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    Nov 7, 2005
    “There was no warning, the lights appeared, they fell,
    and the world changed as they vanished

    It happened for the first time a year ago. Maybe you were asleep, in a meeting at work, debriefing with your commanding officer, making your morning breakfast, regardless of what you were doing it wasn’t unusual. What was unusual was the sudden sense of dislocation as though an enormous hand had reached out and pulled you out of your place in the world before reality snapped you back into place. Since then you’ve noticed small but significant changes in yourself.

    New skills are picked up with remarkable ease more as though your remembering instead learning them. Your behavior has become a bit odd occasionally your find yourself behaving as though you were a different person, you’ll forget your native language and lapse into a foreign tongue nobody seems to recognize. Worse though you’ve found yourself doubting your sanity some of you always see things out of the corner of your eye that vanish when you try to look at them, you’ll hear someone speaking when your alone, or respond to comments nobody around you made, sometimes you respond to things before people say or do them. You find that being around large groups is difficult generating a feeling of immense noise in your mind as though everyone was screaming at you, you catch occasional glimpses of colors moving through the air or forming halos around people. You notice certain people literally leave a taste in your mouth around them or you can hear a faint melody when around them.

    And then it happened again, you felt yourself being pulled and this time the feeling didn’t go away, when you tried to ignore it got stronger, if you moved in the direction of it the pull lessened. Eventually as it grows stronger with time your given no choice but to follow it hoping in some small way that maybe the sensation will give you answers.

    So welcome to my little world, not that different from the real one. This is going to take place about a year after the book I’m working on right now. I don’t plan on my books main character playing a big part in this though. If you don’t want spoilers for the shit storm Cathal is dealing with and about to cause I wouldn’t recommend joining here. Depending on the events of the game it’s possible that what you guys do may have an impact later on in my writing (I have an overall plan and goal but it’s got a lot of wiggle room since my characters pretty much do as they please without asking me). You guys would of course get credit if that happens.
    Characters are essentially normal people, how you respond to the pull the characters feel is up to you although it should be noted that coincidence will arrange it’s self to help you get where your going. In this case a beach along the north California coast line littered with bits of brokenness and polished glass.