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    Dec 7, 2004
    Dear all of you Old Folk here at Dreamer's Haven,

    This is Katika, and I am attempting (yet again) to return home. I can comfortably assure you that the lengthy and repeated absences have been because of me, not you, but I'm aiming to make a conscious effort to make me a little bit more reliable :)

    I don't even remember where I was at in life last time I was here, and it seems as though things have grown sort of quiet in that time, but I'll fill you guys in/introduce myself more properly to those I have not yet had the chance to meet.

    I am old, but not the oldest member here. I have my degree in Animal Science, but gave up on vet school due to developing the problem of fainting upon performing dissections. I am now married to uh... P1? WPaladin? I'm not sure I even remember what he goes by on this forum, manage our small horse farm, and write fantasy novels in my spare time. I've been a vegetarian for the past 17 years, collected garden gnomes for the past 16 years and collected My Little Ponies for the past 12 years (as in before it became "cool"). That mostly sums me up as a whole.

    Lately, I've been up to churning out first drafts of the series of novels I've written (and haven't done anything with yet). I'm currently sitting on 11 full-length drafts and am bravely trudging my way through the first novel's last major rewrite before I start approaching beta readers (yikes!). The critters in my household include my two dogs, two cats, two birds, three fish, and the critters that are outside of my household are my three horses, three barn cats, six laying hens, bantam hen and an asshole rooster. I desperately want a couple of goats, but so far, have been losing that argument.

    I'm making this attempt to return to DH because there was a time when it was a big part of my happiness, and lately I haven't felt like there was very much of that in my life. I left and have struggled to come back so long ago when I fell into the Facebook trap and it became "easier" and "faster" to keep up with everyone there, but I realize how much it cost as far as a loss of creativity and camaraderie and an overall closeness. I realize that this forum isn't nearly as active as it was when it first came to be, but I'm going to do my best to help it blossom again. I missed you guys <3