Reier, Windrunner

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    Life before death,
    Strength before weakness,
    Journey before destination,
    I will protect those who cannot protect themselves,
    I will remember those who have been forgotten,
    I will protect even those I hate, so long as it is right.

    I will listen to those who have been ignored.

    Name: Reier (usually goes by Rei)
    Aliases: Eel, Surgeon, Windrunner

    Age: 59 (54 by his own worlds reckoning)

    Physical appearance:
    Young looking for his age Reier is physically imposing standing a little over six and a half feet tall and retains the broad frame and solid muscles of the career soldier, his dark brown hair is left loose most of the time and allowed to hang down just below his shoulders when it's not left in a windblown mess. He has a permanent stubble of growth on his chin that is as much a fixed aspect of him as his worn clothing and perpetual scowl. While his eyes are normally a dark brown that's almost black when using his abilities they turn to a pale grey reminiscent of storm clouds.

    Personality: Reier is a pragmatic individual who always does what he feels is right regardless of personal consequences and is willing to put himself in harms way to protect others. Despite this he is a rather dour individual who rarely speaks and is notable only for his size and ability to put away seemingly impossible amounts of food without hesitation. Despite his past as a soldier and his training as a physician he still deals poorly with the death of anyone he knows which has caused him to withdrawal into himself and avoid close associations. Although it has been several years since he left his homeworld Reier still holds to many of the religions and cultural practices he grew up with.

    Skills: Reier is a skilled warrior and has trained rigorously in the use of nearly all martial weapons though he employs his abilities and skills with weapons in equal measure on the battlefield he has to be careful of over using his power as he can run out easily and is limited only to how much metal or food he ingest or the stormlight he has stored to fuel his powers although he doesn't seem to suffer from the usual problems of feeling stuffed and over fed since learning to fuel his powers by eating food and metal.

    Reier grew up on another world that was assaulted frequently by the forces of a malevolent being in cycles that the natives called Desolations. While there was often several hundred years between Desolations the damage of the wars often destroyed any cultural achievements or advancements that mankind had made leaving them to slowly rediscover technology in the time between. The only reason for their continued survival was the intervention of the Heralds individuals that would train those with an aptitude and talent for surgbinding in how to fight the minions of the being they called Odium. These individuals known as the Knights Radiant would lead regular soldiers in battle or act as healers depending on their skills.​

    Early life:
    Reier was the oldest son of a talented surgeon and had spent his life apprenticed to him showing a aptitude for the healing arts and a compassion for others that made his father proud however when news spread of a new Desolation and a call to arms was issued their local lord drafted Reier's childhood friend Ardhau into the army. Reier ignored his fathers protest and enlisted in the army with the hope of protecting Ardhau.

    Sadly in his first year of service Ardhau was killed in combat which emotionally devastated Reier who blamed himself for not being able to better protect his friend and led him to throw himself into his training. After a year he'd become one of the youngest squad leaders in the army at the age of sixteen and suffered less losses than any other commander due to his in insistence on drilling his men in field medicine alongside their regular weapons training. His inherit skill with a sword and abilities as a leader brought him to the attention of the Knight Radiants he served under and he was brought to the the Orders base to be tested as a possible member. During this time Reier received news that the squad he had lead had fallen in battle with no survivors leaving him feeling that he had failed those he was responsible for once again.​

    While everyone in the army knew of the unique relationship the Radiants had with the spren it was not until his test to become a member that Reier truly come to understand that the spren where more than just simple creatures. The spren are the personification of ideals and concepts usually natural forces or emotions. While the majority of spren lack the ability to think and reason the ones who choose to bond with an individual and give them the ability to become a Knight Radiant have intelligence on par with that of an average person's if not higher and their virtual immortality means they often remember things that mankind has long forgotten.

    "I've seen Windrunners soar through the sky
    like they owned it on their first day of training,
    and Edgedancers glide over wires like the were ballroom floors.
    But Reier mends flesh and dances across the sky,
    as though he's done it as long as he breathed."
    During his testing to see if he was capable of becoming a Knight Radiant Reier bonded to the spren Sungealsanmes and Steadabercyn (He later took to calling them Sun and Stead) becoming the only known Radiant to bond with more than one spren. His bonds to two spren of different types gave him access to more abilities than other Knights and made him more effective both on the battlefield as a soldier and off it as a healer. Despite his instructors expected difficulties of having to learn two separate disciplines Reier mastered his new found abilities as though they were old skills he was simply recalling that had grown rusty with misuse. After years of conflict the Knights again proved to be victorious if only just barely and ended the Desolation bring the world to peace for a time.

