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    At the sight of Celeste, there was distant calling from the guards. The Arch-Watcher stood straighter, refusing to admit that she was either cold or that her body ached from the unexpected march.

    The walls towered them all, the bleak sunlight casting long shadows that wrapped them all in its snare. Vines yawned against the ancient structures, the ivy burying itself over and within the bricklayers, filling every place like poison. The rickety chains rang against one another as the gears brought the gate upwards, as if the grand portcullis had not been used in years. Before them, Aknarius' cold bluster spurted against them all, lines of snow dotting against the four travellers. Despite the malignant gloom that heralded the snowy city, within it was far from the spectral misery it had welcomed them with.

    The hustle-bustle of people in the market still continued, as if nothing had happened – and certainly, nothing had happened at all. Yet.

    Snow's voice made Celeste frown.

    'No. You and these two will go to an inn.' She narrowed her eyes. 'The Congery will take far too much interest in you and you will be unable to leave. I must ask for their counsel, then I am done with you.'
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    Snow listened and nodded. "I understand. I will wait outside the door of the room you will be talking to them in. Whatever happens to me is not important right now."

    If there was anything that Snow had learned and heard, was that the politicians and people in control loved to show their power and act on it. In the same way that it could take days if not more before he could finally talk to someone who would actually believe him. If he had to die to deliver the message, then so be it.
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    Celeste frowned, pointing towards Miri and Savern with a blue finger, lifting her head proudly. Her eyes did not show any sign of yielding.

    'You will not – it's not I who will forbid you, but the others. There is a reason why they are secretive.'

    She didn't wait for an answer, her robes and hair sweeping in movement.

    'You three will go to the inn. For your safety. I don't need the burden of three strangers.'

    Promptly, the Arch-Watcher left, striding a line of snow beneath her feet, merging into the crowd like a ghost.
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    "Perhaps," Savern said softly as he regarded the castle town with indifference. "We might have asked her how we will be contacted. She seems eager to be rid of us. How do we know she will not stay with the Congery and not return? It matters little to me, though answers are what I seek and such watchers might hold this knowledge. Patience, it seems, is most certainly a virtue here."
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    Snow eyed her emotionless with his dark gray eyes as she spoke, and then watched her leave. He turned to Savern, and nodded. "You speak truth. I will be back later."

    The Protector turned to vanish into the crowd as well, but stopped and looked back at the Reaper girl. "It's best you go far away from here, woman. Bad tidings are ahead. Not many will survive. As for you, Crystal wielder," he spoke softly now, but loud enough for Savern to hear him. "If you truly care about the Crystals and what they stand for, but would hate to see thousands of innocents die, then you could definitely be of some use."

    Snow turned and quickly left, seemingly using no effort to dodge the citizens walking by quickly or the Magick powered carts riding by. Inside the city walls it was a lot warmer, despite being outside as well, and Snow suspected either technology or more probably, Magick was in play here.

    Ignoring what the Arch-Watcher told him he followed her. Even if he could not track her, it wouldn't be too difficult to find something as important as the Congery in this city.
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    Celeste's retreat into the heavily-guarded tower had excited two feelings within her.

    The first had been relief; the notion that finally, that motley crew were no longer on her trail – and partial mordancy. There had been something off from the very beginning – and the confinement of so many Reapers within the tower had left her uncomfortable, considering how it had never reached her ears until recently.

    Anything that the Congery did went through the Arch-Watchers first, regardless of whether it was an extravagant duel between Adepts or a fart in the wind. These things needed to be dealt with properly.

    The Congery was made up of at least a dozen Watchers, men who were able to control Crystals at a whim. They were able to forge items used to control and maintain them, as well as manipulate and store them carefully. The majority, if not all, were prone to the destructive arts, for it was the easiest way of reaching the status of “Arch”.

    The difference between a mage and a Watcher of course, was that the Watcher used the Crystals accordingly, as opposed to mages that didn't have to. The disadvantage of course was that mages had their limitations, too. Their magicks were not altogether able to sustain themselves for long. In the centre of a potent number of Crystals, it was enough to pound some (in moderation) into dust to keep any effects lasting.

