Seth, The Sinner

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    "If she wasn’t my sister, I’d fall for her, damn it!"


    Age: Unknown
    Sex: Male
    Race: Angel
    Job/Class: His job is to banish fear and provide guidance and strength.


    Seth’s body is composed entirely of particle-wave matters. It is the substance of all angels. Angels are made up of a strange substance that has the properties of both a wave and a particle, just like light. Even though they’re made of different material, their signal distribution and coordinates are strikingly similar to human DNA. 99.89% similar. His appearance when not shrouded in light is that of an average man, remarkably beautiful in every way when he is smiling, and disastrously ugly when he is in pain or saddened.

    What could be said of his clothing are truly extensions of his body acting like clothing. They are scale-like in nature with designs for each angel are as fingerprints to humans.


    - The Spear of Longinus: The Spear of Longinus is an extraterrestrial artifact with the power to penetrate any Energy Field and immobilize beings of god-like power.

    Physically, the Spear of Longinus resembles a long, red bident on an Angel scale. Its structure is inherently double-helical, with the majority of its length being straight and composed of two strands which are tightly interwoven. At one end, the two strands unwind and form two massive tines.

    While the bident is the Spear's default shape, it also has metamorphic capabilities. When thrown at the demons, the tines wrap together to form a seamless piercing object. Upon encountering an Energy Field, the "flaps" of the Spear open up, revealing white, gill-like structures that seem to aid the Spear with self-propulsion under conditions of extreme resistance. Finally, the Spear's bident shape is perpetually altered when Seth separates the two helices, and the Spear takes on a form reminiscent of a horizontally elongated infinity symbol, ∞.

    The Spear may be considered to be a weapon of "god-like" power. Extremely powerful weapons that have enough destructive potential to bring minor to moderate amounts of damage upon some of the weaker Angels; and stronger Angels can use armaments against demons after nullifying the demon’s Energy Fields with their own. However, the Spear of Longinus is capable of piercing the active, unneutralized Energy Field of any being, entirely by itself.

    The Spear is not of Terran origin, having been created by the First Ancestral Race, an ancient extraterrestrial humanoid species that was the first of God’s Creations. It is also not the only Spear of Longinus created: Every Seed of Life was sent with a counterpart Spear, meaning seven in all. At least one established function of the Spears is that of a "security device" capable of safeguarding the First Ancestral Race's plans should they somehow be compromised.

    Spears of Longinus are technically alive and are even said to have wills of their own.



    - Energy Field: The Energy Field is a nearly impenetrable force-field barrier which Angels can generate. Conventional weapons are effectively useless in penetrating an Energy Field. Essentially, the only thing that can penetrate an Energy Field is another Energy Field, or something with similar energy properties and strength.

    The strength of the Energy Field is determined by the strength of will that the caster has. Needless to say when he is emotionally at his best, it would be near to impossible to take an Energy Field down, likewise if he is emotionally weakened, it would be fairly easy to take down.

    - Healing Aura:

    Regardless of what condition he is in, Seth is always emitting a healing aura to take care of his wounds, but he rarely gets injured. His healing aura heals everything within a few feet of him—it gets weaker the further away, of course—that even friends and wildlife and plants are healed by his powers. This healing effect is rather unconscious. It heals everyone indiscriminately from angels to demons.

    Note: Seth has other skills, but lost them when he was banished. If, in an RP, he is forgiven and returns to Heaven he shall have them restored.


    -Banishment from Heaven:

    It is hard to believe that one who was called “the right hand of god” has sinned and thus been banished from heaven until I have been forgiven, if such a time exists.

    It began a long, long time ago, the lives of men rushing passed me by as if an eye blink, when I sinned and made love to my sister. The tale is none too thrilling, and I don’t want to speak of it in detail. I only know that my dance with my inner devil is far from over to the tune of the piper’s pit. To be honest my sin was not the incestuous relationship that I shared with Eve, but lying about it to the Lord God and hiding in my shame.

    Upon banishing me from the kingdom of heaven I was told to seek out three secret truths that God has given to the race of Man. Arriving in the world of Man I was without clothes in the dead of winter to the far north where the nights can be deadly, even to one such as I. A beggar peasant found pity for me and gave me the clothes off of his back; I thanked him the best I could. After thus I went into the world to seek out the secrets that God has told me to search for.