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    Star Surge


    We see the planet of Corrun, the home planet of the Galactic Senate. It is a mid class sized planet, heavily populated. Trading is an extremely present commodity, used to supply the planet. What's notable about Corrun is its heavy security. There are several dozens of large space stations hovering nearby the planet, a rarity only to be found in these parts. They are space stations of all the alien species that are in the Galactic Senate. On each base the laws of the occupying species reign supreme, but when landing on Corrun, they are bound to abide by the same peaceful rules. The rules of politics. The rules of the Galactic Senate.

    Our attention shifts to the only Human space station present in Corrun's orbit, named The Cloud I-9.

    The Viceroy kept his crooked grin on his face as he poured another glass of wine for the seemingly upset delegate. Upset, but not upset enough to refuse a very tasting wine. He took the glass and took a sip before putting the glass down in front of him on the desk. Behind the desk sat the Viceroy, dressed in his formal dark gray suit, pinned with many ribbons and honoraries. The Viceroy was as strict as he was dressed, but knew how to talk, the delegate from the United Human Colonies of Earth had to give him that.

    "Viceroy Ruben, you have to understand. I have orders from the President of the Colonies himself that we must stand down and aid the Varnaks in anyway we can. They are the superior force in the Senate, and they will remember the ones who will aid them as they battle the horrible virus rampaging their species." The delegate sat on the edge of his seat, taking the glass again and taking a bigger gulp of the wine, which his taste buds approved of.

    The Viceroy put his hands together and gave a reassuring smile. His somewhat cold eyes watched the young delegate with interest. "I have received the orders, I can assure you, delegate Maceroy. Honest. But right now things are tense. The Mech'rins and the Karrandors are stepping up. They sense the weakness of the Varnaks at the moment and will simply not back down from their disrespectful intrusion. If we as Humans do not step up, we will be overrun." The smile kept going, but the delegate felt uneasy. The smile did not reach the Viceroy's penetrating gray-blue eyes.

    The young man leaned towards the Viceroy, lowering his voice and narrowing his eyes. "I have heard certain... rumors, Viceroy. I heard Bounty Hunters have been send out to take care of these 'disrespectful' Senate members of the Mech'rins and Karrandors. Some say that you have something to do with this. What have you say about this matter, Viceroy?" A silence fell after those words, and the delegate began to feel uncomfortable under the constant stare of Viceroy Ruben, who now had stopped smiling. Which was never a good sign.

    The older man leaned forward, face close to that of the delegate. "What if I did, Maceroy. Would that be so bad? Would it truly be so terrible that us Humans finally get a say in the matter, receive what we have earned being the underdog for centuries in this Senate? The President is unaware of the difficulties I have faced, and continue to do so. One mistake and mankind will plummet into the darkness. I have made my choices, and nothing will stop me." The Viceroy said, speaking more fiercely as he unveiled his plans and true thoughts on the matter. There was no doubt that the old man was speaking the truth, and delegate Maceroy did not like the look in the eyes of the cunning man.

    He quickly stood up, his eyes big. "You... You cannot do this! The President will not stand for this. If... If this gets out..." The delegate gasped a little. "You might have doomed us all, if they get to hear about... about..." He shook his head, putting a hand on his forehead. His vision suddenly had gone blurry and his tongue numb. Cold sweats began dripping down his spine and he couldn't stand properly on his feet. "Urgh..." He muttered, putting a hand on his throat as he felt it swollen up. The delegate moved forward and leaned on the desk, knocking over the glass of wine which shattered as it hit the ground, spilling the liquid red contents all over the carpet.

    The young man couldn't breathe and fell to his knees, his face turning purple. The wine! He had been poisoned! With his eyes popping out he looked at the Viceroy, who now looked down at him with contempt. The older man leaned over and grabbed the delegate by the throat. "This is why Humankind is failing, and losing planets. Because of weak political scum like you. I will step up and do what needs to be done. I will step up and take the right steps towards progression." He pushed the delegate backwards who fell to the floor, barely moving. After a few wheezes and groans the breathing stopped, blood running from the corners of the dead young man's lips.

    Viceroy Ruben stared down with contempt at the dead delegate a little longer before pushing down on a button. "I need a clean up in my office." He stated, knowing that there would be send cleaners to take away the body within a minute.

    He turned to watch out of the window, which reveleaed the large Galactic Senate planet Corrun.

    "A clean up. A big one." He whispered softly, crossing his arms and smiled with content. The smile never reached his cold eyes.

    (Feel free to post. Make sure you either start or end up on Corrun, or on the Human space station 'The Cloud I-9'.)

    (Also, I will have to check for grammar and sentence structure later, I am kind of in a hurry and have to run. My apologies for this.)
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    “I think computer viruses should count as life. I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive. We've created life in our own image.” - Stephen Hawking.

    The Mayfly had been sat in suspense for three hours. The engines had all but clustered and died, the turbines that would have gently guided the craft had betrayed those on board, unseen forces having sucked the life from the metal. In the light of a distant sun, everything surrounding the crew was dim.