    They were essentially the backbone to the entire group, given the responsibility of determining the best route for the Adepts and Watchers to go. Then their decisions would be given to the Arch-Watchers, who in turn would either agree or disagree.

    What Celeste could do was something a little different – and being one of the few creators within the rich tapestry of politics, scheming and general bad behaviour, it was a mystery as to why she remained there at all.

    Celeste did not make her way immediately to the group, instead retreating to the top of the tower where her room was. Her anxiety had begun to mount – as one of only two creators within the tower, she wanted to check her mirror.

    On entering the room, she found the other one lying in her bed.

    The Arch-Watcher bolted the door quickly, spinning to glare at Eremal, the second of five Arch-Watchers.

    'I was wondering when you would appear,' he said, sitting up from the sheets. His dark hair had been pulled back, revealing a high forehead, his handsome grin like that of a mischievous wolf and his elegant form emphasised by the gentle glow of the fire. Celeste hadn't even given herself time for her own to settle into the warmth. His stark appearance had driven any from her flesh.

    Yet she remained stoic in the face of it – in some ways, she was glad, knowing only too well the mesmerising effect that he had on any he pursued.

    'What,' she said calmly, 'are you doing in my room?'

    His grin didn't even err, standing from the bed. He had been unclothed. 'Well, when you hadn't returned last night to us... they assumed the worst, my dear.'

    'And so you lay naked in my bed?'

    He laughed. 'Someone needed to keep it warm.'

    Celeste narrowed her eyes, saying nothing for a moment, her eyes travelling to the mirror. She breathed relief softly, her shoulders slackening as she eyed the image carefully. Without a reflection, she couldn't see Eremal tug her form against his from behind, resting his cheek gently against her neck, whispering softly in her ear.

    'You're chilled to the bone. What happened to you...?'

    Celeste sucked her tongue to the roof of her mouth, folding her hands against her frame. She wasn't going to let this boy get in the way of her cause. 'Why are you really here?'

    Eremal's expression immediately soured, releasing her. 'What makes you think I'm doing anything? You disappeared from us without warning. And I hear that Reapers escaped the facility. Do you have any idea what that means?'

    Celeste rolled her eyes. 'I am aware of that. I have just spent a portion of my time up to my knees with snow.' She didn't mention the Protector nor his guests. Mentioning any of them would entrap them – and something about that irked her. 'The Reapers are dead. My traps worked, but I was knocked unconscious.'

    Eremal shoved his robe on with a scowl, lacing the elaborate design around him tightly. 'The Congery decided that you were dead.'

    Celeste resisted cynical laugher. So that's what it was. 'And they decided to replace me as efficiently as possible.' She narrowed her eyes, gesturing to the door. 'I am going to the Congery. There is much for me to say to them. You on the other hand, will leave. Tell the Congery that I am very alive – and that I shall talk to them at once.'

    Eremal's eyes momentarily flashed. It was no secret that he didn't like being talked back to, let alone be ordered around. Especially by a woman. Nonetheless, he promptly took his leave, but not before stifling Celeste with a brute kiss against her lips, pulling her fiercely against him. Celeste didn't move, utterly still in his hard arms. On pulling back, Eremal resisted a grin of pleasure, seeing a speck of blood trickle down the woman's pale lips, bruised from the sheer force of his assault.

    He made for the door smugly.

    'Tell me Eremal,' Celeste found her voice again, 'do you feel like a man now?'

    The door slammed with instant dismay.

    Celeste wiped her lip, scarring her skin with the colour of red. She barely smiled.

    The image in the mirror saw to that.

    In some ways, she realised, the Protector was right.

    She drew a bath and prepared for the onslaught from the Congery.

    In the centre of the great tower, the Congery was pregnant with malice and old hatreds, as it had always been.

    Dressed in deep velvet greens and yellows, the shimmers of Celeste's long, auburn hair seemed to glare redder than the peeking sunlight within the circular room, the stained glass windows dotting the dark-wood tables in arrays of colour.

