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    The School of physical arts isn't like other schools. For starters students don't advance in the typical order, first grade second grade third, etc. Instead they are all ranked on a scale of 1-9 with 9 being the highest. There are a few normal classes, but these are filled with the 'failed' members of the Officer candidate group.

    The truth is the real purpose of the school is to provide it's students a place to hone their skills as martial artist, and eventually perfect their skills. All maters within the school are determined by the student council which consist of the 9 strongest students. Whenever they choose students are allowed to take a test to advance to the next rank. after completing the test students will be granted an infusion of artificial Ki.

    Ki is measured in sexagens with one sexagen considered to be the amount of inner force a 60 year old martial artist will have accumulated after a life time of building up their Ki. So for example if your introducing yourself to the school before an authorized match and state that your estimated inner force is ten years you have .165 sexagens of energy, for that stuff stick with years later on it may progress up to 2.5 or higher, don't worry though everyone is going to be starting at about 20 years of inner force regardless of actual age.

    The school has two types of martial artist in the school. There are the traditionalist who practice a traditional martial art that has either been passed down through their family line, or those who were trained by a traditional master either in a Japanese or Chinese style dojo, or as the result of the Korean one man inheritance system.
    The other group is the referred to by traditionalist if not themselves as Unionist, Unionist practice a martial art developed by the school by combining what is known of other martial arts or if a traditional martial art has been lost or forgotten for any reason, they will attempt to restore it by studying records and accounts of it from individuals that fought against it's masters in the past. The advantage of these mixed traditions is that they are easier to master, however there mixed nature makes it difficult to improve upon them once mastered. Regular students at the school are given free reign to study when and as they choose, aside from the building housing the dormitory, there is a large single story cafeteria, and a large building that houses the gym and the room used for fights and test.

    The exam room is large subterranean room that is the size of two football fields side by side. The room is eighty feet tall and lined with two foot thick steel plating. On either side are two sold blast doors and on one side of the room the top ten feet are filled with windows lining an observation room from which students can watch the fights between other student, or observe other students test. the room also has a bank of computer monitors that allow the user to review recorded footage of previous fights or watch the current fight from a different angle.

    Just outside the school grounds is the "Factory" where artificial Ki and the combat dummies used in ranking test are created. The factory also holds the research libraries and any records the school has on known martial arts. In addition to the increase in artificial Ki granted for increasing your rank in the school, the school periodically presents contest and "extra credit" assignments students can complete in exchange for artificial Ki. I t should be noted that after receiving an infusion of artificial Ki it is important to spend at least a week adjusting to it, otherwise your body may reject the artificial Ki resulting in illness and on rare occasion death- think of it like an organ transplant, if you don't go through the right steps to insure the organ transplant takes your body rejects it and you die, it the same with receiving artificial Ki to an extent.

    The school also provides the use of rooms for isolation training in the gym building, while in isolation training you are placed in a secured room containing everything you need to live: food, research materials, and other supplies are provided by an automated system. Once Isolation is begun you are sealed in the room and unable to leave, similarly nobody can come in. While it can be undergone voluntarily, Isolation training is more commonly used by the student council to punish individuals that have violated rules or decrees.

    Everyone will be part of the first class to attend the school, and with the occasional odd man out will have been attending the school since they were 6-7. At the end of each school year a tournament is held to determine the student council. The tournament is open to anyone willing to participate however students are not required to hold back so there is a possibility for death. Additionally the student council president council president. is typically the strongest of the 9 members however if at least 6 members vote in favor of it anyone can be the considered the president

    That said everyone will also be starting out at around the 16-7 year old range. with most having been practicing their martial art for at least 12 years.

    To clarify something, the use of artificial Ki does mean that the RP will have some supernatural stuff in it. I'll go ahead and give some examples of the martial arts that may be used. If your interested let me know and I can give some more info:

    EoTL(Enlightenment of thunder and lightning): A traditionalist style unlike most martial arts there are no physical forms for this style instead the techniques focus on manipulating the Ki in the air to generate electricity, the only known user of this style has mastered only three techniques so far though; the fist known as lightning fist shrouds the users fist or foot in a minor electrical current that on impact feels something like a small electrical shock, however it's easily countered by creating a positive or negative charge of Ki in the place your being stuck with it. The second, thunder break is only effective against an opponent defending from thunder fist by only charge the strike with the opposite charge of that they're using, applied properly it disrupts the enemies Ki flow and make it impossible for them to gather their Ki. The third ability has been nicknamed magnetic yo-yo and creates a high voltage current between the EoTL users hands. Unlike most martial arts it's users focus on the quality of their Ki over the amount and avoid anything that may pollute their Ki. Among martial artist the breathing technique through which an EoTL users refines his Ki are highly valued.

    Iron Soul: A unionist style it emphasizes strength and uses their Ki to strengthen the body against harm and giving the user's strike more weight, strikes from Iron Soul users tend to feel more as if they were blows from boards or bricks than human flesh. exceptionally strong or gifted Iron soul users take on a metallic sheen when using their ability though the duration they can sustain the concentration and implement it varies from one individual to another.

    Feline claws: A traditionalist form that focuses on using quick scything motions that mimic a cat scratching even without Ki the style is brutal intended to rip and shred an opponents muscles. With the application of Ki it becomes more destructive, the user focuses their Ki into the hands creating a claw like aura around their fingers. Feline claw users that are experienced can project the cutting effects of this ki outward, striking opponents from across the room, and through training and practice they can focus the Ki into a single finger increasing the destructive power significantly, even to a point of wounding their target as though attacking with knives.
    -------------------character sheet--------------------

    Age: 14 or 15


    Martial art: You can use an actual martial art as a basis, or you can make one up if you want, or even use one of the ones provided. If you make one up please be sure to explain any special properties it may have.


    Bio: (This is optional, If your character happens to know another character in the game before starting at the school you are required to explain how though.)

    As usual for me if you have any question you are welcome to send me a PM, Skype me, or post it in the thread here and I'll get back to you ASAP