    Many were sprawled across the floor and still, bullets laden in their brains, dressing the white walls in carmine fluid, their jaws slack and their expressions wide-eyed to condense their final breath. Those that had not get gone through the horrific assault were crammed behind the control tables, crouching against the large, hard foundations of the bridge's windows, flat marks spreading where their bodies lay. Children whimpered in confusion as mothers held them still. Youths glared and brave souls snarled.

    Between they and the dead, the Captain held his gun within his sweaty palm as his eyes glared at the screen before him. It was pale-blue and blank, as soothing as summer skies.

    Nothing else would work – the life-support had been shut down – he saw to that. They were breathing whatever oxygen remained – and an ungodly chill had manifested around them, turning breath into panting clouds.

    Everyone but himself were expendable. They were his: crew, passengers, stowaways – they belonged to him. If they were wasting oxygen, it was logical to kill them all. The craft needed to keep going – and so, of course, so did he.

    The first to go had been his wife.

    Now she lay there, her glazed eyes no longer supporting the look of horror that had shone within them.

    That was two hours ago.

    He'd never run his fingers through that soft hair.

    A voice, sexless and soft, whispered across Mayfly's speakers, chilling all that listened.

    'You may not have asked for this,' the voice said, 'but you do not need to do this. Merely comply and save yourself.'

    'Comply?' the Captain's voice was like shattered glass, 'do you think I'm an idiot? You know what they'll do to me?'


    His laughter was as soft as granite. 'You can't stop me,' he snarled, 'I'm the Captain of this vessel. I have flown through space a countless number of times.' With a hideous cackle, he shot at one of the mothers clutching her child.

    'See?' he announced, as if on the verge of great discovery, 'why'd I do that? I'll tell you why – because you made me. You're on my turf and I need to live. She's fulfilled her useless role and pushed some poor fucker into the universe. He's gonna be what someone else tells him to be. Maybe he'll be the next one I shoot!'

    Perhaps it was mercy, the voice thought, that she did not live long enough to hear her offspring's cries.

    'Come on then,' his voice dripped with venom, 'These people are illegals. They're wasting legal oxygen. My oxygen. I'm not breaking any laws!'

    There was a pause. The screen flickered. The Captain didn't miss it, smashing his fist into the glass with a horrified scream. Any sudden movement was fatal movement.

    Three hours. Three hours it had taken that... thing to contact him.

    'Captain Webb.' The voice sounded almost cautious, 'You have no enemies here, but you have been merely been accused for embezzlement. Your discharge was not due for another year. Some suspect that it is a false accusation, but you are letting your fear ruin your chances to prove your innocence. No more killing. Let me help you.'

    'Fat lot of good that would be.' He ground his fingers into the screen's glass. 'You haven't seen what I have seen. Not felt the weight as I have. You ever touched a dead man's face? Of course you haven't. You know what these people are? Hostages. You know what I am? I'm their God. I'm holding life and death over these poor suckers – and you think that talking to God will solve anything?'

    He was too far-gone, drunk on his own horror.

    Running from the headquarters had been worse enough – to hijack a military-grade support-ship and the people on it was bad. He thought that it would stem the tide, just give him a chance to trade people's lives for his innocence. In hindsight, it was madness – but now that he had killed them for the sake of survival, there was no going back.


    He swung aside, dragging his other arm heavily like a gorilla and stumbled, grasping his jaw as if it was falling. The other remained in the monitor. 'I'm going to find you and kill you. Then I'm going to kill them. How does that make you feel, hotshot?'

    There was a brief pause before the turbines in Mayfly's engine began to turn, beaming some light – and thankfully, some air into the bridge. There, the real damage could be seen, with crew limp in their seats, the visages of different races and ages blurring together in a bloody mess. Nobody could pilot the great big craft now.

    Apart from the one controlling it.

    'I have control of your air ducts, oxygen supply and life support. Please comply with my instructions, nobody needs to die – and neither do you, Captain Webb.'

    The Captain grinned. He was on the verge of hysteria. 'If they die, I don't need to.'

    'Then you have made a fatal mistake.'

    'What's that, you bastard?'

    'You assume that I have given you a choice.'

    The spark was quick and sudden, clawing up from the monitor like a typhoon, engulfing the Captain like the needle-maw of a python. There was the scent of charred hair, the man's body slumping forward and crunching against the navigation system, dropping the gun.

    Several horrified faces watched in terror. When the man groaned and finally flopped to the floor, he was still breathing – amongst the hostages, there was a mixture of fear and relief. The stale air, whilst growing in warmth and oxygen, still seemed strangely still.

    The turbines roared into motion, the ship turning gently around – during its suspense, it had veered dramatically off-course.

    'There is nothing to fear. You will be returned back to Cloud I-9 shortly. I was sent by Colonel Hollister of the Avaricious movement. You will not be harmed, but will need to be questioned. There will be trauma-paramedics on arrival. We are not far. Captain Webb's faults are not only in his cowardice, but also in his incomprehension on piloting. I will substitute for his crew. Please leave the bridge.' The voice sounded bitterly amused.