    The rising set of seats within the large chamber surrounded a circular table that held a map, showing districts were Crystals were most potent. It was people like Celeste that sought them out with their staffs – and it was people like the destroyers that took advantage of it. From the few dots around the citadel, it was clear that this was starting to become a problem.

    When the large, oak doors entered, Celeste was greeted by not only the Congery, but the remaining three Arch-Watchers, too. Eremal turned to face her, having only just announced her presence. He took his seat amongst the three, sitting smug, bolt and regal.

    Celeste entered unflinchingly, her eyes looking around the chamber calmly, her staff out as if it gave her higher powers of speech.

    She took a deep breath, but already, Watcher Stafinak was on her back. Again.

    'When an Arch-Watcher appears late to the Congery, let alone appear with half-sincere apologies through the methods of another, one must wonder what it takes for a lone woman to reach such a high position.'

    Celeste's face was unreadable. 'For the same reason that you have not, Maester Stafinak.'

    There was a faint murmur of laughter amongst the group.

    'I was surprised to see that my position, much less my room was taken over so quickly. The concept of my death being such an appealing one, I must admit that I am not sorry to disappoint you.

    'I have returned however – and I bring warning that our defences must tighten.'

    There was a silence. She sighed. Why am I even bothering?

    'The Reapers are dead. Thanks to the misconduct of Maester Wassoon and an Adept – of whom I shall not name at this point, the recapture of them led not only the Reapers to join forces with a larger group, but also to the appearance of a Protector.' Her eyes narrowed, 'To much dismay, I was captured and interrogated, only to find out that these Protectors are preparing for war. The Reapers are all dead.'

    There was a murmur of discontent. She had finally got their attention.

    I implore the Congery to bring defences to our walls – I do not know the whole nature of the message, but I do not want Aknarius to be the centre of battle. I would also ask to send word to Tulvur and Nestil, too. They must stop fighting one another and for once, concentrate on their own borders.'

    The murmur grew louder, the men looking at one another – some, who were often so calm and collected, for once looked disturbed and uncertain. She waited patiently, looking at the face of all within the Congery – and noticed that Eremal was the only one smiling. Watcher Taskir was sweating heavily, damp patches appearing on his robes.


    Celeste frowned faintly. She glanced back at the Arch-Watchers.

    'Esteemed Watchmen,' she retreated to formality, 'I ask you to listen and to act.'

    There was an unnatural silence. Eremal's grin broadened.

    'We have already decided.' Arch-Watcher Talmis stood from his seat. Even as the eldest man in the room, his regal stance was both intimidating and brave. 'Celeste, you were born into this Congery – we respect your dedication in reporting back to us – but I'm afraid that we cannot do what you ask.'

    Hands suddenly seized her arms. Celeste betrayed some surprise.

    'You see Celeste, you are accused of murdering Reapers. You failed to contain them. Eremal did well to tell us prior to your arrival of your actions. You know that the Reapers have their uses and you have betrayed that knowledge and allowed a Protector of all people to do his job. We cannot execute you, but you will be confined to your quarters.'

    The blood in Celeste's face seemed to drain away. 'It isn't the Reapers that you should worry about – our defences need tightening, don't you see?'

    'You heard the man, Celeste,' Eremal drawled, 'you should feel lucky. It was only at my insistence that you're spared from the Cold Dream.'

    You bastard.

    Celeste's face was resolutely blank. 'And does the Congery agree to this?' her voice was quiet.

    'It was the Congery that decided,' Arch-Watcher Talmis responded, 'we see no cause to refuse.'

    'Then you are fools.'

    With a dismissive gesture, Celeste was pulled back, her face stiffening to keep herself from shouting. Her staff was pulled from her hands once they had taken her to her chamber, the door bolting heavily before she was locked away from the rest of the world.
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    Snow made his way between the crowd, trying to catch up to Celeste. A few times he was certain he saw her in the distance, and hurried, only to be obstructed by another cart plowing by without anyone pushing or pulling it. Magick. Used for pushing carts around, what an incredible waste and abuse, thought Snow.

