouds beneath them.

    "Captain, she's taking us down with her!" Gramps bellowed from the helm, mustering what strength he could to hold the wheel steady. Esmeralda teetered back and forth where she stood upon the edge of the Sky Wolf, her arms waving frantically for balance before she tipped backwards and landed upon her back. She kicked herself up from her sprawled position quickly, stumbling to help the old man who struggled at the helm.

    "Hold fast! Keep the bow balanced! Sprocket, more speed!" she roared fiercely, her jaw clenched and fangs barred.

    "She's spent! I got nothin'! Shit, I got nothin'! We're all gonna die! Shitshitshitshitshit!" Came the engineer's high pitched and trembling reply as the Sky Wolf continued to quake in its rapid descent.

    "Damn it all," Esmeralda growled, raising her gaze to look to her remaining crew that sprinted to and fro across the trembling deck, "Brace yourselves and grab hold!"
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    Everything was creaking and screaming as small explosions sounded throughout both ships, tied together by the thick chains. Pirates of the Urchin were running about and screaming, some were on fire as others plummeted from the ship into the depth; into the clouds. Chaos was everywhere as the high winds tugged on the ships who tried to keep in the air, but both being heavily damaged to the point they couldn't stay up.

    Amongst all that chaos stood Captain Silence in the midst of it, her black hairs waving in the hard wind. As usual, her facial expression was blank and empty. She had a small cut at her jawbone, blood drops swelling up and quickly being blown away by the heavy wind as they all headed down.

    She held onto a broken off mast with one hand as things flew past her and broke apart. Her empty eyes were locked on where they were crashing, as they finally made it through the thick clouds, only to see an island they would crash on. The beaches down below became bigger and bigger as they headed towards it. None would survive if they would crash nose down.

    She let go for a second, grabbing onto another wooden railing near her, pulling herself up. A pirate who hadn't hold on tight enough fell right past her down to his certain death. She ignored it and made it higher, getting to the large steering wheel and other controls. Finally she made it there as the broken down airships got closer and closer to the ground.

    Without changing her expression, she turned the steering wheel and then used all of her weight to hang onto a lever, who slowly went down. With a large cracking sound something shifted as extra wings were opened at the front of the Urchin, who was below the Sky Wolf. The large wings unfolded, some ruptures could be seen in the fabric. For a moment nothing happened, then the wind got under the extra wings as slowly but steady the nose began to lift up, together with the Sky Wolf.

    This all happened fast, but if they would crash nose down then all would be lost. They needed to stay in the air as long as possible and try and make a proper landing. Her cold eyes stared up at the Sky Wolf as she saw a member of that ship plummet down, only to smash on the deck of the Urchin and die. She kept staring as if she was waiting for the Sky Wolf to help her to level the both ships and get them out alive. If one would fall, the other would too.
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    The crew of the Sky Wolf stared down in wonder and confusion at the Urchin as it slowed their descent, its wings spread wide apart as if clawing at the air through which they plummeted in desperation. Both vessels lurched as they continued to fall, pieces of each ship splintering off and careening down into the sea below.

    "Captain, we could sever her loose and let the sea catch us. This ship's long past its heyday but it should still-"

    "No," Esmeralda interrupted the old man from where she stood with her hands firmly wrapped about the railing which ran along the edges of the bow, "The Urchin is the only thing keeping us alive. The Sky Wolf won't survive a fall from this high."

    "Then what do you propose?" Gramps questioned, falling upon a knee as the ship continued to tremble in its descent. The captain hesitated in responding, her piercing gaze cast out into the distance in the direction of a small island that sat in solitude within a sea of beautiful blue.

    "Throw the cargo overboard."


    "Throw it overboard. All of it." Esmeralda commanded, looking back over her shoulder at her first mate, "We need to lighten our load or we and the Urchin will die."

    "Ay, Captain."
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    When she saw various cannons and cargo items were being thrown overboard, Captain Silence nodded, approving. Quickly she shouted the same command and the paniced Urchin crew calmed down as they now had a task to do. With every man or woman alive, they went on the task as Silence stood at the large wheel that steered the ship, the belly of the Sky Wolf not far from her face, stuck to her ship.

    The clouds vanished as the ground came into sight, an island, as they were heading right towards it. Suddenly, as another cannon was tipped over, she felt control return to the steering wheel. With all her might she leveled the ship properly, as it was now falling diagonally instead of vertically. Sweat pearled on her forehead as the ground came closer and closer.

    20 yards, 15 yards, 10 yards, 5 yards...

    The belly of the Urchin scraped on the water as soon they hit the beach. The ships were cracking and groaning as pieces of wood and metal were flying around, pulverizing both ships. Because of the Sky Wolf leaning more to the right side, the Urchin quickly tipped over as both ships crashed roughly, leaving a deep trench behind them as they kept going on high speed over the beach. Now they both were on their sides, Captain Silence and her crew of mad pirates holding on tightly to whatever they could find.

    Finally they slowed down as they reached the part of the jungle behind the beach. Right before they would crash into the treeline, they came to a full stop as sand and dirt fell over them like a rain.

    Silence groaned as she had bruises all over her body from pieces that had been flying around, and as the ship still cracked and groaned around them, she noticed various fires that were still going. Without remorse, she kicked a pirate near her. "Put out those fires! Now!" she said loudly, and even though the dozen pirates that were still left were broken and bruised, they obeyed their captain and started to put out the fires.

    They were laying on their side, the belly of the Sky Wolf at their right, still partially entangled with the Urchin. For now, it seemed they made it out. She layed a small and soft hand on her side where she had a whip, her cold and almost lifeless looking eyes staring at the hull of the Sky Wolf, ready for any surprise attacks if there would be any.