Rud, The Lightning Dragon

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    Name: Rud Han
    Alias: Lightning Dragon
    Race: human
    Appearance: Rud is rather bland in appearance with muddy brown eyes and blond hair that he keeps cut so it hangs just below his ears in an almost shaggy manner. His body is well toned from constant exercise but with little bulk so his actual strength is hard to tell under the loose fit shirts and pants he favors.

    Biography: Abandoned in the wilderness at a young age Rud's naturally frail body and poor constitution would have doomed him to an early grave were it not for a passing monk who took him in and began teaching him in martial arts. Despite his inherently weak body Rud proved a natural learner of his masters skills and quickly mastered them. As Rud's skills grew and his master died of old age Rud went in search of two other masters his teacher and adoptive father had spoken highly of. Despite their hesitation his earnestness and thoughts of who he later learned to be their old friend won them over in time and Rud added the both the physical skills and the ki manipulation of the other two styles to his skill set. Realizing that simply learning the styles was insufficient Rud decided to dedicate himself to using his skill to help others.

    Rud's teachers trained him rigorously in unarmed combat making him almost impossible to beat when facing an opponent within arms reach, however his ability to manipulate his ki in various ways is what makes him truly dangerous. Since one of the styles he learned focused heavily on the manipulation of the metal element of ki his body is extremely durable and heals quicker than most healing in days from injuries that would normally take months.
    • Feline claws- by focusing his ki down his arm and around his fingers Rud is able to use his finger tips like claws or even throw the resulting hardened ki outward in short slashing burst.
    • Heavy palm- if Rud is able to make direct contact with an opponents skull he can project his Ki into their body and directly vibrate their brain knocking weaker people unconscious and making even experienced fighter have difficulty standing.
    • Shattered cross-by compressing the ki of his feline claws into a single point inside an opponent he's touching and then rapidly expanding them outward Rud is able to split apart even the strongest defenses or rip through metal although the technique requires time as it takes extreme focus even for him.
    • Sharpened sword force- another variation of feline claws that compresses ki along the length of Rud's forearm and roughly half a foot past it to be as sharp as a sword able to cut through most materials except for harder metals like steel.
    • Ki Rotation shield- A technique that manipulates equal and opposite natures of Ki to block an supernatural and magical attacks before it enters his body and uses the rebounding effect of ki to send the attack back at his attacker stronger than before.
    • Lightning Fist- Rud creates an electrical current around his hand shock any opponent he strikes.
    • Thunder Break- an incomplete form of lightning fist thunder break is used for opponents guarding against thunder fist, rather than creating an electrical current around his hand it only creates the opposite ki charge of his opponent using their own body to complete lighting fist and resulting in a more devastating strike. The same technique can also be used directly against the earth to devastating result causing a massive electrical explosion.
    • Magnetic Force of Lightning Space- by separating his ki into a negative charge in one hand and a positive charge in his other hand Rud creates an arc of electricity, if he manages to grab an opponent while using the technique they will continue to be shocked until he let's go.
    • Lightning Flash- Rud gathers three orbs of electricity around his hand and detonates them in an explosive impact.
    • Mad Lightning- A ranged skill that triggers a chaotic seeming wave of lighting strikes that spread outward in front of Rud.
    • Heaven's Void Lightning Brand- A high level technique that allows Rud to remotely create a blast of lightning to attack his target. By focusing on a specific "void" in space he manipulates it's natural ki and then collides the artificially created negative and positive charges generating a lighting strike a the intended point.
    • Roar of Thundering Destruction- A technique of last resort by sacrificing a limb Rud is able to lock the techniques target into a perpetual state of electrocution where they are unable to react or respond to outside events but also unable to die.