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  1. Doc

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    Feb 3, 2008

    Name: The Skyriders
    Type of Roleplay: Steampunk, Adventure
    Skill Level Required: Any
    Plot Summary: A group of radicals scatter to cause havoc for a corrupt empire in a world where steam and neo-victorian airships rule supreme.

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    Miscellaneous Information: Sky Pirates, Airships, Cogs, Wheels... Yes.

    Status: OPEN (and awesome)
  2. Zyta

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    Oct 22, 2005

    Name: Stormy Days At The Haven
    Type of Roleplay: Fantasy, Adventure
    Skill Level Required: Any
    Plot Summary: It had been another typical day at Dreamer's Haven. Citizens were out and about, doing their daily tasks. It was suppose to be another sunny day, nothing out of the ordinary. It was peaceful and everyone was enjoying it while they could. No one like to say it but they never knew how long this would last. Regardless, there was smiles, greetings exchanged, children playing in the streets and people enjoying the beginning of a new day.

    It changed when noon rolled around. Almost too suddenly, a unpredictable storm had surrounded the Haven. It darken the entire area and poured down rain, as if it was trying to drown the residents. People ran for cover, expecting it just to be another storm that would soon past.

    It did not.

    A week had gone by and things only grew worse. It kept raining, causing some of the streets to flood. Thunder boomed, causing houses and building alike to rumble and rattle. When lighting stuck, it lit up the darkness that surrounded them all. Getting to and from anywhere was a journey itself and most people stayed inside.

    This almost felt unnatural, like something was behind it but no one had done anything. Not yet.

    Link to Role-Play Thread:
    Link to OOC Thread: Currently N/A
    Link to Recruitment: N/A

    Miscellaneous Information: Creative Dreamer's Haven based RP

    Status: OPEN