    One of the youths finally found the courage to stand. He grasped the small boy that could no longer seek the sanctuary of his deceased mother's arms. It was difficult – the boy's arms around the woman's neck was that of steel, the young man felt the little form trembling against him.

    'Who are you?' the young man answered.

    There was faint, even distant laughter, reassuring and light. 'For now,' Libra replied warmly, 'I am a ghost. Please hurry to the living quarters.'

    Nobody wasted another second, ushering one another forward, clearing the bridge as quickly as they could, unceremoniously stepping over the stunned Captain's body. The bridge door closed and locked swiftly behind the last survivor.

    'It makes me feel … nostalgic, Captain Webb.'


    The Mayfly was a giant compared to the small structure that controlled it. As it swooped into the vast Docking Port 19 of Cloud I-9, Reacher gently disengaged from the ship to leave it at the mercy of the Military, the Parametics and the Trauma-surgeons.

    The ebony speck sung sweetly into DP-24 a smaller section against the Port's building, attaching itself against the edge like a bat.

    'Colonel Hollister, this is XZ-011. Task complete. Captain Webb is alive. Please send me the bounty directly. I am not to be communicated with again for the next 6 hours. End of transmission.'

    As the lights of the ebony ship veered into darkness, only the screen of the cockpit seemed to be alive, emanating a pale-blue as soothing as summer skies.
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    The Corrun Bio-dome IV was also known as the 'Nature Dome'. It was filled with luscious plants, trees and clear running rivers. The paths were robust bricks and each house had a very peaceful and calming exterior. The weather was controlled inside and often kept at a comforting warmth, with the occasional human spring rain to pour down gently. It could house approximately nine million beings.

    It wasn't made because Corrun's own atmosphere was terrible, it was made for the rich who preferred a controlled and safe environment. There were guards and it was impossible for any thugs or beggars to come in the Dome.

    The planets atmosphere itself was perfect for the majority of the alien species in the GAWKI (Galaxy As We Know It). Forty-seven out of the seventy-three major alien species could freely breathe on Corrun without needing aid from devices. Some easier than another, but it was very doable. The same went for the gravity. It was all so moderate that any species could easily adapt when landing there. This is why the planet was chosen as the major key point for the Galactic Senate and to have it made neutral towards the rest of the Galaxy.

    The Nature Dome was just another project to wheel in more currency, as only the very rich could afford a home here. It could offer you guaranteed peace and quiet, and a very healing environment with all the nature surrounding you.

    It was for this very reason Mark had spend his entire fortune buying a home in the Nature Dome for him and his wife Zendora.

    Zendora was of the Varnak species, had four eyes, each displaying a very intelligent look. Her skin was light blue, gentle like a summers sky. Her figure was slim, and her appearance could be considered moderately attractive in both Varnak and Human culture. To Mark, she was the most beautiful female he had come across. Besides admiring her beauty, it was her personality he fell in love with. He fell in love with her, and she returned the feeling. They lived seven years together in pure bliss, as Mark quit his job as a Bounty Hunter, as he had made enough to support them a life time.

    This changed when Zendora got affected by the extremely lethal virus the Varnaks were dealing with. How it happened, he did not know, but he wasted not a second and got her confined on Corrun, buying the best possible treatment available in the Galaxy. Besides the luxurious estate he had bought her in the Nature Dome, he had doctors developing treatments for her to fight the virus back. Every single day she had to take another injection that would fight off the virus for a day. Mark made sure he had scientists who worked on adjusting the injections to the virus mutations that would occur daily.

    Zendora agreed to this treatment. She even agreed to the suit specially made for her that supported her immune system as she went outside. The beautiful Varnak even wore a helmet just to be sure. She was weak and couldn't do much, being exhausted even after walking a few steps. It was because of this she was mostly confined to the house, only briefly going out of her protected environment to enjoy the peaceful weather outside in the Dome. She agreed letting Mark spend most of his fortune on her treatment, as she could see the pain in his eyes as he looked at her. He suffered probably worse than she did, seeing her in such a weak state. They had not touched lips in over a year, when it all had began.

    Besides kind and intelligent, Zendora was also serene and a very logical female. It was for these characteristics that she tried to take her life, trying to prevent Mark from suffering longer. He came just in time and stopped her, convincing her that this was not the way. That she had to be patient. That he would not fail in finding her a cure. It was known that Humans were worse at controlling their emotions than many other species. Something the Varnaks were better capable of. It just did not take away the pain she felt when looking her loved one in the eyes, seeing only disappointment in them as he went out every single day to desperately find a cure so they could be together again, and hold each other. It was purely for him she was still alive, despite the silent suffering she endured as the virus tried to tear apart her body day in, day out.

