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    ... A life no other can understand. Does it pain you so much that you become numb? You have too much pain...

    Lilith didn't reply to him quickly, but gave him a short smile and a slow nod. She could say nothing which would assure the Half-Devil or give some justification, however...

    “Do not regret your existence. Your parents made a child out of love and do not expect hatred when you utter your first scream Rest well.” she bowed her head slowly toward the Half-Devil and stared at him as he left to go down the hall.

    … He answered more than she had intended.

    Having no intention of sleeping, Lilith decided to perch herself on the table, laying out her weapon and gun upon it. She was not used to sleeping in other areas – and she would take her time to sniff out this new place. She was still aware that Remington was present – and her ears were keen to listen if he had something to say.

    The two men were an interesting pair... but why was Rem there in the first place? Was he doing his job? Lower Medio was the chessboard of hunters, but they could easily become the hunted if they were blinded too much by ambition. But he? She smiled faintly in faint curiosity, quietly humming a gentle tune as she began to tinker with the pistol absent-mindedly. With her eyes staring out of the window for anything out of place (as if anything normal could be said for Lower Medio) she slowly felt the marks and scratches of her gun in thought, waiting for Remington to speak or for some false alarm outside.
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    An hour later Sanskrit was back at his domain, sitting deeply in his chair as he pondered what could possibly have gone wrong. His memory was nearly perfect so it was rather easy to remember the exact process of the ritual, how much energy was lost (inevitably wasted), the killer super demons, and the half-breed; especially since all of the events played none stop in his mind as his way back (stumbling) to his domain where he felt safe enough to collapse and leave his safety in the hands of greater forces.

    I provided sacrifices… freely gave the required amount of life energy… and even spoke the chant in the old language; so then why! Why hadn’t it worked? Sanskrit bit his lower lip as his left hand lazily flickered electrical currents in front of him, displaying the book he took from Arc in more detail. He hadn’t needed to, but the devil couldn’t make it feel like reading unless his hands moved from ‘page’ to ‘page’, as if flipping them.

    “Ah ha!” shouted Sanskrit into the night, he sat bolt upright with eagerness flowing out of him. “So THAT’S what I was missing!” His right forefinger pointed at the book, his finger extending through the electrical current without really feeling the burning, tingling sensation in the tip of his finger. His attention was focused on not one, but two orbs described in the book and all-powerful. “That’s it, I need this orb, this ‘White Orb’ to control the demons. Why didn’t I notice this before?” Satisfied, Sanskrit ended the current and the floating book vanished into this air.

    Sanskrit would need time to recover his lost energy, about two days worth of resting if he didn’t exert himself in any way. Leaning back, Sanskrit slowly fell asleep as the moon overhead dropped lower and lower and the darkness expanded: It was always darkest just before dawn.