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    Oct 22, 2005
    It is customary for The Diné (Navajo) people to tell stories when it gets cold towards the end of Autumn/Fall and into Winter until the snow starts to break apart. The stories are short, but they deal with moral questions, or how the earth was made, or they tell stories of famous heroes that slayed giant monsters that would otherwise cause impending doom.

    Regardless of how the story is made or how it is told, because honestly even if the same person tells the same story it might not be told exactly the same each time because the stories are not written down, they are told from person to person, from generation to generation, moms to daughters, and dads to sons.

    The competition is simple, do you have what it takes to make your own moral/earth-forming/hero story, or don't you? There is no limit on setting, theme, or how many you can enter. Preferably short, but length is no problem.
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    Feb 3, 2008
    I... like this. If nobody else makes a post I'll try to get one up, don't wanna force a story and make it shitty, though.