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    Name: Timbious Nye.

    Alias: The Mighty Bacon Shark.

    Age: 24.

    Appearance: Wears a long coat with many pockets, and is often hooded when he is on a dangerous path. Timbious sometimes wears a black stocking over his head, pitch black and impossible to see through. If he wears his hood and especially when it is nighttime, it will look as if there is no head. It is purely for stealth issues and not to be recognized or spotted easily. He holds no attachment to the cap and would remove it just as easy if he so desires.

    His coat with many pockets, and a mysterious pack he always carries with him, holding three vials with colorless liquids in them.

    Personality: Timbious is a very curious person and interested in many matters, sometimes randomly providing facts about things which are irrelevant to the conversation. However, Timbious isn't often labeled as a 'freak' when working because he is a social person and very understanding of human nature. He is often seen smoking, although unlike regular tobacco smoke, the smoke he blows out is often colored. Rumors have it that he smokes a homegrown tobacco, one that isn't addictive but provides certain vitamins or chemicals that improve his health, rather than damage it.

    Alias Origin: At some point during the night, Timbious was walking home, mumbling to himself (as usual) about scientific equations. He stopped when he heard crying. He followed the origin of the sound and before he knew it he tumbled down a crevice into the dark earth. As he stumbled he was surrounded in chaos, bats were shrieking and flying around him, scratching his face and arms open.

    As the tumbling stopped he landed unsoftly on the rocky floor, and had to roll away, scooting over to a corner of the small cave he had landed in. The bats left him alone there, but he heard some other shrieking. That of a girl. Asking who was there, a little girl began crying. Timbious was hurting all over and probably had broken some bones, but he stayed calm and spoke to the girl in the dark quietly, asking what she was doing down here.

    The girl explained she had fallen down while on her way to the village and had passed out. By the time she had awoken, it was dark and she was still alone. When she tried to get up, the bats came after her. She moved to where she was now, and was screaming for a long time until she gave up. And then Timbious came along.

    Her name was Esmee, she told him. She asked him for his name. He told her his name was Timbious. Because of the echo's it was probably she misheard him, because she replied after a short silence: "TMBS? The... Mighty Bacon Shark?"

    It was so completely random that it made Timbious laugh outloud. He couldn't stop and soon after the little girl laughed with him too, and that went on for a while. They talked and talked until the sun came up, light shining into the crevice they were in. The bats moved hastily had escaped the light, which made it safe for Timbious and Esmee to climb out. He brought her to the village and brought her home, where she was welcomed by loving parents. Esmee hugged Timbious tightly as he left and whispered: "Thank you for saving me, The Mighty Bacon Shark. I will never forget you."

    Timbious was touched by the kindness of this little girl and smiled, leaving but never forgetting her. Thus he used the name 'The Mighty Bacon Shark' whenever he needed to hide his real name from someone.

    Abilities: Timbious uses science. He often carries around vials in his many pockets, which he all brewed himself. Besides alchemy he has a extensive knowledge of machinery, and often produces the strangest inventions and weapons.

    He also keeps himself in top physical condition and takes pills (and smokes) to strengthen his body. The reason for this is purely because he needs to be incredibly healthy for his body to take the impact of the some very chemical potions he brews without leading to permanent damage.

    **More to come.**