    World hopping:
    Reier attempted to capture an individual he saw using abilities he thought came from the enemies they had only recently vanquished, In the midst of the fight their was a bright flash of light and he found himself in a new world where his powers didn't work despite the presence of Sun and Stead. The stranger apologized and introduced himself as Dazith and explained that he traveled between worlds learning from the people of each. After several hours of talking Reier accepted the man's explanation and convinced him to take him with him, with nothing left on his home world for him to fight and since everyone he had known had died during the war and he'd never made new friends easily he had no reason to return. On each new world they visited Dazith and Reier would study the worlds people and culture. Over time Dazith taught Reier alternative methods to power his abilities since he no longer had access to the storms that frequently swept across his homeworld imbuing crystals and any of the Radiants caught in them with power. During this time Sun and Stead became dependent on him as it was discovered that prolonged time away from him would rob them of their intelligence and memory until they were reunited. When Dazith discovered that Reier wouldn't revel the secrets of his sword and armor to him Dazith left him stranded on a new world in the Haven.

    Abilities and Equipment
    Surgebinding: A primary form of magic on Reier's homeworld, surges allow Reier to manipulate the laws of nature. At this time his abilities are fulled by ingesting metals with some metals allowing him to do more than others, or by eating food though he has to be careful as this can cause malnutrition though it is the main reason why he eats so much. When actively using his power he is surrounded by a white glowing mist that floats off him and anything infused with his power will glow similarly when like this Reier will heal supernaturally fast and doesn't need to breathe, though for reasons he doesn't understand speaking causes the amount of power he has available to be expended faster, this state also increases his physical attributes making him stronger and faster than a normal person his size and his skill with weapons is drastically improved. While on his homeworld their are ten surges Reier is able to use only four of them. He has full control of the surges of adhesion, gravitation, abrasion, and progression.

    Adhesion: This ability creates an extremely powerful temporary bond between two objects. To use this ability Reier infuses a surface with power after which any object or person that comes in contact with the surface will be bound to it. While similar to the Lashings he uses for gravitation this ability does not necessarily require skin contact; surfaces can be infused by "spraying" power onto them. Most objects would break apart themselves before the bond holding them would. The duration of this bond is determined by the amount of power Reier has infused though it typically last between five and twelve minutes.

    Gravitation: With the gravitation surge Reier can manipulate and alter the direction and strength of an object's gravitational attraction. This ability has two common forms;

    • Basic Lashing: This ability alters an object's or being's gravitational bond to the planet below, instead temporarily linking it to a different object or direction. It allows the Reir to run up walls, send objects or people flying off into the air. He can also utilize partial Lashings—a half Lashing upward, for example, will make him effectively weightless. He can even use multiple Basic Lashings simultaneously so that the infused object will be pulled toward different directions at once or pulled toward a single direction but stronger than gravity normally would. Basic Lashing requires skin contact if the he is trying to infuse another person or object. Basic Lashings continually consume the power with which the object is infused until it runs our or Reier dismisses it; so the length of his basic lashings is dependent on the amount of power Reier used. While Reier has to determine a direction of a lashing when he uses one it doesn't always have to be a physical object allowing him to lash himself or others directly upward when outside, however he does need to see the object or location he is lashing towards in order for the ability to work.
    • Reverse Lashing: In effect this ability makes the object Reier infused with his power pull other objects towards itself. It is much harder for Reverse Lashing to affect objects touching the ground, where their link to the normal is strongest. Objects falling or in flight are the easiest to influence. Reverse Lashing requires constant skin contact for it to work, though it consumes comparatively little power.
    Abrasion: This surge allows Reier to alter the effects of friction on objects. This allows him to make himself unnaturally smooth seeming to the point where it would be easier to grab a greased eel than to hold him, or to make objects he imbues with his power to be as smooth as a polished sheet of ice. the inverse is true as he can make himself or objects imbued with his power produce more friction. It also grants him a supernatural level of grace and balance that is present even when not drawing on his power.

    Progression: Another surge that has two aspects the surge of Progression grants Reier the powers of growth and regrowth;

    • Growth: This ability accelerates plant growth to tremendous speeds. Reier can infuse the seeds of a plant or the plant itself with power through skin contact, and in seconds, it will become fully developed he can direct the way the plant grows with this ability arranging for vines to provide perfect handholds or forcing them to create and take take advantage of cracks in in walls. The ability only works on living plants and after nearly thirty years of practice Reier has been unable to reach a point where he can reverse the growth.
    • Regrowth: This ability heals the damage done to the body and the soul of a person instantly and without any scarring. The flesh, muscle, or bones can be completely regrown in a matter of moments. The body can be refreshed and rid of fatigue. Reier can even bring someone back from the very brink of death with Regrowth; a body that has bled out can be healed with Regrowth and continue to function as if it has never been damaged.Though once the soul leaves the body and reaches the afterlife, it is impossible for for him to revive the person. Of all his abilities this is the most exhausting of the things Reier can do and usually leaves him unable to use his other abilities until he finds a way to restore his power.
    Sungealsanmes and Steadabercyn: The two spren that accompany Reier and give him his surgebinding abilities can only be seen by him unless they want to be seen by another person. Stead who grants him access to the surges of Adhesion and Gravitation typically takes the shape of a small man wearing the clothing of a nobleman though he can change his form at will sometimes appearing as a ribbon of light other times as a swirl of mist and is apparently immune to the laws of physics as he can pass through objects and often floats along side Reier when they are walking. Sun by comparison is a constantly changing pattern of vines and leafs that vaguely form a face or he can lift himself up from a solid surface and appear as a sphere of infinitely varying pattern or appear as part of an object when he is laying flat where the pattern he forms appears to be underneath the objects surface pressing upwards.

