Role-Play Treading Familiar Trails

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    (I'm rusty with this character but it's one that should be semi-familiar to some, if you squint hard enough. Anyone is free to reply. Just kind of winging it for now!)

    When you haven't been home in a long time, you could almost forget what it looks like. Even for her, the trail she followed brought forth fond memories. How different was she? Did it even matter at this point? When you reflect upon your youth, you tend to start feeling old and particular for her, she wasn't quite ready to feel that way just yet.

    Still, she had a ways to go before she arrived. No sense in lingering about, lost in thought. There was a good reason the healer continued forward. Not for the want nor desire to see faces that had slowly been growing dull in her mind but mostly because she felt ready. She felt...oh, what was the feeling? Inspired? Happy? Like she knew who she wanted to be?

    Chuckling to herself, Redbird paused along the road and smiled. "Sure has been a while, huh?"

    Talking to one's self was never a good sign, but who knew if someone would respond back.