    She also knew about his secret. He could not tell her, afraid it would just worry her, and he had been right. Mark went out not only to look for a cure, but also had gone back to Bounty Hunting. The costs of maintaining her and having doctors treat her every single day had caused his lifetime fortune to dissolve into a large debt. Mark realized he had to come back from retiring, putting his helmet on and becoming Vox once more, once famous and feared.

    With pain in her heart Zendora kept quiet and let her life partner go, hoping every day he would come back alive. If he were to die, she would have to take her life as well.
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    the Diamond was her only memory of the past, her eyes watched the stars as she guided her spacecraft into the station which she was summonded. her eyes one blue and one purple seemed to watched as the workers below directed her to where her ship could stay. once parked she seemed to smile to herself, she had one other crew member, she called her mini... she was not small in anyway, she was not fat persay... she was bulky, the muscle of the crew, her life long friend. not long after her caregivers died her life changed and her friend had been by her side to help her on her way. the two of them together were unstoppable. they grew quite the reputation, many feared her and many wanted to track her down to hire her, but in no means was she cheap.

    "come mini, lets get the ship ready, bullet holes to repaire parts to buy and supplys amo... " she sighed as she looked over the list. "you know mini... its a good thing we happen to be good at our job, otherwise we'd be broke right now after getting everything we need..."Destiny said with a slite tone of amusment. her brown hair seemed to fall neatly behind her dispite not brushing it in a few hours. her armor had been polished the night before they arrived and she seemed to be ready for the day.. if there was ever a ready. In her right hand she held a list and in her left a small bag, where she kept her money and her id. she knew that her ship would be fine in the docks, " mini would you like to come or would you prefer to get started on the repairs?" she smiled and looked at her friend and the ship.
    "you know, im not much of a people person, so i'll stay and get started, take your time, we luckally didnt get to much fire in the last fight so theres not much to worry about. i should have it done when you return. so please take your time, i promise i dont mind." the bulky red haired lady replyed in an irish accent.

    the prevous mission was almost too simple, she thought back and remembered as much as she could...
    The Dimond flew at high speeds, faster with each second before coming to a almost compleate stop, she wanted that element of surprise for the large ship ahead, the ship of an almost wipped out speaces, and her job was to distroy this ship, this craft... because of a small mistake they did to some strange planet, she was hired by some presadent, that was one thing about destiny, she didnt care who she worked for why she was doing what she did, as long as they understood, that she did her job well and her prices were set in stone, she didnt bargain, and she didnt trade.
    Destiny smiled her evil lil smile the one she seemed to make whenshe knew it was almost payday, she flipped open a small hidded flap, and looked at the red switch. 'yes this will end your exsistance, and i will be one step closer to my goal. ' she couldnt help but giggle to herself. "fate its time, if we wait any longer they will see us. we are locked on the target..." as she said this Fate nodded "yes yes" with that the switch was flipped and it seemed like all the lighs of her vessal was turned off, her eyes watched as a couple of scout ships emerged heading inher direction.
    "ah yes because no mission is compleate without a bit of a dog fight...." she laughed and watched a small control emerge infront of her next to her stearing wheel (which she added to be more retro) her righ hand grabbing it and her thumb resting on the small red button on the top, "too bad... so sad...." she nearly sang out as her thumb pressed down firing a blue lazor type ray at the larger ship.
    she did happen to know that there was no children on this particular vessal, this was convenently a cargo ship, bringing trade to the small planet of a dieing race that seemed to be the worry of many other planets. Saya would be no more, that was her employers goal, however her misson was only to ditroy the ship and making sure there were no survivors. there was about 500 men on this vessal, and her Electromagnetic pulse gun would be able to wipe it out, and thats what she was doing.
    the blue ray periced through the vessal making it burst into flames instantly... "WOW WHAT THE HELL WAS IN THAT SHIP??!!" she exclamd as mini screamed out from below, "CAPTIAN FATE WE ARE TAKING FIRE!!" her voice was excited as the eyes of fate seemed to sparkle in amusment. "yes see if you can harm me before i kill you too..." her smile grew as she pressed a green button on her stearing wheel, watching as her lazor gun emerged from the front of the dimond. "lets play" she murmered as her lazor fired at the two ships and she felt as a few gun fires had hit her, causing her lights to flicker once more. "oh yeah?" mini had stated as the captian fired once more and both small fighter ships were distroied.
    then came a flicker on the small screen before her, "great job Fate we knew you could help... " " well sir, this wasnt he hardest thing ive had to do, infact this was childs play to me, send someone with the other half of my pay, im heading to Corrun, meet me in that direction. " she had said in a firm tone and turned the small screen off. "ready for a bit of a restock and breather mini?"

    Destiny walked the busy market place first looking for some coffee feeling like she could use a bit of a pick me up as she yawned and enjoyed the warm glow. watching as different alians and humans alike glanced at her.
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    Breeh... Breeh... Breeh...

    "Inbound missile, sir." The smooth, almost butler-like voice of the computer sounded as unconcerned as ever, despite the current situation, as it informed its captain of the incoming attack.

