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    So here is the choose your own adventure I am working on. I believe I will be taking it to PMs or a private page later for responses. Basically it is a choose your own adventure that I plan to code into something that will help you create a Hero in my story's world and let you create a narrative that is as expansive as I can make it within the universe I am working on for my fiction. (I have several novella's in this world I am working on over the past year.)

    *edit note 1: Cleaned up grammar and added more clarity to description of things in background and story. I also added an earlier branch for you to try out and allow better description based on your earlier choice.

    So for starters pick your character background (This will add new options later based on traits):

    High Born: Born into the higher echelons of the Neflen Empire, your mother is the Duchess of the Greenvale and the sister of the Empress herself. As the heir to one of the most prosperous regions in the empire you are given the best education possible. You spend your days in a flurry of activity as various tutors and mentors prepare you to one day lead. At the advice of your instructors, you have begun visiting the city. You are told to get to know the local townspeople, whom you will one day rule. (Traits: Educated, Royal Blood, Etiquette)

    Appearing one morning on the doorstep of the village woodcutter’s home wrapped in linens with only a silver rune amulet around your neck, your origins are a mystery. After a fruitless search the woodcutters always longing for a child of their own lovingly adopt you. You grow in the forests of the Greenvale, catching on to the best way to deal with the local wildlife and what trees make the best firewood.You have recently taken to selling firewood in the capital as the nights grow longer and colder. (Traits: Survival, Fey Blood, Animal Kin)

    Forest Born: You are a dryad birthed from the forests of the Greenvale. You are until recently blissfully unaware of the civilized world instead learning the Treefather’s lessons from the land and its creatures directly. Your ageless body and physical prowess beyond that of mortals allows you to nurture the wilds for decades. However, after many seasons tending to the unending cycle of life something has begun interfering and harming the flow. To find the source you journey into the mortal realm. Though, slow at first you now begin to understand the “civilized world” Though unable to directly understand what has caused the damage to your woodlands yet, you have come to one pleasant discovery. You greatly enjoy sweets. (Traits: Non-human: Dryad, Unnatural Strength, Survival, Life Sense)

    War Orphan: You are one of the wildfolk of the western hinterlands. Taking pity on you after the armies of the Neflen Empire pacified your clanhold, an elderly knight chose you as his page. For years you are travelling from battlefield to battlefield until the campaign’s end. You are finally taken to the knight’s home in the Greenvale. With no place to return to, you continue serving and training under the fatherly knight. Now a squire, you have been sent to the capital to escort a delivery to the estate. You distract yourself by helping the locals as you wait for the porter to arrive. (Traits: Athletic, Martial Training, Etiquette)

    Adventurer’s Child: You are the child of two adventurers. Your parents unable to settle down, raised constantly on the move from one set of ancient ruins to the next. Growing up in forgotten places of ages past meant you learned at an early age how to survive as well as a develop a sense of wonderment from the past. While resupplying in the Greenvale, your parents vanish leaving you to fend for yourself. Since you have no real leads for now you decide to head to the capital. (Traits: Perceptive, Survival, Tinkerer)

    Guild Brat: You are a gnome and the third child of two senior partners of the Trade Guild. You have spent much of your time apprenticing with the artificers of the guild learning the basics of crafting and metalworking. Gifted with a sharp eye and superior dexterity, you became a prodigy smith well regarded within the guild. Your deep focus on the craft has disappointed your parents, who expect you to take over management of the Greenvale trade caravans. Hoping to force your interest you have been dispatched to the guildhall in the capital of Cedargrove. (Traits: Non-human: Gnome, Superior Dexterity, Tinkerer, Educated)

    Starting Point:

    You find yourself walking out onto the early morning streets of Cedargrove, capital of the Greenvale. It is a chill autumn morning but the streets are alive with the bustle of merchants setting up their booths and shops as vendors walk the street, calling out their goods.

    “Berries! Fresh picked berries!” cries out a boy nearby.

    “Hot bread! Just baked!” a young woman sings from across the street.

    You pay their offers no real heed as you can’t help but smile in anticipation of your current destination. You were promised your choice of pastry this morning by Ethel as thanks for helping return her adventurous cat late the previous evening. From the rumors you’d gathered, her bakery is considered by the entire Greenvale as the best in the realm. Turning the corner you see a quaint sign marked, “Bakery,” in front of you. Gleeful singing greets you from within the open doorway.