    He saw her again not too far away, turning a corner. The Protector moved quickly to his left, seeing an alley that would surely allow him to cut a corner. As he walked rapidly into the shadows of the alley, a figure appeared at the end of it, walking towards him. Snow stopped, narrowing his eyes. The speed the stranger was walking with seemed off. He turned around to walk away, only to be bumped into by someone else who grabbed him by his arm.

    Before Snow could do anything else, the stranger from the other side of the alley had caught up, and he was slammed against a wall by the two men who managed to sneak up on him. He tried to break free but they had an iron grip on his arms and legs, rendering it impossible for him to escape.

    "Let go of me or else I..."

    "Or else what, ya berrytooth's arse? Gonna kill us, your brethren?" Spoke the man on his left. The man on Snow's right looked almost identical to the other, and suddenly he recognized them. "The Linden Brothers." Snow muttered as he was still held firmly against the wall.

    Dan and Tharn Linden, also known as the The Linden Brothers, were twins who both became Protectors at an young age, mostly known for their Guardian who died when he was with them in a mysterious 'freak accident'. Or so they claimed. Any research done came up empty, and they were cleared of any charges, becoming full fledged Protectors in the process.

    Every new recruit that started out to become a Protector, was assigned with a Guardian Protector, one who would travel the lands with them and thought them everything they had to know. On Snow's journey with his Guardian, he was introduced to the Linden Brothers who were only four years older then him, but already quite known. At the age of fifteen, the two of them had taken out an entire camp of Reapers by themselves, causing them to rise in fame rather quickly. They were a friendly bunch when Snow met them, joking around a lot, but his Guardian told him to be watchful of them. He explained Snow you could tell intentions of people by their eyes. The Linden Brothers had a bone chilling intent Snow did not like, and was happy to move on when they finally did.

    And now they were here, dressed similar to Snow, holding him against a cold and hard wall. Both had black hair and pure blue eyes, showing that same malicious intent towards Snow.

    "That's right, puppet. And we were wondering what ye were doing here. We been hearin' rumors, ye see." said Tharn.

    "Aye. Instead of listenin' to the Call Ghar'wog gave ya, ya traveled with some strangers to this 'ere city. What's that about, puppet?" said Dan, pressing harder against Snow's chest, who refused to be intimidated and stared back emotionless.

    "My business is my own. Besides, this is not your territory. If anything, I should ask what you two are doing here." Snow said calm, glancing to the right to see if anyone would notice them. But nobody did, standing in the shadows here.

    The Linden Brothers looked at each other and grinned, letting Snow go, who took a deep breath and dusted off his arms, meanwhile keeping an close eye on the twins. They stepped back and crossed their arms simultaneously, watching the white haired Protector ominously. "We be here on business, Snow. Not that it is any of yer business." he vaguely joked, still grinning widely.

    "Aye. Lord Ghar'wog has big plans as you are well aware. The time to strike is near, puppet." said Dan, who was more serious than his brother.

    Snow looked from one to the other. "Why now? Why does Ghar'wog want to strike now, so suddenly?"

    Yet again, to Snow's annoyance, the brothers exchanged glances, shrugging at the same time. "How should we know? We are but mere Protectors doin' our jobs. Like ye should be doin'." said Tharn, poking a gloved finger at Snow's chest, who didn't budge. "Perhaps the times of Protectin' be over, and the times of retaliation be near. Ghar'wog no longer wants to put up with the endless stealin' and breakin' of Crystals these humans be doin'. It be time to teach them a lesson, Snow, and ye know it."

    Dan nodded approvingly of this, but narrowed his eyes and leaned forward to Snow. "Look 'ere, Snow. We do not know why ye aren't at the meetin' Ghar'wog called for, and we do not care. All we can tell ya is that ye should not be 'ere."

    He leaned back with a satisfied smirk on his face. Tharn chuckled an nodded. "Ya, I'll say! Some mighty fine fireworks we planted 'round this here city. Best to be lookin' for afar, puppet." he said, giving a wink. Snow's eyes widened in realization. "You planted explosives across the city?"