    Shardblade and Shardplate:

    The arms and armor of a Knight Radiant Reier refuses to speak about the nature of the items origin regardless of how often he is pressed, though he has admitted that using them requires the willing cooperation of Sun and Stead. The two items seem to be a matched set and when not in use vanish only to apparently form instantly from mist when Reier wants them again.

    Despite it's great size his shardblade weighs only a few ounces and can, when he wishes, change it's shape and length though it never seems to be longer than his own height. Regardless of it's form as a sword, a knife, a spear or any other weapon the shard blade is able to cut through anything with little resistance, unlike a normal sword though it doesn't cut through living things instead it's form appears to turn to mist when connecting with living objects. When limbs are severed they become lifeless and turn a pale grey after which he can cut them as though they were lifeless, this is attributed to the blades ability to sever a creatures soul. When passing through the spine of a living creature its eyes smoke and burn then blacken and shrivel up. In his travels on other worlds Reier has learned that very powerful magical objects are immune to being cut by his shardblade though magical individuals are not. Similarly his ability with regrowth and similar healing magic can repair the damage caused by cuts from his blade though it requires an immense amount of power even more than reviving someone from the brink of death.

    When wearing his Shardplate Reier's strength, speed, and stamina are further increased beyond what calling on his power gives him. The armor lacks the traditional chain-mail and leather guards plate armor has at the joints and instead has smaller interlocking plates giving more protection and not having any of the chinks that normal full plate armor carries, it's also a vast improvement over traditional plate armor in that when the visor of his helmet is down he's able to see through it as though it was finely crafted glass though the outside retains the same appearance as the rest of his armor. The armor is virtually indestructible and feels weightless when the full set is worn thanks to the increased strength it grants though if a pieces is broken or separated from the breast plate it will loose it's power until he can feed the suit enough stormlight for the parts to regrow themselves, like the shardblade it seems to be share materials with it provides him with some protection from direct magic although his own surgebinding abilities work perfectly fine when he's wearing it. The armor itself glows with a faint light and the glyph that represents the orders of Knights he belongs seem to be formed of light and hover just behind his back when he wears the armor. Like the shardblade the armor can be dismissed and summoned at will when he needs it.

    Reier can store his power in crystals causing them to glow as bright as lanterns and can later draw the power back out at will, though over time the crystals will slowly loose power as well. The size and quality of the gemstones effect into how long it can hold the light he puts in it though at best a perfectly cut stone the size of a fist will only hold light for two or three weeks and the power is enough at most for him to grow a few plants or anchor a dozen objects. Due to the value of this sort of stone he rarely uses this option.

    Reier wears a helix shaped pendant inscribed with glyphs made of garnet and heliodor roughly three inches long and an inch and a half wide that when infused with his power can be used by anyone to replicate his surge of regrowth once though small cracks in the stone of the pendant indicate that it may not be of unlimited use.
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    Spren and the Nahel bond:
    On Reier's home world of Roshar Spren represent forces of nature, and are themselves fragments of the gods Honor and Cultivation. Most spren on Roshar are simple and mindless manifesting only around emotions or natural phenomena, anger spren appear around people mad, wind spren appear near storms, rain spren appear during and after rainstorms, life spren appear in areas where there are large amounts of plant life, flame spren appear around fire, and creation spren appear near people that are engaged in acts of creativity. Other more powerful spren rarely manifest on what is refereed to as the physical realm living in the cognitive realm and are only able to enter the physical world after forming a Nahel bond with a human.

    The process of bonding with a human allows them to gain human level intelligence and grants them a limited ability to interact with humans though they can only be seen by those they want to see them or individuals with a unique ability. The initial purpose of the bond was meant to allow the people the were tied to to fight against an ancient foe of both mankind and spren. The person they bonded with had their natural abilities heightened to the very limits of human perfection and were granted powers related to the spren's nature. Some gained the ability to fly through the air by manipulating gravity, others could change one thing to another, some could sunder the ties between matter, while others could travel great distances in a mater of seconds. the bond though carried a risk for the spren, if the person they were bonded with broke the oaths they lived by that gave them their powers it effectively killed the spren leaving them mindless and locked in a single form unable to interact with others of their kind.