    "Jump then, damnit," Said the hulking figure that clutched the modified controls of his ship within his massive hands, twisting and thrusting them forcefully as he shot his ship around the enemy vessel. The two spacecrafts seemed to dance in the endless night of space.

    "Jumper drive at 40% capacity, course plotted by randomizer, preparing to jump in 3... 2... 1..."

    The sleek, black ship, which bore an appearance similar to a fighter jet, only thicker-built and wider, stronger, darted across the vast blackness of space far faster than it had before. As the ship moved, the missile was lost in its wake, exploding as a blast of energy from the engines swept over it. His opponent couldn't keep up as he slammed the controls forward, darting again and coming within striking distance. A grin spread across his aged and worn face as he spoke again, "Grapplers, Reynolds."

    "Aye, sir." As soon as the computer responded two sheets of metal running along the hull of the ship blasted off, revealing a pair of long, robotic arms that extended nearly twice the length of the ship itself from the front. The right arm held a club in its three-fingered grasp. The weapon was rough and unevenly shaped from some type of metal. It was fairly crude compared to the technology that surrounded it, but it only had one purpose, breaking ships. Edged weapons chipped and broke, bullets and missiles ran out, blasters overheated, but the club suffered from none of those issues. It was designed specifically for bashing in the hull of an enemy ship and because of its unrefined design, would only be useless if it was completely shattered.

    The rails that his controls attached to slid out, allowing him a wider range of motion as he settled himself in a more upright position. He slammed the control arm in his left hand forward, thrusting his thumb against the button on the top of the handle and the left grappler arm shot out, clutching the enemy ship by the wing. He could hear the voice of his bounty over their com link, cursing as he struggled to get free, but the arm had a surprisingly strong grasp and kept him from escaping. "Sorry," He said mildly, "But you're wanted by the Galactic Senate for your crimes. Don't take this personally." The communication was silenced as the crude weapon smashed the top half of the vessel before he used the left arm to toss the ship away, watching it explode with a sour expression on his face.

    "Enemy ship destroyed, sir." Reynolds said in his ever-smooth voice. "Shall we return to Corrun?"

    Beck was silent for several long moments as he settled the controls back into their cruising positions, locked and held to a more subdued range of motion so as to keep the ship's normal flight steady. He didn't hate his job, and after so many years, killing was hardly a thing to bother him, but he was still left with a sour taste in his mouth every time he watched a ship explode. "Yeah, Reynolds, Corrun. Take control would you?"

    "As you wish, sir. We are not far, but I suggest you get some rest. You have not slept much lately."

    "Yeah, yeah, who are you Reynolds, my mother? I'm a little old to be told to take a nap."

    "Well sir, if you put it that way, I might point out that you are almost at an age where naps are considered normal again."

    Beck's eyebrow twitched, "I'm not that old, you damn computer. I'll be in my bunk, alert me if anything happens, or when we get there."

    A touch of amusement seemed to seep into Reynold's computer generated voice as he responded, "Yes, sir. Sleep well."

    The large man grumbled but said nothing more as he lifted himself from the captain's chair and moved towards the rear of the cockpit. The main part of the ship was large enough accommodate four passengers comfortably, equipped with three other seats aside from the captain's chair. They were arranged like a cross, two facing left and right while another sat behind, and rose above them and the captain's spot. The two seats on the sides were equipped with screens, presumably for crew members that might operate different functions of the ship.

    His bulk made the cabin seem small, taking up as much space as two normal men by himself. The crags of his gray-skinned face appeared as if they had just weathered a storm. He hadn't realized how tired he was until Reynolds mentioned it, now he was exhausted. A stone finger slapped the switch that opened the door at the rear of the cockpit and he entered his bunk with a heave of his massive shoulders. He laid down on the thick mattress that rested on a stiff, steel shelf, causing the fabric of the mattress to groan in protest beneath his weight.
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    "And... they have send, sir."

    The Viceroy nodded in reply to the communications officer and turned around to walk out of the com room with steady steps. He got greeted several times by crew as two guards behind him kept a respectful distance while he walked down the long and boring hallways where his thoughts were his own.

    Without giving anyone as much but a single glance he made it to his room where the doors slid open and he walked in. The guards knew their job and automatically placed themselves outside the room, leaving Viceroy Ruben alone.

    The middle aged man sat down at his desk, tapping on a button which caused a holographic screen to appear in front of him. His gloved finger moved across the air and a call to someone else was opened.

    "They are on their way." He said, closing the call shortly after. He leaned back, putting his fingertips together as slowly a smirk wrinkled his lips. It had started.


    Each of the selected Bounty Hunters had been sent a message, asking them to take care of a certain bounty. Each Bounty had a designated contact, which when crosschecked, would show up as reasonable. The price paid for the Bounty was high, but nothing out of the ordinary. In cases that the Bounty Hunter would deny the contract, another offer was placed with something far more personal. It could mean more money, or a private offer that the Bounty Hunter could not refuse. Perhaps drugs, perhaps valuable information. Everyone had a price, especially Bounty Hunters.

