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    Dec 4, 2004
    It had all started with disappearing scientists 25 years ago.

    Dust settled on the chimney tops, which huffed grotesque lumps of black into the air.

    The residents of the Broken Land were still getting used to the residue – and very few were willing to adapt to the heavy stench of their dead friends and family members, even though they were trying to fend them off just hours before.

    Nobody knew why the dead were walking again – but all of them were starting to spread across the Empire, devouring and destroying for the sake of more members to add to their death march.

    As the Broken Land’s bell tolled for the dead, Corbin Vast was tossing the clockwork remains aside, preparing to melt them down for the town’s defenders to use.

    His eyes were still wide; he’d never seen the dead walk before – but he’d never heard of any of them move with metal and cogs.

    He remembered the man who attacked him – he couldn’t remember his name, could barely call him a man – had a gaping mouth like a lion, the jaw extended by wires and wheels. The teeth were lined with holes, ready to draw Corbin’s blood like an injection. They whistled as he – it – moved.

    Before they sank in, his attacker was pelted into the dry, dead soil.

    Corbin’s blood ran cold.

    He wanted to scream.

    His larynx stayed still.

    His eyes looked up at his saviour.

    A pair of glowing, blue orbs stared back.

    Go back to the church,” said the figure. His voice was heavy and tired, his bound fists slick with oil and blood.

    Corbin didn’t need convincing.

    From the church, he peered watched from above as a series of blue-lit figures fought the clockwork horde back to the tall walls. Some were tall, some were wide. Some were winged. Others were wild. Destroying and burning and bringing about a Final Death.

    Their victims became fire.

    Now that he was burning the corpses and taking their metal, he wondered who the villager’s defender was.

    As he remembered the violence, Corbin clenched one of the clockwork shards in his hands and began to cry.


    You are a member of the Night Watchmen – a simple name for a brave sect of defenders.

    Coming from all walks of life, you all rely on a blue substance called Ostra, an injection that brings out your character’s strongest trait to battle against the mechanical zombie hordes.

    If bitten by a zombie, the agents within the substance interfere with the horde’s mechanics and disorient their perceptions.

    Your strongest trait can be anything – anger, fear, creativity, beauty, ugliness, love, hate, etc. Your character plays both a host and an alternative persona.

    E.g. If your strongest trait is hate, your character, usually calm and collected – will transform into a hate-filled raging lunatic* who creates fire, has incredible strength and so on (looks, personality and even gender can change) until the Ostra goes into its ‘heart note’ phase – it’s still in your blood, but your powers will be less.

    You’ll return to your character’s calm persona. You will need to rely on your wits and weapons to survive. The ‘first note’ phase, when you initially take the Ostra, will only last 15 minutes.

    Taking more than one injection of Ostra is lethal. You must let a day pass before taking another dose (18-24 hours.)

    *For the sake of simplicity, please select only one trait. You CAN develop BOTH characters. Your biggest trait CAN change throughout the RP (ref: character development), but you MUST justify why. If you can, try to limit yourself to changing your big trait once.

    You’ve come from the Abyssal City, graduated a gruelling training process and have been hand-picked by the Dreadlord Surveyor to go to the Broken Land.

    Due to the immense number of clockwork monsters locking people into the city, this is your first time out of the City for 10 years – but you’ve had to fight to leave as part of your initiation. Your characters might have met before – or after – your graduation into the Night Watchmen.

    Having reached the destination of the Broken Land, your first mission will be to wipe out pockets of clockwork hordes surrounding the Broken Land.

    Your base of operations in the town is a large clock tower, where the RP will be starting.

    Fill in the form below:



    Appearance (second personality optional):

    Personality (second personality optional):

    Strongest Trait (if second personality not mentioned):


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    Jun 4, 2005
    Name: Andy Sturen

    Age: 27

    Appearance (second personality optional): Andy is relatively tall for a woman, standing just below six feet tall and has a thin, though strong build. She has long, dark hair that sways near her lower back. Her pupils are a deep purple, like frozen amethyst. She dresses mostly in black, only wearing a high-necked, white blouse with a crimson corset beneath her black trench coat. Her trousers and knee high boots are both sturdy and simply black. Sturen also wears fingerless, black gloves with reinforced knuckles.

    On her right shoulder she wears a single, mechanical wing made of rough, black feathers and twisting wires. Various gears and clockwork are perpetually turning within and behind the flecks of iron that are the feathers. A power source for the wing is unseen and unknown. It can also fold in and fully extend depending on her mood or other factors. It is unknown if she has some hidden control over the wing, or if it is extrasensory. She has never said.

    When under the influences of ostra Andy's overall appearance does not change. Her body takes on a bluish hue that wavers all around her like fire. The pupils and whites of her eyes change to black that wavers as well, wafting up like tendrils of smoke.

    Personality (second personality optional): It could be said that Andy is quite attractive, even lovely, if she ever truly smiled. The expression is not necessarily rare on her face, but no one has ever seen a genuine expression. She doesn't make many attempts to hide her emotions, or lack thereof. She is typically calm, if a little withdrawn and silent. Many think she is difficult to approach, though she rarely refuses people. Her desire to protect is relatively strong, even if she finds it hard to make emotional connections with others. She can often be found staring off into the distance, a somber expression fixed firmly on her face. It troubles her that even if others actually enjoy her company, which she has found to be rare itself, she struggles to enjoy the company of others.

    Her second personality is numb. She feels nothing while under the influence of ostra, including pain. Andy cannot be harmed by any known weapon or environment. She is completely, and utterly numb to the world. Her emotions vanish, though she remains in control. Memories and relationships remain, though she cannot feel anything for those around her. If a friend were murdered in front of her while she is in this state, she wouldn't even blink.

    Strongest Trait (if second personality not mentioned): Depression.

    Weapons: TBA

    Bio: TBA