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    (Because I have a tendency to get busy, I won't be choosing a character to play so the RP won't die because of me. Instead I'll more play a GM role to keep the vision I have in mind in the right direction.)


    [Insert character's name] was abducted late Saturday evening. Eyewitnesses say they saw the kidnapper steal [insert child's name] while (s)he was playing in the front-yard of his home. The kidnapper was wearing a large coat making it impossible to say what they looked like and their gender. The police have been mobilized under [Insert inspector's name], who has had a decorated career catching criminals. Although this is his/her first kidnapping case (s)he vowed to the child's mother that (s)he would bring him/her back safely. A ransom of $100,000 has been made to the mother.


    That's the story. It's simple and straightforward, but I hope delves deeply into the minds of these characters. This will be done differently from normal RPs I know of because I'll lay out characters that you can pick and choose to play as. I'll leave them as open-ended as possible to allow for creative ingenuity. For my sake I'll refer to all the characters below as male, but they all can be female except for the father of the abducted child and the abductor. The RP won't work if they're female.


    The Inspector
    The inspector is roughly 40-50 years old. He is primarily a homicide detective, but because this is the town's first ever kidnapping they want the best guy on the job. His method to catching criminals is looking for psychological patterns and then finding evidence to back up his hypothesis.

    The Father of the abducted child
    The father is wealthy, insanely wealthy. He could pay off the random, but he has a very good motivation for not doing so. He's an honorable politician that has made it his life's goal to severely punish criminals. He is the mastermind behind recent laws making it punishable by death for murder, kidnapping, adultery, rape, and so forth. He went behind his wife's back and committed adultery with the abducted child's mother back when he was first campaigning for hos job. If he comes out as the father he will be put to death and everything he has worked for will be for nothing.

    The Abductor
    The abductor only wants the best outcome in this ordeal. He wants the money and return the child back to his mother with no complications. He's not abusive to the child and goes out of his way to make the experience as painless as possible for the child. But he's also frantic because he needs the money for an operation for his own child that will die without it. He was given one week to get the money because that is the time limit they can do the operation in before it's too late. He is the only one that knows about the affair (other than the Father and Mother characters), but he doesn't want to use that trump card unless he has to. Knowing that kidnapping is a crime worthy of death, he hates himself for it, but he will kill the child if he is pushed passed a certain limit.

    The Reporter
    The reporter is new at his job with only four or five articles under his belt. He's freelance and looking for the right incident to secure him a job at a top name company (like the NYT). Of all the characters, he has the worst personality.

    The Mother
    The mother is a legalized alien. She can speak and read the language well, but her accent makes it almost impossible for the casual hearer to understand her. How she met the Father is something I'll leave to you who are interested in those roles.

    The Child
    The child is just that, a scared child that grows a special connection with the abductor.


    The story takes place in a mountainous region. The Earth equivalent inspiration was some place in France, although the story undoubtedly takes place in the U.S.

    The town itself is a small one. The time it takes place in is in the early 50's so no computer, no internet, no cell phone, (phones themselves being quite primitive,) and so forth.

    If I left anything out, or if you have questions please post them below. This thread is also for general discussion about plot points (such as how the Father and Mother met). I'll edit this post to show which characters have been taken. When and if all the characters have been taken, additional characters can be made at your discretion, just keep in mind the overall RP as you come up with one. Players can play more than one character at a time if they feel inclined to do so, but please wait 2-3 days before picking another.