    Each and every offer would include the assassination of a different Daxxii Alien located on the planet Vapor IX. It would also describe information about the target, which usually described the target being a criminal, who fed on the misfortune of others. Once more, if crosschecked with a more secure and official database outside what was provided to them, it would tell them indeed that the Daxxii was a certified criminal and had a Bounty on his or her head. Every loose end was covered to make it seem like an every day offer with a high price.


    Mark read the note again as he leaned against his docked ship Zen while some automated machinery was busy recharging the engine for use. As usual, Mark was wearing his signature helmet and armor, basically just plates of armor across his body. His helmet was dark blue with gray, smooth, and had a red line visor where his eyes should be. On his back was tied a very large sniper rifle, another weapon that was signature to who he was. When wearing these things he was known as the Bounty Hunter Vox. And he liked to keep it that way.

    As he read the screen for the third time, he clicked it away by tapping his chest. His visor had displayed the message in front of him in real time, causing him to be the only one to see it.

    What he had received was a Bounty offer. Nothing special, rather skilled Bounty Hunters like himself got dozens every day. Despite the price being incredibly high for a rather simple target - a Daxxii Alien criminal from the planet Vapor IX - he had promised Zendora to be home today. It seemed like the money asked from him for his wife's treatment was never ending and devoured the mass amounts of money he made from doing Bounties.

    The problem was that he almost got an instant reply with a counter offer. A higher amount of credits but also very rare information regarding the lethal Varnak virus that had been going around. Mark looked down to his boots as behind him the green light blinked several times. His ship was ready for take off to go down to the planet. To Zendora.

    How would they even know about her? It sounded suspicious. But the Bounty seemed true enough, he had run it by his contacts and they all confirmed that his target was a wanted Daxxii. Even the contact wasn't anonymous but came from a trustworthy supplier of Bounties. It all checked out.

    But still...

    He got into his space fighter after stowing away his large sniper rifle and sat down in the comfortable chair. Mark flicked a few switches and the cockpit screen came down and locked him in. "Destination?" The ships computer asked him with a female voice. Unlike many other Bounty Hunters he knew, he had personally removed the personality core of his ship. He found it to be distracting. It also told him something about many people who did use these personality cores. They were afraid to be alone. A personality core would prevent that feeling. For Mark however it was an annoyance. He needed data and he needed it quick, so the standard VI would suffice.

    The Bounty Hunter sat there, and took off his helmet. Black hairs covered his eyes and he moved them to the side of his face, sighing softly. The temptation was too great.

    "Set course to Vapor IX." He finally stated and the VI beeped affirmative. After getting clearance to take off from the space stationCloud I-9, the hatch opened and Mark left in his space fighter Zen, heading towards his target, the Daxxii criminal he was supposed to kill.
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    Libra did not expect the machine to flicker into being so quickly. It had only been 120 minutes since Reacher had settled its engines. The cooling process hadn't even begun to race through the jet's thrusters and already, there were demands.

    The image of some two-bit escapee beamed into view on the screen, along with details of his location – whoever had contacted the bounty hunter had chosen to do so anonymously.

    The task was simple: SEEK AND DESTROY.

    And as for the criminal …

    Reacher's cockpit emitted a clicking noise, the screen flickering through several shades of colour.

    Takatakatakatakatakataka …

    Akroyd Hopainen – an anarchist, fighting for freedom, liberty and truth. A warrior for the oppressed, a seeker for the minority, speaker of justice against the unjust …

    The reality was that he was a Vorlax Pirate from the Daxxii, charged with manslaughter after accidentally triggering his gun in a brawl. He was, in theory, a clumsy dragon that sneezed flames, rather than belched it. For an incredible sum of money, it was easy picking. Almost too easy.

    The sender did not know their chosen hunter well – Death was not Libra's business. That made the invitation all the more suspect – it warranted an investigation at least. The set-course for Vapor IX seemed additionally illogical, but this could not be helped. Answers were needed. Reacher shuddered for a moment before the port's side jarred, jutting the ship into movement as it swayed from its temporary home, rolling against the cold jetty of space's atmosphere. There was a momentary burst from the ship's engines before it was devoured by the impending vacuum, the wholesome sound of life giving pause in the absence of it.
  8. Sapphire_Goddess

    Sapphire_Goddess *daydreaming*

    Dec 11, 2004
    Destiny walked for what seemed like forever before she found all the items she would need for any future trips, her nose had now taken over as she sniffed the air smelling a sweet smell to her nose. She felt her tummy growl and desided that her next stop should be to eat. Her eyes scaned the area as she did she couldnt help but notice a strange feeling and presence...

    She felt the hairs on the back of her neck raise as she turned around looking for whoever was staring at her, Her hair blowing in the calm wind as she seemed to struggle for a moment with her bags, It wouldnt have bothered her as much, however this seemed different. She felt as if whoever ws watching her wanted to tell her something. She shrugged it off and begain to look for a place to eat.
  9. Nevermore

    Nevermore Stately

    Jun 4, 2005
    "Sir," Reynolds said in his electronically smooth voice, "Corrun has just come into view. We will dock with the station shortly."

