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    Renn: the Redbird

    “Change isn't a bad thing.”

    Real name: Zitkalasa
    Alias: -- Renn, "Redbird"
    Nicknames, if any: -- Kid(By Doc)
    Age: -- Returning Home:: 15 BoK 2:: 17 Discipline & Winter Tales:: 18 Tales:: 21
    Orientation: -- LOL
    Gender: -- Female
    Race: -- Human
    Height: -- 5'7"
    Weight: -- 126
    Eye Color: -- Amber
    Hair Color: -- Black
    Hair Style: – past her shoulder blade in Returning Home, it was chopped to her neck when BoK2 begins and down to her lower back in Winter Tales and Tales
    Distinctive Features / Markings: –
    Dress Style: --
    Alternate Attire: --
    Personal Effects/Pets: --
    Weapons, if any: -- She carries a staff, which she uses to channel her healing power and some of her magic. Later, she will change her staff for a mace, after she learned self-defense, becoming a battle-mage in the process.

    Personality: -- In the time Redbird(who is goes by Renn at this time) first meets Zyta, she tends to act shy around those she doesn't know. She gets embarrassed more easily and has a hard time expressing her opinions though once in a while she'll get the courage to say what's on her mind. In BoK2, she shows more determination but has much self-doubt in her abilities to help the Dreamers. It isn't until the confrontation with Nikolai that she shows more of her fiery spirit, sacrificing her life energy to keep herself from being a victim. She nearly dies in the process but manages to pull herself back from the memories of the Dreamers. After BoK2, Reyna wants to prove herself more useful, thus pushing herself forward.

    In Winter Tales, Reyna is shown to still have her naive aspects from before but is more prone to taking care of herself now. In Tales, Reyna has shown to grown up considerably. She is no longer the young maiden who was shy and naive like before. Here, she shows to being outspoken and even a little foul-mouthed. Even with this, she still has a soft side that comes out from time to time.
    Likes: --
    Dislikes: --
    Habits: --
    Beliefs: --
    Socialization: --
    Abilities: --
    Dreams: --
    Hobbies: --

    Home World: --
    Homeland: --
    Hometown: --
    Occupation: --
    Alignment: --
    Loyalties: --
    Direct Family: --
    Friends/Allies: --
    Rivals/Enemies: --
    Other Relations: --
    Accomplishments: --
    Renowned Title: --
    History Highlights: --
    Brief Backstory: --

    Real name: Unknown for the time being
    Alias: Renn(by the Dreamers)
    Race: Human?
    Appearance: With light brown skin, dark brown hair and amber eyes, Renn has a strange aura about her. Her hair has reached down to her waist but she tends to cut it to keep up with it. It's thick and straight, many which are very envious of. She tends to keep her hair down but will sometimes put it up when she needs to concentrate on something deeply. Her build is slim and she stands at five feet, six inches. She has prominent cheeks bones and it's said a dimple will appear when she smiles, left to her lips.

    Renn, for most of the time she was at Dreamer's Haven, wore simple mage clothes. She didn't care much for what she wore and just made sure that her outfit was on pare and that it didn't slow her down. Recently, her outfit has consisted of skin-tight slated gray pants, a long-sleeved white and light orange mage top that stops short of her thighs, with a mantle that stops just above her chest, and thigh-high boots that have a knee guards. (X)

    Weapon of choice: Staff(later on, a mace)
    Elemental magic- Renn has a high efficiency for using elemental magic. She's mastered the basics and is studying more in order to become a better mage.
    Healing- Though it took much time and study, Renn has learned the art of healing. From hard work and determination, she has become an advance healer.
    Sense of 'taste'- Recently, Renn is able to pick up on magic that may surround her and defines different types by taste. She will sometimes compare them to food or much stranger references.
    ***More to come...

    Personality: Renn, for the most part, is considered innocent and naive. She believes in the good of people and strives to help anyone she can. She cares about her friends to the point that she would die for them, which she has done. She quite easily wears her emotions on her face, showing what she is truly thinking. She gets frustrated with herself easily and doesn't believe highly of herself either. Renn tends to say in the background of things, seeing as how she feels she will make no significant contribution to the group. She is very soft spoken unless provoked otherwise.

    Rarely do people see Renn's self-loathing side, much of which she hides.

    Biography: Will work on it soon enough. Have to gather my thoughts on it. -w-
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