    “G’morning dear! Just give me a moment to take these out, please,” the matron says melodically with a vibrant violet smile. Twirling on large, inhuman legs, she opens the great iron oven door to release a blast of sugary fruit smells. The bakers hulking form carefully lifts a steaming hot tray. Stepping sideways she sets her pastries down on the stone counter. Her towering form leans forward, her face settling over the cooling pastries. She takes in a deep appreciative whiff, nodding at her creations. She turns to face you as she removes her mittens.

    “So, now my hero, please choose your prize!” warm ruby eyes look down at you from over the glass display case as Ethel holds her scaly arms open in presentation. Hundreds of delicious morsels sit waiting on glass shelves. Apple turnovers, pomegranate tarts, blueberry strudel, and raspberry puffs, all waiting to be claimed. After a moment of careful contemplation, you make your choice, and Ethel cheerfully hands you the delight. You begin to thank her but, she thanks you first.

    “Thank you once more for rescuing my dear Mrs. Pickles.” she says to you with an appreciative glance toward a calico feline curled in the corner.

    Choose One:
    1A. Admire the morsel (Must have Trait: Perception)
    1B. Taste your reward
    1C. Ravenously devour the savory sugary treat (Must have Trait: Non-human: Dryad)

    1A. Lifting the fruit filled delicacy you rotate it in your fingers admiring the sweet flaky goodness. You select the perfect spot to place your first bite then pause. Barely audible yelling from outside draws your attention. You hear a thump in the distance and the ground vibrates beneath your feet. A second crashing noise from outside cause you to begin to turn to investigate. Time seems to slow as you see Ethel’s eyes widen. Her bulky arms reaching out grasping you before you can fully look outside. All the glass of her display shattering as a blast of superheated air pushes you from behind straight into her monstrous arms, forcing you to drop your untasted breakfast.

    The pressure of the blast forces the breath from you. Glass shards from the front window eviscerate your extremities before the ogress can shield you with her form. Excruciating pain washes over you, your cheeks wet, your ears ringing, and your hairs stand straight on end. You feel your consciousness slipping away as the world goes dark. (Go to 2.)

    1B. Unable to wait you quickly take a bite of your reward. The ground shakes beneath your feet as you are overcome by the delicious taste. In that instant all the glass around you shatters and your ears go numb. Massive purple arms snatch you up driving your face into a flour caked apron. Next, your entire world spins, a blast of intense heat greater than even the oven washes over from behind you. In all the confusion you, find yourself concentrating on a racing heartbeat and wonder if it is your own. You barely have the ability to understand something terrible has happened outside as you are cradled into the protective bosom of the ogress baker. Pain drives your world blurry as you feel your consciousness slipping away as the world goes dark. (Go to 2.)

    You cram the entire treat into your mouth chewing ravenously. The sugar rush near instantly sending a shiver down your spine. The wrongness you had been searching for until now appears on the edge of your senses. The hole of emptiness now existed back where you had just been feeling the vibrant life of the market down the street. The discord was deafening and you feel the life on the outskirts retreating away. Still chewing you turn inquisitively looking out the window but the stone buildings block your eyes from what your supernatural senses feel.

    A bright ball of flame crashes from above into the smithy across the street. You raise your arm to shield yourself but find yourself flying backwards as your arm distorts from a dislocating force. Ethel wraps you up protectively into her arms as fire and shrapnel burn into your flesh. You wonder what caused weather caused this deathly destruction but, your thoughts are overwhelmed by a massive sense of emptiness. This void is powerful to your and threatens to drag your consciousness into it like a riptide. Though your mind can no longer cope as everything descends into darkness. (Go to 2.)

    2. Everything hurts, and a crushing weight pins you sideways against rough ground. You try blinking a few times but it is dark where you are thick with a hazy dust. The back of left hand is covered in ash. You are unsure if your body has the strength to move yet. A drumming noise breaks its way through the ringing in your head. It is coming from beneath you. Your mind can barely grasp the idea of the city being attacked.

    2A. Investigate the noise.
    2B. Try to get up.
    2C. Call out to Ethel.
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    War orphan and A, if this was a game
    But could also do:
    Adventurer's child and A, if it's more of a real life in a fanasy story situation
    Don't really know what to pick, maybe I need to get more of the thing's vibe.

    After our chat, I think I'll do something against my habbit and go with Adventurer's Child, 1A and 2A.
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