    The large man lay silent on his bunk, unmoving and non-responsive. A soft buzzing was emitted from the intercom, as if the AI were sighing.

    "Sir, I would recommend you wake up soon. It seems we have received a mission and it appears most urgent. We will only be docking to resupply and refuel. Please review the file."

    "Alright, alright," the tired groan was muffled slightly by the thick pillow that held the man's heavy head. "I'm awake, ya damned computer. Couldn't ya just tell me the mission?"

    "Well, sir, given our conversation earlier I assumed you meant to be a grown up, and grown ups read their own missions."

    A growl escaped his granite lips as he sat up from the bed and lifted his hulking form to his feet. "Were you always this much a smartass, and I just never noticed?"

    "I'm afraid I do not know what you mean, sir. I am only following my programming."

    "Keep it up and I'll have ya reprogrammed. Let's see the mission." He moved out of his bunk and sat back in the pilot's seat, tapping the screen a few times to open the mission. "Daxxii? Haven't seen one of those in a while. And on Vapor IX no less. I wonder what this is about."

    "Docking, refueling, and resupplying will only take an hour. Once that is taken care of we will be on our way to Vapor IX."
  10. The Mighty BaconShark

    The Mighty BaconShark I refuse

    Jul 25, 2012
    The space fighter Zen approached the orbit of Vapor IX swiftly, orbitting around as he followed the neccessary scans of the planet. Oxygen levels normal, there were a few ion storms but far away from his target, who was supposed to be in some kind of scientific base. The Daxxi often send out bases to all planets like this to gather data and learn about the recent developments in the universe. Quite a knowledgable species.

    Mark took moved his steering stick to the right and the ship reacted instantly, moving down to the planet with high speed. If they were scanning, a small fighter of his size going this fast would remain unnoticed.

    A minute later he was experiecing some turbulence as he made it in the atmosphere. Zen landed nearby the settlement between some rather large trees. Mark hoped he wouldn't be spotted, but couldn't be sure. There was something off. As he got out he held his sniper rifle tightly, listening to his surroundings. Nothing. Silence.

    Carefully he began to approach the base, as the silence ensued. Which was strange, because life scanners picked up a crowded settlement earlier. Instead -he would soon discover- the settlement was entirely deserted.
  11. Nevermore

    Nevermore Stately

    Jun 4, 2005
    "Planet Vapor IX coming into range. Vital scan complete. Planet is inhabitable, though the gravity is lower than you are used to, please remember your strength as you move around or else you might risk hurting yourself, or others."

    A growl that sounded like two stones grinding together escaped the large man's grey lips. "I have been at this a while, Reynolds," He said. "I know how to handle myself on low gravity planets, but thanks for the warning, as always."

    "I apologize sir, it is just that your safety is my number one concern."

    "Aw, ain't you sweet, Reynolds? Sound just like my mother."

    "It is not that, sir. If you die, who will fly me out of here? I would rather not end up stranded, or worse, stolen. Make sure you come back."

    Beck cursed. He felt like he was just walking into these things for Reynolds. "How about abandoned? Damn smartass computer."

    The ship landed shortly after the brief exchange and Beck quickly set off out onto the planet. As he walked the first few steps sent him bouncing off the ground, his powerful legs unaccustomed to the lower gravity working at full strength and propelling him from the ground. He soon dialed in his strength and was able to walk normally. A settlement, scientific from the looks of it, stood near him. He approached it slowly, his eyes cautiously scanning his surroundings. It was too quiet on this planet and he didn't like it. In all his years he had learned one deadly truth. Silence was never a good thing.
  12. Paladin_girl

    Paladin_girl Between the Chapters of a Dream Staff Member

    Dec 4, 2004
    It had been an interesting destination to choose, intriguing as it seemed, to Libra, nonsensical. As Reacher whisked through the soft gleams of space-dust throughout the black abyss, Libra was touched by curiosity.

    To the hunter's dismay, Libra had not been able to dig through the amalgamation of data mines for any origin of the job – though this was fairly typical with discreet missions. Tests of loyalty were not beneath an employer's standards, for whomever they hired was deemed both a great use but also completely expendable. Given the nature of the employer in this instance, there was a haughty indifference that extended far beyond the nature of use-and-forsake. For now, there was nothing to fear.

    For now.

    Reacher swung into Vapour IX's atmosphere like an eagle amongst sheep. Except, the sheep were not there.

    The ship wasn't even contacted to make for a port.

    It paused.

    The land was verdant amongst a background of acrid-yellow skies, the light of the distant sun yawning across the fields to cast long shadows of anything that caught its beams. It could have been a remarkable sight, had anyone have been present to witness it. Libra was certain that there was, given that life signs had been in abundance just moments before.