    "Sssh, don't ruin it, puppet. It'll be a blast!"

    Both brothers laughed out loud on the pun, as Tharn began climbing a ledge that led to the roof of the nearby house. "See ya 'round, Snow!" he said before disappearing over the ledge. Dan came closer, until his face almost touched that of Snow. His voice had dropped to an eerie whisper, his bright blue eyes looking deeply into the dark gray ones of Snow. "For yer sake I hope ya aren't in any funny business. 'Cause if ya are, we might be seein' each other sooner than ya think, rookie."

    Snow did not budge as he watched the brother jump up on the ledge. Dan looked down on the white haired Protector, showing a malicious grin before disappearing behind the roof.

    Snow could not help but feel a cold shiver go down his spine.
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    The firelight below her mantle piece had finally glimmered into darkness. With the growing darkness, a strange, unsettling shadow had drifted into her room like a malicious poltergeist, bringing with it a strange uncertainty. If her confined fate had disturbed her, the Arch-Watcher did not show it.

    Celeste sat before her mirror, her eyes passing across the swirling glass like a hunter surveying a flock.

    With Eremal no longer invading her territory and enjoying her confinement, the half-clothed Despite how much her body now ached, the maiden was finally able to work in peace. Passing a hand across the cold glass, she felt soft vibrations against her fingertips.

    Her fingers slowly sank through the glass. She drew air softly through her dry lips, before her hand emerged from the glass, with the shape of a small bird perched over her outer palm. It seemed made out of glass – a shell embodying a soul, whispering strange sounds as it twitched, excited as an avian would be. Celeste stroked the feathers softly, a crystalline song emanating from its wings. She brought the strange structure beside her lips.

    'Find me a Protector. Find me a Crystal Champion and a Crystal-Eater. Sing my pledge and tell them that they are in danger. Tell them … that I am incarcerated. My staff has been taken – I shall meet them. Guide them through the sewers as quickly as you can. Guide them up the hidden staircases – and kill any Watcher in their way. There is a danger that I cannot see – but I … have no place here.'

    Slowly and carefully, she returned the little structure into the glass.

    Outside the tower, a little, shining bird had appeared, flapping glittering wings as it sought out Snow, Savern and Miri.
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    Savern had left the group in silence, as if he were abandoning them completely, though that was not the case, but simply his manner. He had moved around the city, observing, seeking, and generally doing everything but going for the inn. He looked like a man on a mission, though what that mission could be was completely unknown to anyone but him, and he wasn't speaking. His inspection of the city was halted when a strange bird fluttered before him, whispering words from somewhere beyond itself. It carried a message. A look of fascination snuck across his face as he observed the bird before he nodded and glanced towards the tower. "What a message," He said softly. "Perhaps one would be inclined to follow? I would think so, you serve a purpose after all. What an interesting spell the Watcher has weaved. Imprisonment, such strange behavior, most curious. Lead me, if you will, Little One." The One Who Wields followed the bird as it sought out Snow next.
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    Snow stood silently in the alley way as the noise of the people passing by murmured in the background. The encounter with the Linden Brothers made him feel uneasy. In his life he had met with many enemies, mainly Crystal Reapers. Most of them were untrained but some of them were hired mercenaries, meant to protect Reapers from Protectors.

    They always failed if Snow was around. He never felt fear, his actions calculated and without hesitation. With the Linden Brothers, he had felt the urge to draw his sword and run away at the same time. Like a child meeting two supposedly friendly lions, knowing that they would no longer be friendly when they got hungry.

    Before he could give any thought to the hints the brothers had dropped, about explosives and the attack coming on the city Aknarius, he was alerted by movement coming towards him. At first he saw a shining small bird approaching, its wings a sparkle, its movements delicate yet swift. Quickly it was followed by the Crystal sword carrier they had met earlier. Savern. Savern Ara, Snow remembered. It was as if a whisper went off in his head as the bird conveyed its message to him. Incarcerated? He nodded and looked concerned. "That means they did not listen to her. Thousands of lives are at stake. We must make haste, perhaps she will know who else to warn if the men in robes did not listen to her."