The Rundown

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    Feb 3, 2008
    Alright, so, after mulling it over with the rest of the Staff, it's been decided that this is, in a sense, going to be more than just an average RP. This forum will (hopefully) eventually be filled with threads related to "challenges" that come up within the main, overarching Discipline RP. More or less, we're treating this as a sort of training ground - for your characters, obviously, but for you, your roleplaying, and your writing skills as well. For now Discipline will go on like usual, but eventually it'll reach the point where, during your character's/characters' training, you'll be given a sort of test or trial. Those will take place in external threads within this sub-forum.

    It's not as complicated as it sounds. Like I said, for now Discipline goes on like it was.

    Also, DISCIPLINE IS OPEN FOR ANYONE TO JOIN AT ANY TIME, WITH AS MANY CHARACTERS AS THEY LIKE (though I'd recommend keeping it to a manageable number to avoid giving yourself a headache).

    The Staff's trying to come up with some sort of perk or reward for users who progress through the training and get better. More on that to come.
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    How about a really cool, specially made title rank thingy that can go beside their normal one (VIP Member, Super Mod, ect)?