    Reacher groaned once more into movement, the small sliver of ebony streaking across the sky, making towards the scientists' settlement anyway.

    As if attempting to bring life into silent staircases and deserted hovels, the ship began to sing. A strange lilt of crystalline-and-voice, but it was unclear as to where the shards began and the voice ended.
  13. The Mighty BaconShark

    The Mighty BaconShark I refuse

    Jul 25, 2012
    Mark moved silently passed buildings, which seemed to be more like fancy containers. It was typical to use housing like that on scientific expeditions, since they often had to move locations. None the less, it was a well maintained settlement. The grass was cut and nature kept at bay. From what research Mark had done was that the plant life on Vapor IX grew incredibly fast, in constant entanglement with each other and kept changing. However, in these surroundings they managed to kept it stable. It wasn't that strange to think that they were send here to research that exact specialty of the planet.

    He was holding his gun, looking through the visor on his helmet as it was scanning his surroundings. No heath signatures, nothing. It was insane to think what kind of expensive technology could have fooled his top notch scanners to believe it was heavily crowded here.

    There was no doubt about it.

    It was a trap. Quickly the Bounty Hunter turned around and began to run, when he suddenly heard a high pitched beeping sound. He stopped in his tracks, looking to his left, seeing a large round object. The surface was smooth and white, with some metallic black plates. It seemed to stand sturdy in the ground but the spherical object was as tall as Mark was. The beeping came with a red light blinking on it, as it suddenly increased speed.

    His breathing stopped and he froze for a split second. The beeping sound got faster and faster, which was never a good thing. There was no escape.

    Quickly he dropped on the floor, facing away from the bomb, his head covered by his arms. The beeping turned into a high pitched constant tone and it erupted with a deafening explosion, engulfing Mark as the wave passed him.

    As he thought what he figured would be his last words -I love you- the wave passed him, keeping him intact but caused him to tumble over a few times because of the force it went by him. Sand had lift from the ground and was now raining down on him as the bounty hunter looked up and saw the wave being blue and transparent, reaching many miles into the sky. Trees and leaves rustled as it passed by, but seemingly letting everything intact.

    Ion bomb. Mark thought and stood up, his gloved hands clenched around his sniper rifle. It was only several seconds after when he heard several more explosions, followed by the same blue spherical blasts rising in the distance. He counted six of them.

    Six gigantic Ion bombs had been set off. The ones used here were big enough to disable entire galactic warships in space, and there was absolutely no doubt that any shield generator that fit on a simple space fighter could have prevented this blast. Not to mention the speed which the wave progressed, which was almost instant. The echoes of the blast lingered as Mark stood still, his breathing now heavy as adrenaline rushed through his body. It was pointless to go towards his ship, as any machinery or electronics in a two hundred and fifty mile radius would be shut down completely for at least several hours until the Ions cleared out of the systems. Not to mention the other bombs covering the same amount of ground.

    Bombs of this caliber were used to bring down giant warships and cost millions to make. Would they really have set off six of them just to trap him, a lonely Bounty Hunter, on this planet?


    There were more.

    As he made his plan to go into hiding, he saw movement from the corners of his eyes. It was all he needed to know what was happening. Assassins had made their way towards him during the confusion of the blasts and were now trying to surround him. The same would probably be happening to the others trapped on the planet.

    There was one consolation. If they went through all the effort of using Ion bombs and no regular ones, they were planning to capture them alive. Mark loaded his sniper and smirked vaguely underneath his helmet. They would pay the price for trying.
  14. Nevermore

    Nevermore Stately

    Jun 4, 2005
    "Is that..?" Beck was about to enter a building as he stopped and glanced up upon hearing the strange noise being produced by Reacher. "Is that singin-" He was cut off as several explosions wracked the surface and a shockwave knocked him from the stairs of the building. A curse escaped his lips just before he collided with the ground with a solid thud, his thick form still heavy even in the light gravity, though he barely felt the impact. It took him several moments to regain his senses and even after he managed to pull himself back to his feet there was still a ringing in his ears. He shook his head slightly, groaning as he glanced around.

    The explosions had been huge, yet nothing was damaged, "Ion bombs? Why here? Shit." He glanced at the com on his wrist and noticed it was completely dead. He pushed some buttons rapidly and cursed the thing before speaking into it, "Reynolds? Damnit, Reynolds, you still up? Did the shield hold?" No response. The large man quickly looked around him, expecting an ambush any moment. This was turning out to be a pretty crappy job the government had given him.
  15. Paladin_girl

    Paladin_girl Between the Chapters of a Dream Staff Member

    Dec 4, 2004
    The bombs detonated before Reacher could swerve away, the bombs' edge clipping the ship's wing. With an awkward snap and a trill of blue light sweeping across its surface, the metallic beast started to descend with an unexpected whine. The singing was very faint, the ship's tracer still active, but the lights in the cockpit had dimmed – and the ship was consecrated against the world's surface.

    'Tragic,' murmured the structure. It trembled – and momentarily thought that there was a hideous laugh in the air.